13 Fun and Easy Weeknight Date Ideas

Because adulting is hard work.

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If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you know that actually going on planned dates (like you did during the courtship phase) is harder than expected. You see each other incidentally all the time, right? So, separating time together from actual quality time together can become a tricky line to navigate. Sure, you have the weekends, but by the time you’ve reached the end of a long week, the couch, wine, and lingering chores take up the precious 48 hours you have. But, as we know, keeping your partnership dynamic and different can help avoid complacency (and therefore, other issues down the track). That's where weeknight dates come in.

To help you turn your weeknights into an opportunity for adventure and meaningful connection, we’ve compiled some weeknight date ideas that will still have you in bed early for the next workday.

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Got to a Local Bar

You can skip the lengthy dinner date if you want. Instead, grab drinks at a local bar, and to keep things interesting, try a new drink!

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Go Out for Desert

Not in the mood for a 2+ hour meal? Grab takeout or make something quick at home, then head out for dessert. It's the best part of the meal, anyway.

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Go to the Beach

You don't have to wait for a weekend day to hit up the beach. Head there after work and just take a walk along the sand while you catch up.

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Watch a Movie

You've got some options for this one. On nights that you're more tired, you can always opt for Netflix. If you're up for going out, head to the theater or find a drive-in.

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Make Your Partner's Favorite Dinner

Go the extra mile for a weeknight date and whip up your S.O.'s favorite dish. Set the table and dress up to make it more romantic.

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Splurge on a Lavish Cheeseboard

Skip dinner and have a happy hour date with a cheeseboard. Pair it with your favorite wine, of course.

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Book a Couple’s Massage

Nothing would feel better after a long day at the office than a massage. Let your partner share in the relaxation for a laid-back, but still romantic, weeknight date.

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Venture Into a Suburb You’re Not Familiar With

You two have probably explored most of your city together by now, so take a drive into a suburb you're less familiar with. Walk around and take in the new scenery.

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Go for a Bike Ride on a Scenic Route

After sitting at the office all day, exercise is welcome. Invite your S.O. on a bike ride to get moving.

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Plan Your Next Vacation

If you don't feel like going out, stay in and dream up your next trip. Nows the time to book flights, find a hotel, and map out your ideal itinerary.

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Create Your Favorite Weekend Brunch for Dinner

The easiest way to shake up weeknight dinner? By making breakfast! Anything goes—eggs, pancakes, waffles, breakfast burritos. Pick a few of your favorites and indulge.

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Book a Luxe Hotel Room for the Night

Why wait for Friday? Have a staycation midweek at a luxury hotel near you. You can wake up rested and head straight to the office the next morning.

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Relive Your First Date

If your first date wasn't that memorable, pick one of your early dates that is. Recreate your first moments together and feel all the feels.

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