Who Wears Corsages at Weddings?

A few special VIPs get to wear this honorary floral accessory.

A bride fastening a corsage to the wrist of a wedding party member.

Hermes Rivera / Unsplash

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of floral details to keep in mind. You have to think about the bridal bouquet, of course, as well as floral centerpieces for the reception, and perhaps flowers for the arch if you choose to have one during your ceremony. But what about floral accessories for the wedding party?

Similar to boutonnieres, corsages are one of those floral details that may be small in size but they carry a lot of importance, and help indicate who is who in the wedding party. These stunning and delicate mini-arrangements are a special way to indicate those who are important to you on your big day.

What Is a Corsage?

Think of a corsage as a piece of floral jewelry, of sorts. Made from fresh flowers, a corsage looks like a petite flower arrangement (typically consisting of just one or several smaller blooms) and usually sits on the wrist like a bracelet, though it can also be pinned on a lapel. Corsages serve as a way to honor people who are very important to the couple getting married.

Who Wears a Corsage at a Wedding?

When it comes to deciding who will wear a corsage at your wedding, it's really up to the couple. Traditionally, this floral piece is worn by close friends and family members: Mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, sisters, and sisters-in-law. They may also be worn by wedding attendants, flower girls, bridesmaids, or the officiant. A corsage is a sweet way to symbolize a friend or family member's "VIP" status and is also another way for you to thread your floral design throughout the wedding. Sometimes—but not always–the bride will wear a corsage too. In this case, the bride's corsage may be larger or more intricate than that of the wedding party.

A bridal party wearing red floral corsages.

Photo by Kate Headley

Are There Different Types of Corsages?

There are two types of corsages: One is worn on the wrist, and the other is pinned onto a lapel or the left side of the chest. The most popular form of a corsage, especially at weddings, is the wrist option, as pinning a corsage to a dress or wedding day outfit could damage delicate fabrics.

How Much Do Corsages Cost?

Depending on the type of flower(s) you're using for your corsages, there can be a lot of variation in pricing. On average, we found that a single pin-on corsage hovers around $25 and a wrist corsage costs around $30. If you're planning to feature a pricier type of flower in your corsages, like peonies, keep in mind that this will impact the price. Speak with your florist about local, in-season flowers that may lower the price tag. Or, if you're going the DIY route, check out the selection at a local grocery store, like Trader Joe's or Publix, where you can pick out more wallet-friendly floral options (and greenery!) yourself.

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