Who Is Billy Porter's Husband? Meet Adam Smith

He REALLY loves his puppy.

Adam Smith and Billy Porter
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Billy Porter and Adam Smith recently celebrated five years of marriage, but the two have a much longer history than that. They actually first met back in February 2009 at a dinner party for mutual friends. Smith sat next to Porter, which he later found out was no accident. Porter told People that, while on the way to the party, he had spotted Smith on the street, and he made sure to get close to him inside.

That casual encounter eventually led to a lasting relationship. "We kind of were enamored with each other from the beginning," Smith told People. Still, in 2010, the couple parted ways. They were apart for five years before they got back together in 2015, and at that point, they knew that they were made for each other. Porter popped the question in 2017, and just a few weeks later, the two made things official and tied the knot.

Despite their stylish red carpet appearances and adorable Instagram photos, you may not know much about Smith. Here's a look at everything you should know about Porter's other half.

Smith initiated their reunion.

When Porter and Smith first started dating, they were together for less than a year before they split. However, they remained close, and Smith even told People that they "almost acted like we were boyfriends at times." He explained that it had taken him some time to figure out how he really felt about Porter, saying, "It had been marinating within me, my love for him and figuring it out and coming to terms with it, over the years. So I knew that it was on me if I wanted to ever change anything, I would have to be the first one to approach the subject; so I was trying to figure out the right time to do it."

The moment he knew he had to speak up about his feelings was on his birthday when he went to brunch and the play Hamilton with Porter. When Porter reached over to hold his hand, Smith knew it was time. The two got back together, and the rest is history.

He owned a luxury eyewear brand.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Smith was the co-owner of the luxury eyewear brand Native Ken between the years 2016 and 2018. It seems like he no longer works with the brand now, although it's unclear why.

This isn't his first marriage.

adam smith billy porter

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Smith was married to someone else before he tied the knot with Porter. His first marriage ended in divorce, although it's not something he's discussed publicly.

He planned their wedding very quickly.

After getting engaged in 2017, Porter and Smith got married less than three weeks later. Smith joked to Playbill, "I should create 'How to Plan a Fabulous Wedding in 10 Days' because I had 10 days!"

The reason the couple got married so quickly was because they wanted to make things official while Barack Obama was still president before Donald Trump took over. "We were discussing, and Billy had actually brought up to me that it’s important for us to get married [while Barack] Obama is still president and before January 20," Smith said. "So we sat down and figured out when we could make it work before the 20th." They pulled it off!

He's the proud owner of an adorable pup.

The couple was one of many who decided to get a puppy during the COVID-19 pandemic. In January 2021, Smith posted a photo of a cute puppy on his Instagram page with the caption, "Delighted to have you all meet the newest addition to our family: Bader Lola Majors (BLM) aka Miss Lola." Since then, he has posted endless sweet photos of Lola with him and Porter, including one calling her their "best decision ever."

He grew up in Texas.

According to People, Smith grew up near Dallas, Texas, and his household wasn't completely accepting of his sexual orientation. Porter told the outlet, "We both grew up in households where who we are is labeled an 'abomination.' The thought of marriage, there was no context for it—there was no dreaming about it because there was no context to dream; it was unspoken and very clear that the sanctity of marriage was not for us. So to see that come around, to see that tide turned, it still takes my breath away."

He has a theater background.

Smith is more of a businessman now, but he originally wanted to be an actor like Porter. He went to the California Institute of the Arts and studied theater. In 2003, Smith graduated with a BFA.

He has previously worked in fashion.

billy porter adam smith

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Aside from being a co-owner of Native Ken, Smith has worked for high-fashion brands. He worked as a sales specialist at Chanel in New York City in 2008, and after that was a sales director at both Jill Sanders and Dita Eyewear.

Smith is an uncle.

Don't expect Smith and Porter to become parents anytime soon. They told People it's not something they're interested in, mainly because they have so many nieces and nephews. Smith told the outlet he has nine nieces and nephews, adding, "We love children! But I think we're gonna be guncles."

He's launching a new company.

According to Smith's Instagram, he's in the midst of launching a new company called The Smith Society. His bio says that he's the CEO of the company, and in a post on his page, he wrote that it would be coming in summer 2022.

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