When Should You Give Your Bridesmaids Their Gifts?

Here's the right time to shower your bridal party.

bride with her bridal party

Photo by Olivia Rae James

There's nothing better than having your closest friends stand by your side as you say "I do" to the love of your life. Since your friends are committing time, effort, and money to be your support system for your wedding day, you also should give each of them a gift in return for all their help they are providing as a member of your bridal party. You can choose something special for your bridesmaids and bridesmen to wear when you are getting ready, a piece of jewelry to don while walking down the aisle with you, or another special token to say thank you.

You might have already chosen the perfect present to celebrate your bridal buds, but when should you give your bridal party this special token? Ahead, we break down when are the traditional times to shower your bridal party with gifts.

The Bridal Party Proposal

The first occasion you might give your bridesmaid or bridesman a gift is when you are asking them to be a member of your bridal party. While etiquette doesn't require you to give a present in this moment, it is a lovely gesture to get your bridal party excited about all the events to come.

You can either give them a proposal gift when you are asking them to be your bridesmaid or bridesman in person, or you can mail it to them and have the present be your way of surprising them with the question.

The Bridal Luncheon

Gathering with your bridal party for a small celebration as wedding festivities begin is always a great time to give your group a present. "Traditionally, you would give gifts at the bridal luncheon, which is usually the day before the wedding or sometimes the week of the wedding," shares Lizzie Post, etiquette expert and co-president of the Emily Post Institute.

"It's a luncheon for you, the bridesmaids, or sometimes the bride's mom and her friends to celebrate your bridesmaids and to thank them for all of their efforts helping you get to this point," she says. "That's a really great time to give them those gifts and often it's something they can wear for the wedding." This is also a great moment to give robes or pajamas that your bridal party can wear when they arrive to get ready before the wedding.

The Wedding Morning

If you aren't having a special brunch with your bridal party, you can also give them gifts when you get ready together the morning of your wedding. Since everyone will likely be busy with hair and makeup, block a moment of time within your schedule to give out gifts all at once. If you are giving robes or pajamas to get ready in, try to factor this moment earlier in your schedule so they can wear their presents throughout the morning. Be sure to let your photographer know when this is happening as well so they can capture the moment of excitement!

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