15 Wedding Stamp Ideas for Your Invitations

No boring envelopes here!

A wedding invitation suite featuring stamps

Photography by Amanda Crean; invitations by yonder design

Your wedding invitations are a key piece of stationery that invite guests to celebrate with you and your partner on your big day. They also provide important details including your wedding venue, dress code, and schedule of events. But that’s not all! Wedding invitations are key to setting the tone for your event, nodding to your chosen theme or aesthetic.

While your invitation suite will certainly give guests a glimpse at what to expect, they’re inevitably put into envelopes in order to be mailed and delivered. Luckily, there are countless options for wedding stamps for your invitations so you can add postage and also continue to infuse personality. 

“Not only can ordinary postage stamps alter an otherwise appealing envelope, but stamps also serve as the first impression your guests have of your wedding day,” says Chris Neubauer, founder of Yonder Design. “While postage stamps don’t necessarily complete the design, they often help accentuate every detail.”  

Meet the Expert

Chris Neubauer is the founder of Yonder Design, a boutique graphic design firm based in California specializing in branding for social events, with a focus on luxury invitations.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Invitation Stamps

While you can certainly head to the post office to choose whatever stamps are currently available, there are other options to find the ideal fit for your design. According to Neubauer, many older stamp options are available through resellers on Amazon. “Vintage stamps don’t necessarily have to be old, they just might not be available from the USPS anymore,” he says. “It’s important to check the value of a vintage stamp, though, because many can cost five times their face value.” You may also find stamp designs you love through eBay or Etsy.

Neubauer also notes that "aged" stamps have very low value, "so it’s important to keep in mind that you will likely need to mix in a few current, higher-value options,” he explains. “You can check with your local post office regarding the cost to maintain a completed invitation so you have the proper value.”

As you’re choosing the perfect set of stamps, consider how they might reflect your wedding’s overall color palette, theme, or aesthetic. You can choose to display symbols that might be meaningful to you and your partner or landmarks from nearby your venue.  “Lean into the details that your guests will notice throughout your wedding events,” says Neubauer. “Mixing and matching various sized stamp shapes is a great way to create visual interest.”

Hoping to add a pop of color and design to fully customize your invitation suite? Below, find tips to select the right option, along with beautiful wedding invitation stamp ideas.

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Feature Florals

A tropical wedding invitation suite with floral stamps

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography

Planning a vibrant, floral-filled wedding? If your stationery features plenty of blooms, pair your envelopes with stamps that fit the theme. We love these charming floral stamps, complete with pollinating bees.

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Make It Sweet

A blue and white invitation suite with romantic wedding stamps

Photo by Bo Shim

Stick with the theme of love! A simple white envelope was dressed up with light blue stamps to match its font for a cohesive look.

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Showcase the Southwest

A desert wedding invitation suite with southwestern stamps.

Photo by corbin gurkin / Invitations by Yonder Design

Celebrating your wedding in the desert? This suite was custom designed for a wedding in Mexico, with stamps selected to celebrate the locale. Agave plants and cacti were the perfect fit.

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Make It Modern

A modern wedding invitation suite with a black and white theme

Photo by emily gude photo

A color palette of black and white with a pop of green? Yes, please! These white envelopes were dressed up with a trio of subtle plant stamps.

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Embrace a Theme

A nature inspired invitation suite wit botanical stamps

Photo by Katherine Marchand Weddings

This invitation suite was created in an entirely cohesive design, with stamps that not only dressed up the exterior of the envelopes but matched the design of the envelope liner and several other elements as well.

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Use Subtle Charms

An elegant nature invitation suite with animal stamps

Photo by Kristen Marie Parker

The invitations for this fall wedding were printed on textured white paper with a simple black font. But the pop of color from the burgundy envelope with charming stamps featuring animals and pears brought the full look together.

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Look to a Locale

tropical wedding invitation with tropical stamps

Photo by KT Crabb Photography

This invitation suite for a wedding in Florida fully embraced the wedding's location. A Floral Everglades stamp, along with a beach scene and seashell, was the ideal pairing for a pop of color and personalization.

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Match Your Color Scheme

light blue invitation suite

photo by kt merry / invitations by yonder design

The design for these invitations featured beautiful birds, leaves, and blooms. Stamps with bluebirds to match were the perfect fit.

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Celebrate the West

southwest inspired invitation suite with southwest stamps

photo by liz banfield

A suite featuring a stunning mountain landscape design, along with southwestern patterns, calls for western-inspired stamp designs. A trio featuring boots, a hat, and a western shirt completed the look in style.

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Nod to Nature

nature inspired invitation suite with animal stamps

photo by Michelle Beller Photography

This invitation suite featured an organic, neautral-toned color palette with a feather included to embrace the elements and natural surroundings of their venue. Stamps focused on preservation, parks, and animals dressed up an otherwise simple envelope.

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Make It Elegant

elegant chateau wedding invitation with colorful stamps

photo by Molly Carr Photography

Planning to say "I do" at an elegant chateau? While you may not be able to find stamps featuring the exact location, stick with the theme by featuring other chateaus or castles for an elevated match.

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Incorporate Special States

A blue invitation suite with colorful stamps

photo by olivia leigh photographie

Wedding stamps offer the opportunity to infuse personality and meaning. Consider sourcing stamps from different states. You could include the states you and your partner were born in, along with where you met.

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Embrace Vibrant Vibes

boho neutral invitation suite with vibrant postage stamps

photo by Sarah Anne Photography

The boho-meets-neutral color palette for this invitation suite was the ideal fit for a Mexico wedding. But the pops of color from the envelope liner and vibrant stamp selection took it to the next level.

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Be Intentional With Color

modern invitation suite with a black and white theme

photo by Sposto Photography

Even a black-and-white color scheme can have wedding stamps to match. These black envelopes were dressed up with black and white stamps with a pop of red to stick with the theme.

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Go Vintage

a vintage invitation suite with antique stamps

photo by Shelly Anderson Photography

Match a wedding aesthetic complete with vintage elements with the perfect antique stamps. While this envelope required more postage, the selections were intentional featuring vintage designs as a nod to the rest of the suite.

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