23 All-White Wedding Flower Ideas for a Timeless Affair

Wedding aisle lined with white flowers

Photo by KT Merry; Floral Design by Jackson Durham Events

Deciding on the color palette of your wedding design is ultimately a question of personal style. With endless color combinations and an abundance of design inspiration at your fingertips, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. While we’re all for highly detailed, nuanced design, we’re also huge fans of simplicity, which is why we can make a pretty strong case for the most classic color available for your wedding day: white.

“Color palettes definitely go in and out of style, and an all-white palette ensures that your wedding colors will never feel dated or trend-driven,” says Madison Hartley of Hart Floral. “Something subtle and unexpected can make a big impact.”

Meet the Expert

  • Madison Hartley is a floral designer, stylist, and the creative director of Hart Floral, a floral design studio based in Portland, Oregon.

From natural to glamorous, bohemian, or even whimsical, white wedding flowers can transform any wedding style from basic to transcendent. Opt for something over-the-top and grandiose, or keep it simple. “Your wedding flowers should be flowers that both look and feel as though they belong,” says Hartley. “The best way to ensure that is to use seasonal flowers local to the region you are marrying in.”

Fresh dogwood branches or white cherry blossoms are perfect for large-scale installations while playful blooms like fritillaria and clinch offer a dose of unexpected elegance.

Below, 23 of our favorite all-white wedding flower designs to inspire you.

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Mix the Centerpieces

Wedding reception table with white flower centerpieces

Photo by Bia Sampaio Photography; Planning by The Wedding Library; Floral Design by Stonekelly Events 

Stick to a simplified design by grouping flowers together by type rather than opting for a mixed floral arrangement. We love the classically effortless look of a table lined with vases full of white flowers like ranunculus, roses, and baby’s breath, like this reception for this New York City wedding.

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Texturize the Bouquet

Groom kissing bride's cheek, who is holding a white flower bouquet

Photo by Sally Pinera; Floral Design by Kaleb Norman James Design 

The beauty of a textured bouquet is that it keeps things interesting even with a monochromatic color palette! Consider an eye-catching bridal bouquet composed of seasonal flowers all in white.

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Elevate the Altar

A wedding altar surrounded by white hydrangeas

Photo by Gianny Campos; Planning & Design by  Rebekkah Rosado of Runway Events; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta

Say “I do!” in grand fashion with an altar for the books. Especially delightful for an outdoor ceremony, play into the natural beauty of your venue or wedding location with towers of hydrangea in pure white.

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Line the Aisle

Aerial view of mother and father walking bride down the aisle, lined with white flowers

Photo by Emily Wren; Planning by The Catered Affair; Floral Design by Mimosa Boston 

Take inspiration from this romantic affair in the garden of the Boston Public Library, where perennials like petunias or vincas lined the walkway for the bride’s grand entrance. Work with your florist to concoct a similar dreamy setup—you can always repurpose the arrangements for the reception space as well!

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Use Baby's Breath

Two flower girls with baby's breath flower crowns and wreaths

Photo by Lauren Gabrielle Photography; Planning by A Charming Fête; Floral Design by  Andrew Thomas Design 

Don’t forget the flower girls! Try a modern take on tradition with a baby’s breath hoop bouquet for the littles to carry accented perfectly with plush baby’s breath flower crowns.

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Embrace Hydrangea

Wedding reception table with white hydrangea centerpieces

Photo by Volvoreta; Planning by Javier Monge; Floral Design by La Galería Jesús Fuertes 

We love a mono-floral design almost as much as we love a monochromatic color palette. Stick to classic, readily available blooms like white hydrangeas for an enchanting design that can complement almost any wedding style, be it tropical, natural, or modern.

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Create a Grand Entrance

Groom and bride entering their wedding, the entrance decorated with white flower garland

Photo by Jenn Ocken Photography; Planning by Leslie Campbell Weddings & Events; Floral Design by Billy Heroman's 

For a wedding version of a welcome mat, festoon the entrance to your reception space (whether building or tent) with white. A garland of lush, fresh blooms at the entryway is a great way to tie the ceremony and reception spaces together when it comes to cohesive design, like this classic New Orleans wedding.

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Mix It Up

Six bridesmaids in neutral-colored gowns holding white flower bouquets

Photo by Brklyn View Photography; Floral Design by Olive & June Floral Co. 

Consider letting your bridesmaids choose what they carry. Select a white color palette, then let the fun begin. Some can carry petite posies while others opt for single stems. Utilize the same type of flowers throughout each bouquet for an effortlessly cool look.

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Go Big

Bride holding a white flower bouquet

Photo by Liz Banfield; Floral Design by Three Branches Floral 

From orchids to peonies, sometimes bigger is definitely better. Consider an all-white bridal bouquet designed with flowers on the larger side for an overall bridal look that makes a statement.

