Why You Shouldn't Get Married During Wedding Season in 2020, According to Astrology

Plus, dos and don'ts for navigating love, astrology, and wedding planning

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When June hits, wedding season will be in full swing and love will most definitely be in the air. But, what if we told you the stars had something else in store this summer—potentially wreaking havoc on your wedding day...

You can blame it on Venus, which happens to be in retrograde from May 13 to June 25—a.k.a. the beginning of wedding season. So, what exactly does this mean for summer brides and grooms-to-be? We sat down with professional astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo to get answers to that dilemma and more (because what does Venus retrograde really mean anyway?!).

"I do not think that getting married during a Venus retrograde is a good idea in general and, annoyingly, it’s in wedding season [this year]," says Lanyadoo with a laugh. This simply means that Venus, the planet that rules our romances and finances, is moving backward. Whenever a planet is in retrograde, she explains, it's usually the perfect time "to review, reassess, and realign." In other words, it's not the most ideal time to start a new venture—like marriage! "In practical terms, when we strive to move forward or start something new, retrogrades can kind of junk up our flow," she explains.

Meet the Expert

Jessica Lanyadoo has been a professional astrologer for more 20 years. She writes horoscopes weekly and is the host of Ghost of a Podcast. She recently published her first book, Astrology For Real Relationships, in 2019.

But before you go about trying to change your wedding date, hear her out: "It doesn’t ruin your life [if you get married in retrograde], you don’t need to be frightened," Lanyadoo assures. Instead, it only means that things are less likely to go as smoothly. "If you just plan for things to maybe not go streamlined and perfect and just try to make as many allowances for that as possible, then that’ll help you so much if you are getting married or planning a wedding in June," she adds.

If you're getting married during retrograde, astrology says that things are less likely to go as smoothly. Be prepared for this and embrace any changes, complications, and hiccups as they come.

This is an important tip because, unfortunately, it's not the only occurrence the stars have in store for summer weddings in 2020. According to Lanyadoo, lunar eclipses will occur on June 5, June 21, and July 5, which "can often feel really out of control." And to top it all off, Mercury will be retrograde between June 18 and July 12. "Mercury retrograde is such an annoying transit because it makes plans kind of get complicated," she says.

All that said, there's no need to panic because we've got you covered. After discussing what's in the stars for summer weddings, we asked Lanyadoo—who just released her first book Astrology for Real Relationships— to think beyond June and July and chat more generally about how astrology can affect your relationship, your wedding—and, yes, your wedding date.

Read on for her dos and don'ts for navigating love, astrology, and wedding planning below.

Do Pay Attention to Venus

What most people don't know is that when you read your weekly horoscope, you're only reading your Sun sign (where the Sun was on the day of your birth). But your Sun sign is just one small part of astrology and astrologers actually "look at a bunch of planets." When it comes to relationships, Venus is a good sign to pay attention to—especially your partner's.

"When you pay attention to someone else’s Venus, essentially you are looking at a meaningful bit of information about their love language and it’s really important in a long-term relationship that we have compatible love languages," she says. In short: Understanding your partner's Venus sign can give you solid insight into what your partner values in a relationship.

Your partner's Venus sign can tell you a lot about what he or she needs and values in a relationship. Once you understand this, you'll be able to navigate your partnership more smoothly.

Don't Overthink Zodiac Compatibility

Lanyadoo says don't pay attention to zodiac sign compatibility too much. While she says it's a totally fair "entry point," it is still "too surface view." Remember, there are so many other planets that go into you and your partner's birth charts other than the Sun. So, yes, an Aries and a Cancer can still fall in love (and live happily ever after!) even if they aren't "technically" compatible.

Do Remember Your Free Will

A common misconception in astrology is that people are locked into being a certain way. But, as Lanyadoo explains, that is simply not true. "It doesn’t mean in any way that if you’re a Taurus, you’re going to be stubborn or you have to be stubborn," she says. "That's not true. There might be a tendency for Sun in Taurus people to be stubborn but that's a tendency. If you accept it and you want to work with it, then you can just be loyal and tenacious."

Basically, Lanyadoo says we have to account for free will in our relationships, adding, "We work within our nature, at times, to overcome our nature and other times, to kind of make our nature more abundant and thriving. But, we’re never locked in or rarely are we locked in."

Don't Overthink Your Wedding Date

According to Lanyadoo, consulting an astrologist before choosing a wedding date is actually a "very common use of astrology." However, when all is said and done, she says "the date isn't that big of a deal." Yes, we did spend the former half of this article explaining why saying "I do" during retrograde probably isn't the best idea, but it does not mean your marriage is doomed. Rather, the timing simply means that the actual day might not go off without a hitch...but, honestly, what wedding does!?

Itching for more tips from Lanyadoo? Check out her book here, which tackles every kind of relationship—from casual dating, engagement, a long-term marriage, and even friendships.

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