70 Songs That Make the Perfect Soundtrack for Your Wedding Video

Newlyweds enjoying a moment by the stairs

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For a lot of couples, their wedding day is a total blur. The excitement of saying “I do,” mixed with the rush of family and friends can be overwhelming. That’s why a well-produced wedding video is an essential part of memorializing your big day. 

A curated soundtrack can bring all those big emotions rushing back. It’s important to select a song that’s not only representative of your wedding, but also captures the personality of the couple. From fun, carefree tracks like Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love,” to classic, sweet songs like Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” or The Beatles' “In My Life,” here are 70 songs to pick from for your wedding video.

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“Leave the Door Open,” by Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak)

Lyrics of Love: “I ain't playin' no games/Every word that I say is coming straight from the heart”

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“We Found Love,” by Rihanna and Calvin Harris

Lyrics of Love:Yellow diamonds in the light/And we're standing side by side”

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“Time of My Life,” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

Lyrics of Love: “Now I've had the time of my life/No I never felt like this before”

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“Don’t Stop Believin’,” by Journey

Lyrics of Love: “Streetlights, people/Livin' just to find emotion/Hidin' somewhere in the night”

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“Moment 4 Life,” Nikki Minaj featuring Drake

Lyrics of Love: “This is my moment, I waited all my life, I can tell it's time/Drifting away, I'm one with the sunsets, I have become alive”

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“Harvest Moon,” by Neil Young

Lyrics of Love: “But there's a full moon rising, let's go dancing in the night/We go where the music's playing, let's go out and feel the night”

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“Always Remember Us This Way,” by Lady Gaga

Lyrics of Love: “When the sun goes down and the band won't play/I'll always remember us this way”

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“Firework,” by Katy Perry

Lyrics of Love: “Baby, you're a firework/Come on, let your colors burst”

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“Celebration,” by Kool & the Gang

Lyrics of Love: “Celebrate good times, come on/Come on, it's a celebration”

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“Walking On A Dream,” by Empire Of The Sun

Lyrics of Love: “Is it real now? Two people become one/ I can feel it, two people become one”

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“Crazy in Love,” by Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z

Lyrics of Love: “I look and stare so deep in your eyes/I touch on you more and more every time”

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“Only Time,” by Enya

Lyrics of Love: “Who can say if your love grows/As your heart chose, only time”

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“Happy,” by Pharrell

Lyrics of Love: “Because I'm happy/Clap along if you know what happiness is to you”

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“Lorelei,” by Cocteau Twins

Lyrics of Love: “We make love and we can go/And we can go, and we can go”

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“Latch,” by Disclosure featuring Sam Smith

Lyrics of Love: “How do you do it, you got me losing every breath/What did you give me to make my heart beat out my chest?”

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"Home," by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Lyrics of Love: "Well, holy moly, me oh my/You're the apple of my eye/Girl, I've never loved one like you"

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“Diamonds,” by Rihanna

Lyrics of Love: “I saw the life inside your eyes/So shine bright, tonight you and I/We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky”

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“Could You Be Loved,” by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Lyrics of Love: “Could you be, could you be, could you be loved?”

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“Sweet Disposition,” by The Temper Trap

Lyrics of Love: “A moment, a love/A dream aloud”

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“Ain’t Nobody,” by Chaka Khan

Lyrics of Love: “Happened so naturally/I did not know it was love”

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“Shallow,” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Lyrics of Love: “Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us/We're far from the shallow now”

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"River," by Leon Bridges

Lyrics of Love: "Take me to your river/I wanna go/Oh, go/Take me to your river/I wanna know"

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“Today Was A Fairytale,” by Taylor Swift

Lyrics of Love: “Today was a fairytale/I wore a dress/You wore a dark grey t-shirt”

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“Islands in the Stream,” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers

Lyrics of Love: “Sail away with me to another world/And we rely on each other, ah ha”

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“In Your Eyes,” by Peter Gabriel

Lyrics of Love: “I tried to find love/In someone else too many times/But I hope you know I mean it/When I tell you you're the one that was on my mind"

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“Take My Breath Away,” by Berlin

Lyrics of Love: “Turning and returning to some secret place inside/Watchin' in slow motion as you turn around and say/Take my breath away”

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"Kiss Me," by Ed Sheeran

Lyrics of Love: "And your heart's against my chest, your lips pressed in my neck/I'm falling for your eyes, but they don't know me yet"

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“Never Tear Us Apart,” by INXS

Lyrics of Love: “I was standing/You were there/Two worlds collided/And they could never tear us apart”

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“Bitter Sweet Symphony,” by The Verve

Lyrics of Love: “I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, I feel free now”

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“I Melt With You,” by Modern English

Lyrics of Love: “Moving forward using all my breath/Making love to you was never second best”

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“A Sky Full of Stars,” by Coldplay

Lyrics of Love: “I'm gonna give you my heart/'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars”

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“Nothing Can Come Between Us,” by Sade

Lyrics of Love: “And I always wanted you to know/There is always this and this is everlasting”

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“Friday I’m in Love,” by The Cure

Lyrics of Love: “Thursday I don't care about you/It's Friday I'm in love”

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“Happy Together,” by The Turtles

