25 Stylish Fan Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Keep guests cool and your ceremony looking chic.

wedding program fan

Photo by Elizabeth Lanier Photography; Stationery by Swell Press

We love a good wedding accent that’s both practical and pretty—a dual function useful to both the guests and your wedding décor. One of the best ideas are fans for an outdoor wedding. Perfect for a wedding during warmer months, a handheld fan will help your guests beat the heat away.

When said fan also features the wedding program, it becomes even handier. You can attach the program to the fan with a dainty string of twine or pretty curl of ribbon, which is often fitting if using a woven fan. But if you opt for a wooden or paper fan, the wedding program can be painted or printed right on it! Not only does this look creative, but it’ll also prevent you from having to add separate wedding programs to your stationery list—combining two in one makes for a budget-savvy, eco-friendly move.

Wedding fans lend a lot of leeway in terms of design. Add watercolor illustrations or a hand-painted map of the venue for a customized touch, or complete the look with a Popsicle-stick handle or fun little tassel. Ahead, we round up stylish ideas to give you ideas for your own outdoor celebration.

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Embody Summer

woven ceremony seating fans on white chairs

Photo by Ana Lui Photography

This coastal Italian wedding is all summertime elegance with underlying tropical tones. Woven wedding program fans placed on stylish white chairs perfectly encapsulate the thematic vibes while keeping everyone cool.

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Use Illustrations

watercolor ceremony program fan with illustration

Photo by Shhh My Darling

Here, fans made of holly oak, mauve wood, and almond bear a delicate palette. One side boasts a hand-painted illustration of the venue while the other is adorned with program details and decorative floral designs.

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Be Festive

floral painted fans with orange and pink ribbon

Photo by Steve Steinhardt

Otomi printed paper fans are a festive way to cool down guests at a Mexico destination wedding. Mirror its bold colors with vibrant pink and orange ribbons for an extra bit of flair.

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Add Tassels

program fans with blush tassels

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

These wedding program fans keep a classic look with white paper and elegant calligraphy, but lush blush tassels take them to the next level. Place them in a wicker basket accented with peach roses for a chic display.

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Adhere Popsicle Sticks

sage green fan on a popsicle stick

Photo by Steven Michael Photography

Popsicle sticks are all summertime fun! They not only transform a wedding program into a fan but also give a playful nod to the season. This wedding program keeps things summery with a sage green and white color palette.

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Think Tropical

ceremony program attached to woven fan

Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography

Tie your wedding program to your fan to ensure they stick together. Don’t be afraid to go big on color and texture either. Bold magenta and yellow ribbon here pop against a natural weave for a tropical flair.

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Stick With Simplicity

woven ceremony fans on white wooden chairs

Photo by Gianny Campos

Stick with simplicity by fixing a minimalist white wedding program to a woven fan for a neutral, natural palette. Place them on equally white ceremony chairs for a timeless look that allows the surrounding venue to shine.

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Bring Out the Paint

painted woven fan and program on chair

Photo by Ross Harvey

A custom touch always goes a long way at a wedding. This bride had an artist hand-paint her wedding fans, giving each a unique look. The periwinkle and violet flower designs paid tribute to her French countryside wedding inspired by all things Provençal. 

Fans can make exquisite wedding favors, keeping guests cool long after the ceremony is over. Opt for more durable fans (not the Popsicle-stick DIYs) that will last through many uses and keep their shape for years to come

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Create Spanish Flair

blue wedding reception menu and paper fan

Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography

A traditional accordion paper fan framed in navy trim and a matching cobalt blue wedding program take on a Marbella chic theme for a Spanish-style wedding.

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Feel the Romance

bamboo chairs and woven fans with programs

Photo by Collective by Concept Photography

Lend your wedding program fan some romance with a chiffon blush ribbon. Complete the look with an elegant watercolor monogram design and program details in scrawling calligraphy.

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Be Bold

green marble ceremony program fan

Photo by Yolande Marx

Masculine meets feminine with an emerald green marble print that makes a sophisticated statement with a bright pink tassel. We love how this wedding program fan matches the menu, tying in the design throughout the wedding.

