Who Is Eddie Redmayne's Wife? 10 Facts to Know About Hannah Bagshawe

hannah bagshawe and eddie redmayne

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It wasn’t exactly love at first sight for actor Eddie Redmayne and his wife, Hannah Bagshawe. Like so many great relationships, their romance began as a friendship: The pair were close friends for over a decade before falling for one another, getting engaged, and marrying in late 2014. Now, Bagshawe and the award-winning Fantastic Beasts star have two adorable children, Iris and Luke, and are occasionally seen looking picture-perfect together at glam events like the Met Gala

But who is Hannah Bagshawe? She keeps a relatively low profile despite her husband’s fame—here’s what you need to know about Eddie Redmayne's wife. 

She’s a London native. 

Bagshawe was born in London in October of 1982, and she and Redmayne live there today.

She’s worked in public relations and antiques.

Contrary to some reports, Bagshawe was not Redmayne's publicist. She has, however, worked in financial public relations and as an antique dealer.

They met as teens at a charity fashion show.

hannah bagshawe and eddie redmayne

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According to The Sun, Redmayne and Bagshawe first met when she and her classmates put on a charity fashion show at Eton College, where the actor was a student (Bagshawe attended an all-girls school nearby). He must have made quite the impression when he did a spin on the runway sans his shirt, because the fashion show kickstarted their long-term friendship.

"It's great that she found me attractive then and still does,” Redmayne told Time Out of their fortuitous meeting. "It's also wonderful having a shared history and friends, even though we didn't get together for 15 years."

They had a winter wonderland-themed wedding.

The pair tied the knot in December 2014 with a small and intimate candlelit ceremony at the Babington House in Somerset, England. According to the actor, the inspiration for their nuptials wasn’t the holiday song you’re thinking of, but rather a classic hymn. “We like the hymn ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ and wanted an excuse to sing that at a wedding,” he said at the time.

Both bride and groom enjoyed the planning process. "You only get one shot arranging a wedding, so we're doing our best,” he told E! News a few months before the wedding. “We've planned this long in advance, so it's the most wonderful thing...I can’t wait to be married.”

The two kept the winter theme going for their honeymoon; they went skiing in the Alps, though Redmayne noted there wasn’t any snow! 

She was late to their wedding.

hannah bagshawe and eddie redmayne

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While we’d bet Redmayne is slightly exaggerating his wife's lateness for laughs, he once told Ellen DeGeneres that his wife is never on time—not even for their wedding! “She has never been on time for anything in her life...she was a good half-hour late,” he shared. “Her grandfather had to be some help from going and summoning her.”

However, it seemed like her groom took it all in stride. “Everyone else was really stressed, but I was kind of relaxed knowing that she’d never been on time for pretty much anything in her life.”

She doesn’t let her husband forget where he came from.

Sure, he’s an Oscar-winning actor, but he’s also a husband and father who has to deal with broken appliances from time to time. In 2015, Redmayne recounted a charming story about Bagshawe reminding him of his household duties while he was at work. "There was a moment yesterday where I was in rehearsal and my wife was calling me because our dishwasher broke down," he told E! News at the time. "So in the process of trying to focus on my craft, I was dealing with the blocked pipes."

She’s got great style—and she helps her husband get dressed.

hannah bagshawe and eddie redmayne

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When it comes to choosing outfits for premieres and awards shows, Redmayne trusts Bagshawe's judgment—and her eyesight! “I have a very wonderful stylist in the form of my wife,” he told The Mirror in 2016. “I’m colorblind, so occasionally I’ll go for things that are slightly outlandish and she’ll temper me back into the world of taste.” Her input must work because the actor has often topped best-dressed lists!

Bagshawe herself has an effortlessly cool style and is often seen on the red carpet rocking fluttery, delicate dresses with biker boots and other statement footwear. She loves a lace detail and a pretty print and pairs her formal looks with undone-yet-elegant ponytails and loose waves. She’s even hit the red carpet at the Met Gala alongside her husband and looked gorgeous every time. 

She keeps a low profile.

Bagshawe often attends red carpet events with her famous husband, but she keeps things pretty private when it comes to her own life and career. She doesn’t have a public Instagram and is rarely snapped by the paparazzi.

She is friendly with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Consider them “Hollywood royalty.” Hello! reported that Bagshawe and Redmayne spent time with the Sussexes at their home in Oxfordshire and are considered part of the pair’s “wider circle” of friends. Redmayne also played football with Prince William at Eton.

She’s a mama of two.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Iris Mary, in June of 2016. Their son Luke Richard joined the crew in March 2018, and it seems as though the Redmayne-Bagshawe family is enjoying domestic bliss. “Marriage is the most wonderful achievement of them all for me because that has given me this platform to be a dad—the best dad I can be,” Redmayne told the UK’s Baby magazine.

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