18 Wedding Stamp Ideas for Your Invitations

desert inspired wedding invitation suite

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Once you’ve found the perfect wedding venue and decided on the ideal date, it’s time to invite your friends and family to celebrate with you! Choosing your wedding invitations certainly gives a preview of what’s to come on your big day, whether you’re planning a boho beach party, a modern gala at an art gallery, or an elegant garden party. And while it may seem like the invitation design is the only way to infuse personality into your entire invitation suite, think again. There are plenty of clever ways to dress up your envelopes and postage as well.

Once you slide your invitation suite into envelopes, it may seem like the options for customization are over, but that’s definitely not the case. Did you know you can bring your envelopes to life with a variety of stamp options? Not to mention, you'll want to include a stamp if you're adding an RSVP card into the mix as well.

You can look to current postal service options to choose from a variety of inspired designs. The other option? Many different designs can be found on Etsy or Amazon, and you can even select expertly styled sets to match the rest of your invitation suite. From beautiful vintage options to modern postal service choices, there’s a stamp to complete every aesthetic.

Ready to plan your pretty postage? Below, find 18 wedding stamp ideas for your invitations.  

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Go for Pastels

pastel invitation suite

Photo by Caroline Tran

Sticking with a pastel wedding color palette? Choose a unified approach with your entire invitation suite. Opt for stamps with subtle designs and pastel hues as the ideal fit.

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Choose Variety

invitation suite with flowers

Photo by Aaron Delesie

There's certainly no shame in choosing variety when it comes to wedding stamps. After all, it may not be possible to find a cohesive option. Consider sticking with a similar palette or theme to make an interesting display.

Before you purchase postage stamps for your invitations, be sure to have your full invitation suite weighed. Taking one fully assembled envelope to your post office will give you the exact amount of postage you'll need for each mailing.

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Make It Modern

modern invitation suite

Photo by Abby Jiu

Going for a modern design? Stick with a modern stamp. Seek out a unique design with matching colors to pull your gorgeous look together.

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Go Nautical

elegant nautical invitation suite

Photo by Kate Headley

Planning a nautical wedding? Whether it's entirely elegant or a more casual affair, lighthouses are a beautiful fit for your wedding stamp design. Look at current postal service offerings or turn to Etsy for vintage options.

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Feature Florals

floral wedding invitation stamps

Photo by Erich McVey

No matter the wedding theme, florals are always appropriate. Consider options that match your actual wedding day blooms for a cohesive approach, or fill in each envelope with a variety for a fun pop of color.

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Choose a Symbol

whimsical invitation suite

Photo by Cassidy Carson

The use of wine grapes in this stamp design almost looks as if the invitation was modeled after it. Consider finding inspiration in your stamps first, and then follow it to complete your invitation design. We love the way these elements came together.

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Try Tropical

tropical invitation suite

Photo by Lauren Fair

Think you can't match your wedding stamps with a tropical theme? Think again! Seek out designs with tropical plants featured in the design to hint at your party amongst the palm trees.

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Look to Botanicals

greenery invitation suite

Photo by Mike Larson

Planning an alfresco celebration at a beautiful venue? Find stamps to match. After all, it's all in the details! Choose a beautiful botanical design to bring life to your invitation suite envelopes.

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Feature the Outdoors

pastel pink invitation suite

Photo by Henry & Mac

Hosting an outdoor event? Celebrate your love for nature with picturesque stamps. Seek out designs with mountains, trees, or lakes to match the aesthetic.

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Channel Desert Vibes

Arizona wedding invitation suite

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

Want to really celebrate the location of your wedding? Whether you're sending invitations for a destination wedding or a party at home, seek out a selection of stamps that represent the locale for the perfect match.

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Match the Belly Band

blue and white wedding invitation suite

Photo by Branco Prata

While it may not be possible to find wedding stamps that perfectly fit your invitation design, it's still possible to create a cohesive look. If you're adding a belly band to your invitation suite, consider matching the color to your chosen stamps. This is such a simple way to bring the whole design together.

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Choose Love

white elegant invitation suite

Photo by Pat Furey

Want a simple pop of color that expresses your love? The United States Postal Service offers a variety of designs in its love stamp series. Pictured here is an older version, but you can always check the current design to see if it's a good fit!

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Embrace a Neutral Palette

pastel invitation suite

photo by kt merry

Did you know stamps hold their value at whatever denomination listed? You can utilize old stamps and simply put enough on your envelopes to add up to the current postage fees. Use a variety of stamps but stick with a neutral color palette for a lovely look.

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Use a Crest

floral invitation suite

Photo by Christine Brizendine of Dabble Me This

Up until 2020, the United States Postal Service offered a custom stamp program. Custom stamps are no longer available for order as seen in this stunning design, but you can still find inspiration from them! Consider working with a designer to design an unofficial stamp featuring your monogram that looks like postage. Then, fill in the space next to it with valid postage to match.

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Make It Colorful

colorful invitation suite

Photo by Sylvie Rosokoff

Making a colorful splash on your big day? Set the mood with your invitation suite, and don't forget to add postage to match. We love the bold pops of color the stamps provided on these watercolor-lettered envelopes.

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Showcase Romance

romantic invitation suite

Photo by Sergio Sandona

To share the news of their chic estate wedding, one couple chose to incorporate artwork on their envelopes. These forever stamps featuring pieces from Andrew Wyeth were the perfect touch for a hint of romance.

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Keep It Elegant

elegant invitation suite

Photo by Terri Baskin

Planning an elegant party? Choose postage with an equally elegant design. Showcase your and your partner's monograms on a beautifully designed stamp.

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Feature Beautiful Butterflies

natural invitation suite

Photo by Love and Wolves

Celebrate the beauty of nature and make your invitations fly. These vintage butterfly stamps were such a stunning option to dress up a brown craft paper envelope.

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