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Get Moody

black ceremony program fan with floral design

Photo by Chantall Marshall

Channel autumn’s moody vibes with a black wedding program fan featuring a rich floral print in a burgundy palette.

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Employ Minimalism

white ceremony program fan with black typography

Photo by Erin & Tara

We love a good minimalist design, and these wedding program fans nail it. White paper and a classic black type are all they need for an uber-cool, stylish feel. We envision these fanning guests amid an equally minimalist, organic-inspired ceremony.

This design makes for a great DIY project that's easy on the budget. Just have the programs printed up on card stock (you can find customizable templates on Etsy), purchase Popsicle sticks en masse, and adhere them to the backs.

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Channel Southern Charm

woven ceremony fan with religious program

Photo by Sara Boyd Photography

This wedding program and woven fan are ready for an outdoor wedding. Add a sweet touch to a woven fan by wrapping its handle in thick, white ribbon, finished off with a bow.

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Look to Nature

botanical printed fan with popsicle stick and ribbon

Courtesy of TimberWink Studio

This nature-inspired wedding program fan takes a cue from summer’s lush, green trees with a foliage illustration. Watercolor leaves frame the newlyweds’ names for a botanical touch while a dainty white bow adds a hint of sweetness. We love how the same greenery made its way into the bridal party's bouquets, too.

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Paint a Map

illustrated map and wedding itinerary ceremony fan

Courtesy of Painted by Pippa

Creativity can transform your wedding program fans into a masterpiece. This one brings the venue to life with a detailed map of the ceremony and reception’s key sites. The visual continues onto the other side, with a timeline told in whimsical symbols and fonts. A wooden handle completes the look with a polished, organic texture.

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Go For Accordion-Style

pink and white invitation suite with accordion fan and tassel

Photo by Sulet Fourie

Wedding programs get fun when they’re printed on an accordion fan. This one is all about the glam with a gilded exterior that opens up to a program boasting a red-printed botanical design.

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Match Your Theme

wooden wedding program fan

Photo by Elizabeth Lanier Photography

As always, consider the vibe of your wedding when designing the program—both literally and figuratively. For example, this couple exchanged vows barefoot on the beach, so they affixed their ceremony programs to paper fans in shades of the sand and sea.

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Provide Fans All Weekend

Welcome basket with monogrammed woven fan and snacks

Photo by Adriana Rivera

For a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, the couple provided guests woven fans painted with their custom monogram in their welcome bags so they could use them throughout the wedding weekend.

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White Wedding Look

white accordion fan in box with programs

Photo by Ryan Ray

An all-white wedding is a classic style you can carry over to your fan and program design. This Connecticut wedding offered simple fans along with the programs on a table before guests took their seats.

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Personalized Placecards

Wedding tablescape with florals, green printed linens, and customized fans

Photo by AGP Collective

At a Colorado wedding's rehearsal dinner, wooden fans labeled with every guest's names served as place cards to indicate everyone's seat. These stylish fans were perfect to use throughout the weekend and served as a fun favor as well.

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Play With Palette

Pink fan on seat at wedding ceremony

Photo by Austin Gros

This pretty pink fan was a great way for a couple to integrate their color palette into the wedding ceremony. Guests holding fans during the outdoor wedding could add to the overall wedding aesthetic.

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Coordinate With Seating

Wooden chair at wedding ceremony with white and wood fan

Photo by Hana Gonzalez Photography

Think about the chairs you'll be using at the ceremony when selecting your fans. Coordinate to have your fans evoke a similar aesthetic as your seats. Both the chairs and fans have a bohemian feel at this tropical wedding.

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Carve Out a Customization

Woven fan with words "We Jammin' and wedding date on ceremony chair

Photo by Lilly Red

At a Jamaica wedding, one couple had the words "We Jammin'" and their wedding date etched into their woven fans to set the tone for their celebration.

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A Pretty Tassel

Cane chair with wooden fan with pink tassel

Photo by Jessica Mangia

A lovely pink tassel added a sweet touch to the design of this fan at an Italian castle wedding.

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