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Don't Forget the Cake

White wedding cake decorated with white flowers

Photo by Sylvie Gil; Cake by Jasmine Rae Cake

Whether you select a pastry chef with exceptional skills when it comes to sugar flowers, like the anemones above, or have your florist complete the finishing touches with live blooms, the addition of a white flower will absolutely be the icing on the cake.

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Keep It Classic

Bride and groom at an outdoor wedding, urns filled with white flowers at either side of them

Photo by Liz Banfield; Floral Design by Three Branches Floral 

Planning a classic fête? We’re totally inspired by these impeccably manicured urns bursting with white flowers in every variety, perfect for the altar, like the ones at this elegant wedding in Dallas. "I love how white flowers feel in a green outdoor environment or woven across beautiful classical architecture," shares Hartley.

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Use Peonies

Bride holding a white peony bouquet

Photo by Peter and Veronika; Floral Design by Genio e Sregolatezza 

Peonies are the ultimate choice when it comes to a bloom that’s all about romance. Ask your florist to create a bridal bouquet packed tight with an abundance of stems for a charming arrangement.

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Plant a Tree

Wedding with white cherry blossom trees

Photo by Christian Oth Studio; Planning by Norma Cohen Productions; Event Design & Flowers by David Beahm Designs 

Larger than life and elegant in every way, create a canopy, chuppah, or even table centerpiece with cherry blossoms when they’re in season. The picturesque white blooms were used to create ceremony trees for this wedding at the New York Public Library, and we couldn’t love it more.

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Choose a Colorful Vase

Blue china vases filled with white flowers

Photo by James x Schulze; Floral Design by The Aspen Branch 

Hydrangea, delphinium, garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus in separate, smaller arrangements can make for an elegant display when the white flowers are accented by pops of blue. This is the perfect way to incorporate "something blue" into an all-white palette.

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Create a Cascading Installation

Outdoor wedding with white flower overhead installation

Photo by Eric McVey; Planning & Production by Diana Sorenson of Sugokuii Events

We love a cascade, whether it comes in the form of a bouquet or an overhead installation. White roses and white bougainvillea were used to create this breathtaking reception look for this all-white wedding in Capri. 

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Keep It Simple

Man wearing a tuxedo with a white flower boutonniere

Photo by Harwell Photography; Floral Design by Bloomy 

While a boutonniere isn’t an absolute essential, it is a small, delicate way to incorporate your wedding style when it comes to what blooms to choose. The contrast of a white boutonniere against a navy or black tuxedo or suit will draw attention in the best way.

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Build a Custom Backdrop

Three flower girls standing in front of a white flower wall

Photo by Sean Money + Elizabeth Fay; Floral Design by Willow Floral Design 

Looking for the perfect backdrop for photos? How about a custom-crafted floral wall filled from floor to ceiling with an all-white array of flowers for a stunning moment in design heaven!

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Choose Lily of the Valley

Bride holding a lily of the valley bouquet

Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography; Floral Design by Everett Simon 

The perfect picture of sophistication, lily of the valley has long been a favorite when it comes to classic, traditional brides opting for a classic, traditional bouquet. The small white petals can be arranged in bouquets both big and small, a great option for that all-white wedding style.

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Accessorize With White

Bridesmaid with a white orchid hairpiece

Photo by Davy Whitener; Floral Design by Buffy Hargett Flowers 

A break from the ever-popular flower crown, a hair flower, when artfully placed, can elevate a bride or bridesmaid's look up a notch or two. Consider orchids woven throughout a fashionable up-do for an inventive and charming change of pace.

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Create a Floral Runner

Place setting at a wedding reception with a white rose table runner

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography; Planning by Ramsey Stewart of Lauryn Prattes Events; Floral Design by Amaryllis

Lush and teeming with life, a floral runner for your reception tables will definitely give the illusion that you’re dining on a table made of flowers. "Events should work to convey an entire feeling, not one individual moment," says Hartley. "A monochromatic floral palette can really lend itself to that!"

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Adorn the Bar

A bar decorated with white flowers and greenery

Photo by Janine Licare Photography; Floral Design by Stems by Diana

Your bar will be one of the most-visited places at your wedding reception, so be sure it fits your design aesthetic. Consider a garland of greenery and white flowers along the front of the bar with white bouquets in vases on the bartop.

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Create a Stunning Focal Point

Giant gold urn filled with white flowers at a wedding reception

Photo by Second Shots Photography; Floral Design by Akeem Clayton Designs

Who says an all-white floral design has to mean simple or understated? Take a cue from this couple, who went all-out for their glam wedding, mixing white flowers with gold to create a stunning installation at the center of the reception.

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Enhance Centerpieces With Fruit

A white flower centerpiece with a pineapple and pear

Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Floral Design by Valley & Company

For a tropical-inspired, summer, or beachside wedding, consider enhancing your all-white floral decor with natural elements like fruit. A pineapple and a pear work perfectly here to complement the greenery in the centerpiece without distracting from the bright white florals.

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