Are You Ready to Have a Serious Relationship?

Let's make sure, first.

Ready for a relationship

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Flings can be exhausting and are naturally not meant to last a lifetime. So how about finding the real thing? Are you wondering if you’re at the point in your life when you should start looking for something serious? Well, first, consider the points below.

What Is a Serious Relationship?

In order to understand if you’re at the place in your life where you’re truly ready to have a serious relationship, it’s important to know what this kind of connection with someone else actually entails. In the most basic sense, a serious relationship is one in which you’re completely committed to your partner; you’re totally open and honest with one another; you trust each other deeply; and you’re on the same page, not only in terms of your values and ethics but about your future together as well.

While there’s no specific age, milestone, or turning point that can clearly signify when you should have a serious relationship, you should look internally and be completely honest with yourself about what you truly want and feel at this juncture in your life.

Signs You're Ready for a Serious Relationship

If you’re trying to figure out when you should embark on the journey toward meeting “the one,” there are five key signs that you should look out for to determine if a serious relationship is the right choice for you right now.

You Want to be Fully Committed to Another Person

If you’re wondering if you’re truly ready to have a serious relationship, you should be excited about the prospect of totally committing yourself to someone else. In other words, if you’re longing for both emotional and physical intimacy, then a serious relationship can be a rewarding option for you. However, if you’re more interested in dating different people and enjoying relationships that have no strings attached, then you’re not yet ready to have a serious relationship.

You Know What You Want in a Partner

When you’re truly ready to have a serious relationship, you should know what attributes and qualities you’re seeking in another person. Specifically, you should understand which characteristics you require of a potential partner. For example, is it imperative that your partner shares your religion, political beliefs, or even your affinity for yoga? Once you know what you truly value in another person, you start to lay the groundwork for finding a relationship of value in every respect. 

When considering your ideal characteristics in a partner, make sure what you're asking for is realistic. This will ensure your expectations remain grounded and won't set you up for future disappointment after the honeymoon period.

You're Done Making Excuses

In many instances, people shy away from finding a serious relationship because they don’t believe that they have the time or energy that this kind of relationship entails. For instance, many people who have demanding work schedules are deterred from looking for a serious relationship because they feel as though they’re unable to devote the appropriate amount of attention to another person. However, when you’re really ready for a serious relationship, you’ll be done making excuses that are preventing you from going after what you truly want. In fact, you’ll be able to prioritize and strategize so that work responsibilities and outside commitments don’t prevent you from having a deep connection with someone else.

If you find yourself constantly making excuses, consider what it is that you're actually closing yourself off from. Be honest with yourself: Are you really too busy with work, or do you have underlying fears regarding romantic commitment that need to be addressed?

You Don't Feel Pressured Into Having a Serious Relationship

When you’re really ready to have a serious relationship, it’s because it’s something that you truly want. In fact, this type of life-changing decision has to be one that you make on your own. And if you’re being pressured by your partner, your family, or your friends to make this kind of serious commitment before you’re ready or interested in doing so, you’re setting yourself up for failure in the future.

You're Willing to Take a Risk

Lastly, it’s important to understand that pursuing a serious relationship means that you have to take a risk. Specifically, not only are you fully opening yourself up to someone else and making yourself emotionally vulnerable, but you’re also putting your heart on the line. However, without taking this giant leap of faith, you’ll never be able to enjoy the closeness that a serious relationship can bring since part of you is still heavily guarded. The good news is that when you’re truly ready to pursue a deeper connection with someone else, you’ll be able to take this kind of risk and enjoy the rewarding relationship that you want and deserve.

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