Who Is Adam Sandler’s Wife Jackie Sandler?

The couple has been together over two decades.

Jackie Sandler places a hand on husband Adam Sandler's chest

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Never underestimate the power of a good cameo. Jackie Sandler, née Titone, was only onscreen as a waitress in Big Daddy for about 20 seconds, but it was plenty long enough to capture the attention—and ultimately, the heart—of the film’s star, Adam Sandler.

“22 years ago today we locked eyes and fell deep,” he explained in July 2020 of an anniversary post for his wife of more than two decades that showed the duo in their younger years.

Jackie would go on to make countless other films with her husband following those early days, including several of the comic's biggest blockbusters. Beyond fulfilling her passions, the couple's shared projects have given them plenty of opportunity to spend quality time together—a trait that Adam values as a key proponent in keeping the spark alive.

“Just getting time together," he reportedly replied when asked about the secret to his long-term love at the Toronto International Film Festival. “Making sure that you don’t run off too long and [are] hanging out together and telling the truth and that kind of thing’s good.”

Read on to find out more about why Adam always wants his incredible spouse Jackie around below.

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She’s a Former Model

Prior to getting her start in the film business, Jackie reportedly earned a living as a model in Brazil.

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She’s an Actress

Jackie has starred opposite her husband in some of his biggest blockbusters. In addition to her breakout role as Sally in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,and her waitressing cameo in Big Daddy, the model has roles in Little Nicky, 50 First Dates, Blended, and Just Go With It, to name a few.

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She's a Mom to Two Sweet Girls

Adam Sandler, wife Jackie Sandler and their two daughters, Sadie and Sunny

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The pair shares two daughters: Sadie, 15, whom they welcomed three years after their wedding in May 2006, and Sunny, 13, who was born to the duo in November 2008.

Sandler gushed over his wife's parenting skills on Mother’s Day last May, writing via Instagram, “Happy Mothers Day to this sweet lady who always makes life more fun and sweet for our girls. You are our rock. Love you always.”

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She's Jewish

Jackie and Adam Sandler are pictured on their wedding day

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Charlotte York’s not the only one who can convert to Judaism in the name of love! Jackie made a similar gesture ahead of her 2003 wedding to the Saturday Night Live alum, which took place in Miami and was reportedly attended by 400 some people. Adam wore a kippah (a brimless cap that fulfills a customary belief that the head should be covered for certain events) and the couple’s bulldog, Meatball, served as the ring bearer.

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She’s From Coral Springs, Florida

While Adam is an East Coaster through and through, having been brought up in Brooklyn, New York, Jackie is a Southern gal. She hails from Coral Springs, Florida.

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She’s Friends With His Leading Ladies

Jackie Sandler and Adam Sandler stand with Jennifer Aniston in between them.

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Adam’s not the only one who has built a friendship with his longtime leading ladies, such as Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston. “My wife loves the women I work with,” Sandler told W magazine.

The Click star expressed a similar sentiment while speaking on Aniston's behalf at her Walk of Fame ceremony in February 2012, saying, "I love this girl. My wife loves this girl. The entire world loves this girl."

He also mentioned the Friends alum by name when chatting with the Associated Press in June 2019. “They [Jackie and the kids]…love Aniston, and they want her to have good things,” he said.

And as for Drew? Adam told Ellen DeGeneres in 2014 that his wife “loves Drew so much that she encourages” him to be more romantic in the couple’s scenes together. “His wife Jackie’s amazing,” Barrymore concurred.

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She’s Adam’s Unofficial Movie Consultant

Jackie may not have the title of “consultant” on her resume, but as her husband revealed during a December 2019 appearance on The Ellen Show, her opinion holds a lot of weight as far as his movie choices are concerned. “We do this together, me and Jackie. We discuss what I’m gonna do, and she gives me the strength and courage to jump into this stuff," he told the talk show host. "Right when she says, ‘You have to do it,’ I go, ‘Oh, okay, man.”

He doubled down on his praise of his spouse while being honored at the 2020 National Board of Review Gala for his work in Uncut Gems. My badass wife, she gave me the balls to take the part,” he said on stage per PEOPLE. “I was scared and she said, ‘Go f—— do that and you can do that s—‘ and we rehearsed together all the time.”

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