Zac Posen Partnered With Blue Nile to Create Inclusive Wedding Jewelry

The collaboration celebrates "love, unity, and marriage for all."

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Zac Posen and Blue Nile have teamed up once again to create a dreamy wedding ring collection—this time with every type of couple in mind. The new line offers classic, timeless pieces with modern finishes—built to transcend gender and honor all kinds of love.

"With so many of us celebrating unity and love this month, it felt like the right time to release an inclusive line of engagement rings and wedding bands—a collection that was purposefully designed to represent love, regardless of gender," Posen tells Brides. "The traditional idea of marriage is evolving, and the wedding category is finally starting to reflect that."

Until recently, the wedding and engagement ring market served only one type of couple (men buying women rings). Ceremonial jewelry is still oversaturated—and, frankly, outdated—with offerings that appeal to antiquated gender roles. Both Posen and Blue Nile saw the pressing need for inclusive wedding jewelry that symbolizes love and commitment, regardless of someone's gender or sexual orientation.

“More and more, we are seeing a growing demand for inclusive jewelry pieces that symbolize love and commitment in all forms," Blue Nile's CMO Katie Zimmerman says. "At Blue Nile, we look forward to providing customers with unique yet timeless pieces that will forever connect them to these special memories celebrating love and unity."

Zac Posen and Blue Nile Unisex Engagement and Wedding Rings

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The gorgeous collection features a handful of unique rings that range from thick bands with subtle bling to beautiful diamond pavé bands with center stones in white and yellow gold. Posen tells us that while designing this line, he really focused on the materials and thickness of the bands, "so there was a gravitas to the pieces, but they felt comfortable and wearable."

"We purposefully kept this new band collection clean with elements of strength and beauty subtly woven in," he continued. "The bands feel very modern yet timeless."

Zac Posen

Blue Nile

The collection intends to shed light on the lack of options for many couples. He tells Brides that he hopes this launch can jump-start a conversation around a more inclusive wedding and engagement jewelry industry.

"It is always at the forefront of how I design," he says. "I loved that Blue Nile was such a supporter and driving force with me on approaching this new collection from a genderless point of view." You could say Posen knows a thing or two about weddings—after all, the designer is known for his exquisite collection of (celebrity-approved) bridal gowns. He even designed Princess Eugenie's stunning blush reception dress.

This isn't the first collaboration between Posen and Blue Nile. The designer and beauty retailer have previously worked on fine engagement and wedding rings together. Posen told Brides that designing for weddings is always a "welcome challenge," but for this collection, he took a fresh approach.

"You are creating enduring pieces that people will hopefully wear every day for the rest of their lives," Posen says. "Engagement rings and wedding bands are one of the purest and oldest symbols of love and marriage that have crossed over traditions and withstood time. For this collection, it was important for me to create unique and ageless designs that also celebrate love, unity, and marriage for all."

Zac Posen and Blue Nile's new collection is available starting today, June 23, in sizes 4-13, ranging in price from just under $1,000 to $6,750 at

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