Lyrics of Love: “I think about you day and night, it's only right/To think about the girl you love and hold her tight”

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“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” by Marvin Gay featuring Tammi Terrell

Lyrics of Love: “Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough/Ain't no valley low enough/Ain’t no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you”

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“Faithfully,” by Journey

Lyrics of Love: “Oh girl you stand by me/I'm forever yours, faithfully”

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“Love Story” by Taylor Swift

Lyrics of Love: "You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess/It's a love story, baby, just say Yes"

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“Beautiful Day,” by U2

Lyrics of Love: “It's a beautiful day/Sky falls, you feel like, It's a beautiful day/Don't let it get away”

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“Umbrella,” by Rihanna

Lyrics of Love: “When the sun shines, we'll shine together/Told you I'll be here forever”

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“Holiday,” by Madonna

Lyrics of Love: “Everybody spread the word/We're gonna have a celebration”

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“All Flowers in Time,” by Jeff Buckley featuring Elizabeth Fraser

Lyrics of Love: "All flowers in time bend towards the sun/I know you say that there's no-one for you, but here is one"

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“I Would Die 4 U,” by Prince

Lyrics of Love: “Make you happy when you're sad/Make you good when you are bad/I'm not a human, I am a dove/I'm your conscience, I am love”

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"Can't Help Falling in Love," by Elvis Presley

Lyrics of Love: "Take my hand/Take my whole life too/For I can't help falling in love with you"

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“All Night Long (All Night),” by Lionel Richie

Lyrics of Love: “Well, my friends, the time has come/To raise the roof and have some fun”

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“Teenage Dream,” by Katy Perry

Lyrics of Love: “Let's go all the way tonight/No regrets, just love"

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“In My Life,” The Beatles

Lyrics of Love: “Though I know I'll never lose affection/For people and things that went before/I know I'll often stop and think about them/In my life, I love you more”

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“By Your Side,” by Sade

Lyrics of Love: “When you're on my outside, baby, and you can't get in/I will show you, you're so much better than you know”

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“Open Arms,” by Journey

Lyrics of Love: “So here I am, with open arms/Hoping you'll see what your love means to me”

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“First Day of My Life,” by Bright Eyes

Lyrics of Love: “Yours was the first face that I saw/I think I was blind before I met you”

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“1999,” by Prince

Lyrics of Love: “War is all around us, my mind says prepare to fight/So if I gotta die I'm gonna listen to my body tonight”

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“Myth,” by Beach House

Lyrics of Love: “Found yourself in a new direction/Arrows falling from the sun”

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“Feel So Close,” by Calvin Harris

Lyrics of Love: “I wear my heart upon my sleeve, like a big deal/Your love bows down, I mean surround me like a waterfall”

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“Love on Top,” by Beyoncé

Lyrics of Love: “I can feel the sun whenever you're near/Every time you touch me I just melt away”

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"Time After Time," by Iron & Wine

Lyrics of Love: "If you're lost, you can look and you will find me/Time after time/If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be waiting/Time after time"

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“Marry Me,” by Train

Lyrics of Love: “Together can never be close enough for me/Feel like I am close enough to you”

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"Ho Hey," by The Lumineers

Lyrics of Love: "I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart"

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“Only Wanna Be With You,” by Hootie & The Blowfish

Lyrics of Love: “I just want to love you but you wanna wear my ring/Well there's nothing I can do, I only wanna be with you”

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“Kiss of Life,” by Sade

Lyrics of Love: “You wrapped me up in the color of love In the moonlight baby/It must have been an angel came down from above” 

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“I Do,” by Colbie Caillat

Lyrics of Love: “You know me well enough to know that I'm not playing games/I promise I won't turn around and I won't let you down"

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“Montezuma,” by Fleet Foxes

Lyrics of Love: “Oh, how could I dream of/Such a selfless and true love”

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“All Of Me,” by John Legend

Lyrics of Love: “All of me why not take all of me/Can't you see I'm no good without you”

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"XO," by John Mayer

Lyrics of Love: "Your heart is glowing/And I'm crashing into you/Baby kiss me, kiss me"

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“Beyond,” by Leon Bridges

Lyrics of Love: “I love to see her face in daylight/It's more than just our bodies at night”

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"Unchained Melody," by The Righteous Brothers

Lyrics of Love: "Oh, my love, my darling/I've hungered, for your touch/A long, lonely time/Time goes by so slowly"

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"The Rest of Our Life," by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Lyrics of Love: "So I take your hand and ask you/Have you made plans for the rest of your life?"

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“Strangers in the Night,” by Frank Sinatra

Lyrics of Love: “Ever since that night we've been together/Lovers at first sight, in love forever”

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“How Sweet It Is,” by James Taylor

Lyrics of Love: “But you brighten up for me all of my days/With a love so sweet in so many ways”

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“Your Song,” by Elton John

Lyrics of Love: “I hope you don't mind/That I put down in the words/How wonderful life is while you're in the world”

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“Unforgettable,” by Nat King Cole

Lyrics of Love: “That's why, darling, it's incredible/That someone so unforgettable/Thinks that I am unforgettable too”

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“At Last,” by Etta James

Lyrics of Love: “I found a dream, that I could speak to/A dream that I can call my own”

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