24 Stylish Winter Wedding Suits to Stay Warm In

Move aside linen, wool coming through.

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A well-stocked closet should include at least two different types of go-to wedding suits: one for spring and summer weather, another for fall and winter weather. While lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton are ideal for balmy summer days, they won't look right at a snowy winter wedding—and they definitely won't feel right.

The perfect winter wedding suit should be made of a durable, warm fabric—think something like wool, flannel, cashmere, or velvet if you're feeling fancy. Darker colors are generally more appropriate as well. Black and gray are always good standbys, but if you want to spice things up, look for burgundy, hunter green, or brown. And feel free to play around with texture as well, which can make you instantly look more bold and stylish.

Here are some of the best winter wedding suits available now that check off all of these boxes.

Best Classic Winter Suit: Boss Huge/Genius Trim Fit Solid Wool Suit

gray suit

Courtesy of Nordstrom

If you're looking for a traditional, classic suit in a simple and minimalist shade, you can't go wrong with this Boss suit. It's available in dark gray (shown above), black, or navy, and the slim fit and sleek wool make it ideal for any winter wedding.

Best Three Piece: Ralph Lauren Gregory Pinstripe Three-Piece Suit

three piece suit

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

A three-piece suit, with its added vest, makes for the perfect layering look for cold winter nights. This one from Ralph Lauren is an investment, but it has a sleek look, and the subtle pinstripes make it feel more stylish.

Best Brown: Ralph Lauren Gregory Glen Plaid Twill Suit

brown twill suit

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

This blend of silk, linen, and wool makes for a gorgeous twill suit that looks perfectly appropriate in winter and autumn. We love the versatile brown shade here and the fitted look, which makes this another suit well worth the money.

Best Green: StudioSuits Bottle Green Herringbone Tweed Suit

green suit

Courtesy of StudioSuits

Green is a fantastic color choice for a winter wedding, and this one is unique and will certainly make you stand out. The herringbone tweed pattern gives it some much-needed texture that offers more depth to the color.

Best Use of Color: Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Italian Wool Suit

brown suit

Courtesy of Bonobos

Brown and blue don't seem like two colors that would pair well together, but as you can see with this suit, they definitely do. The windowpane checkered pattern here makes this one a bold choice, and the blue lines give the brown a little pop of color. Made of 100-percent Italian wool, this has a really nice stretch to it as well.

Best Gray: Mark & Spencer Slim Fit Italian Wool Check Jacket

gray suit

Courtesy of Mark & Spencer

The wool blend of this checkered gray suit has a sleek and fitted look that feels comfortable and just warm enough. We love the gray shade here, which is a nice color in between dark and light gray. And for both pieces, this is definitely an affordable option.

Best Investment Piece: Tom Ford O'Connor Slim Fit Wool Suit Jacket

gray suit

Courtesy of Mr. Porter

If you're looking to splurge on a suit you'll have forever, you really can't go wrong with a Tom Ford. This gray wool suit is versatile and offers a fantastic fit, and the beautiful details keep it looking luxe. Altogether, the jacket and pants will run close to $5,000, but consider it an investment piece.

Best Burgundy: Paisley & Gray Slim Fit Suit

burgundy suit

Courtesy of Men's Warehouse

A deep wine color is gorgeous for a winter wedding, and we love this burgundy option from Paisley & Grey. The slim fit makes it a classic, and the whole suit feels more modern and unique.

Best Flannel: Suit Supply Navy Havana Suit

navy suit

Courtesy of Suit Supply

A pure wool flannel suit is something you'll only want to wear to winter weddings. This one, in a deep navy shade, is classic and offers some really great subtle texture that just makes it stand out.

Best Budget: ASOS Design Skinny Wool Mix Suit

gray suit

Courtesy of ASOS

If you aren't looking to spend a lot but still want to look great, this ASOS suit does the trick. Made of a wool blend and featuring a nice charcoal herringbone color and pattern, this one is inexpensive and still appears luxe.

Best Tweed: Hawes & Curtis Brown Tweed 1913 Collection Suit

tweed suit

Courtesy of Hawes & Curtis

Made of 100-percent pure Lambswool, this tweed suit was basically made with winter special occasions in mind. This feels elegant and just a touch vintage in the best way, and we love the deep brown shade.

Best Cashmere: J.Crew Ludlow Slim Fit Suit Jacket

cashmere suit

Courtesy of J.Crew

Made of luxurious Italian cashmere, this suit feels just as good as it looks. The navy color makes it very versatile, and all of the little details are on point.

Best Vintage Feel: Polo Ralph Lauren Pinstripe Wool Twill Suit

twill striped suit

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

The bold pinstripes on this wool twill suit and the classic fit make this suit appear almost as if it were from the 1920s. It's elegant, sophisticated, and ideal for a cold winter's night.

Best Velvet: Hockerty Blue Velvet Peak Lapel Suit

velvet suit

Courtesy of Hockerty

A velvet suit is definitely a statement maker, but it also looks right at home at a winter wedding. This blue velvet suit from Hockerty is custom-made to fit you perfectly without the exorbitant cost.

Most Unique: Indochino Harford Velvet Burgundy Tuxedo

red velvet

Courtesy of Indochino

If you want to go even more bold with a velvet suit, opt for this burgundy one from Indochino. The black satin trim makes it feel incredibly luxurious, and we love how it pairs with a crisp white shirt.

Best Classic Black: Hawes & Curtis Black Shawl Slim Fit Dinner Suit

black suit

Courtesy of Hawes & Curtis

For those who just want a classic option, this black slim-fit suit is perfect. It's affordable, timeless, and made of 100-percent wool, so it will take you through basically any winter wedding you get invited to.

Best Plaid: Brooks Brothers Madison Fit Three-Button Plaid 1818 Suit

blue plaid suit

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

Made of pure Italian wool twill, this suit is gorgeous to look at and comfortable to wear. The plaid pattern is subtle, but a closer look makes it clear that this suit is anything but boring.

Best Houndstooth: Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Knit Suit

houndstooth suit

Courtesy of Bonobos

Houndstooth is such a great texture for winter weddings, and it looks especially great in this color and fit. The stretch knit material is very comfortable and the color is unique.

Best Corduroy: Moss London Slim Fit Olive Corduroy Suit

corduroy suit

Courtesy of Moss Bros

You can really only get away with wearing a corduroy suit in the winter, so why not take advantage? Corduroy suits tend to look a bit more casual than wool or cashmere, but in this dark olive shade, this one looks appropriate for a more laid-back wedding.

Best Striped: BrooksGate Regent-Fit Striped Wool Twill Suit Jacket

striped suit

Courtesy of Brooks Brothers

This suit, made of pure Italian wool, offers a subtle striped pattern that stands out without looking too bold. It's a great mix of stylish and classic, and the regent fit is made to be flattering on any body type.

Most Casual: Bonobos Jetsetter Stretch Knit Suit

gray suit

Courtesy of Bonobos

This gray herringbone suit feels a bit more casual than a fabric like wool, so it's great for a more relaxed wedding in the winter. The texture and pattern makes it stand out and the knit fabric is comfortable.

Best Colored Velvet: Indochino Harford Velvet Emerald Suit

green velvet suit

Courtesy of Indochino

Black velvet is a classic, but this emerald green velvet is a bit more trendy and beautiful to look at. It's also a great option for someone who wants to play around with color without going too bright.

Most Bold: Moss London Slim Fit with Pink Windowpane Tweed Suit

brown checkered suit

Courtesy of Moss Bros

A mix of brown and pink is not for the faint of heart, but if you're willing to try and pull it off, you'll probably totally nail it. This three piece suit features a brown tweed suit with a pink windowpane pattern that is far from boring.

Best Winter Tuxedo: Indochino Hampton Tartan Navy Tuxedo

navy tuxedo

Courtesy of Indochino

If you're open to a tuxedo instead of a suit, this navy one is a gorgeous and different option. The tartan pattern and cashmere blended wool makes it perfect for winter weather, and this one definitely has a bit of Scottish flair to it.

  • What fabrics are best for a winter wedding suit?

    Opt for thick, warm fabrics that will keep you cozy without making you feel suffocated. Some good options include wool, cashmere, tweed, or herringbone. Velvet is nice too, but definitely has more of a bold look to it. Stay away from linen, seersucker, chambray, and cotton, all of which will be too lightweight.

  • What color should a winter wedding suit be?

    There are no hard and fast rules, but in general, darker colors tend to work better for winter weddings. Classic shades like black, dark navy, brown, or charcoal always work, and if you want to do something more stylish and interesting, you can go for oxblood, burgundy, hunter green, or plum.

  • Can you wear a suit to a black-tie wedding?

    Double-check the dress code. Black-tie generally calls for a tuxedo instead of a suit. If it's black-tie optional, a suit is appropriate, but it should be a dark shade like black or deep gray.

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