30 Orchid Bouquet Ideas for Brides and Bridesmaids

Show-stopping arrangements to carry down the aisle.

orchid bouquet

Photo by Katie Ruther

Orchids are one of the most popular wedding flowers, and for good reason. “They’re versatile and make a big impact in bouquets and other floral designs,” says Drew Rios of Rogue & Fox Floral Co. in Los Angeles.

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Drew Rios is the designer behind Rogue & Fox Floral Co. in Los Angeles.

Another reason? Orchids come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, making it easy to incorporate them into weddings of every style. That said, some varieties are more popular than others. “Phalaenopsis orchids and cymbidium orchids are hands-down favorites of many brides," Rios says. "Their front-facing forms provide an eye-catching moment in a bouquet.” 

Since many orchid species grow in tropical climates they’re a natural fit for island or beach weddings, but Rios says that, when paired with dried florals, they can also have a starring role in modern, artistic celebrations. "My favorite is the paphiopedilum variety, which you don’t see often,” she says. “Their form and structure is so unique and their colors are beyond imagination.” 

Phalaenopsis orchids and cymbidium orchids are hands-down favorites of many brides. Their front-facing forms provide an eye-catching moment in a bouquet.

Certain color orchids have to be ordered ahead of time and there are some species only available during certain seasons, but the most common varieties are available year-round. “Orchids are definitely a splurge at $15 to $35 per stem, but because they take up quite a bit of real estate in an arrangement, you don’t need many stems to make a statement,” says Rios.

Read on for 30 stunning bouquet ideas featuring orchids big and small.

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Keep It Classic

<p>White bouquet</p>

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography; Floral Design by Winstons Flowers

Let phalaenopsis orchids play a starring role, as shown in this green-and-white bouquet by Winston Flowers. When paired with garden roses, lisianthus, spray roses, and calla lilies, they make for an elevated garden look.

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Mix Varieties


Photo by Aria Isadora & Samantha Nandez/BFA for BFA Weddings; Floral Design by BRRCH

Bouquets with orchids often feature one of two varieties, but mixing shapes and silhouettes can make an arrangement feel almost sculptural. Just take this show-stopping arrangement by BRRCH, which pairs orchids both large and small with peonies

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Create a Masterpiece

orchid bouquet

Photo by Stephania Campos; Floral Design by GloriSosa Events & Decor 

Make like this bride, who designed her own cascading bouquet of ivory orchids and roses. The asymmetrical arrangement is even more dynamic alongside a statement dress—or cape!

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Play a Supporting Role

<p>Bride's bouquet</p>

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Floral Design by Wild Bloom

Love the look of orchids but don't want them to steam the show? Consider incorporating them as an accent flower in lush bouquet of various blooms, as this bride did with amaranth and roses from Wild Bloom.  

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Think Small

<p>bride with bridesmaids</p>

Photo by Ana Lui Photography; Floral Design by il Profumo dei Fiori 

While a statement orchid is always stunning, a petite iteration can be just as impactful. Case in point: This nosegay of mini orchids and lily of the valley by Il Profumo Dei Fiori

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Make “Tropical” Modern


Photo courtesy of Rogue & Fox Floral Co.

Don't rule out dried ferns and palms! This brown-and-white bouquet by Rogue & Fox Floral Co. feels tropical yet contemporary thanks to the unexpected combo.

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Opt for an All-White Arrangement

<p>Bridal Bouquet</p>

Photo by Caroline Lima Photography; Floral Design by Edge & Simplicity, Inc. 

All-white arrangements never go out of style. For her multicultural wedding, this bride carried a bouquet of phalaenopsis orchids, roses, and white freesia by Elegance and Simplicity, Inc. 

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Make an Impact


Photo by Logan Cole; Floral Design by Honey & Poppies

Orchids are a natural fit for a wild, lush bouquet with tropical vibes, as shown here with lotus seeds, jasmine, hellebores, tuberoses, and ferns from Honey & Poppies. This oversized bouquet works especially well with a simple slip dress like this bride wore for her Palm Springs celebration, which also featured orchid-centric centerpieces. 

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Create a Contemporary Shape

<p>white wedding flowers</p>

Photo by Paul O'Reilly; Floral Design by Extrafloral

Traditionally, cascading bouquets are abundant and long, roughly mimicking the look of a waterfall. However, at this Brooklyn warehouse wedding, the fashion-forward bride opted for a sleeker modern version created by Extrafloral from white orchids and anthurium. We think it's genius!

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Go Green


Photo by Laurken Kendall; Floral Design by Maye Córdova 

Eucalyptus and olive branches will add fragrant texture to any bouquet, but we're especially into this arrangement of orchids, calla lilies, and blushing brides from Maye Córdova. Not to mention: The stem was wrapped in leather and engraved with Walt Whitman’s “We were together, I forget the rest" at this destination wedding in San Miguel de Allende.

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Utilize Local Blooms

<p>Tropical wedding bouquet</p>

Photo by Bonnie Sen Photography; Floral Design by Tai Flora Luxe

Follow Tai Flora Luxe's lead and let your venue dictate your floral style. Here, the vibrant colors of Jamaica inspired this tropical bouquet of petite white orchids, pink and white anthurium, and ginger flowers with palm leaves. 

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Play With Texture

bride's bouquet

Photo by Katie Ruther

If you're marrying on the beach but aren’t into tropical colors, opt for a bouquet with textural flowers and greens. This bouquet, carried by a bride at her wedding in Tulum, centered around king protea and palm leaves, flanked by elegant white blooms such as orchids and anthurium. 

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Mix Light and Dark Hues


Photo by Christy Cassano; Floral Design by Selva Floral Design

We're obsessed with this moody yet creation! For her woodland wedding in Oregon, this bride carried a bouquet (by Selva Floral Design) featuring peach-colored orchids and blush pink peonies with dark burgundy anthurium and hand painted palms. 

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Think Pink

<p>fuchsia bridal bouquet</p>

Photo by Paul Johnson; Floral Design by Myrtie Blue

Orchids come in some truly amazing shades, including fuchsia, like these phalaenopsis orchids carried by a bride at her beachfront Florida wedding. Floral design company Myrtie Blue rounded out the bright bouquet with bougainvillea, coral charm peonies, Juliet roses, Yves Piaget roses, poppies, anemones, and ranunculus. 

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Be Romantic

<p>Bridal bouquet</p>

Photo by Eliza Morrill Photography; Floral Design by Albright’s Flowers

It’s tough to imagine a bouquet that would be better suited to a romantic garden wedding than this cascading arrangement of orchids, roses, and lily of the valley created by Albright’s Flowers.

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Embrace a Theme


Photo by Lauren Fair Photography; Floral Design by Stylos y Flores 

Again, go-all out tropical by pairing orchids with monstera leaves and anthurium. This bridal bouquet features those flowers plus classic wedding blooms like roses, peonies, and poppies.

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Keep It Casual

<p>Bridal Bouquet</p>

Photo by Meg Smith Photography; Floral Design by Jenna Lam Events

Orchids can sometimes skew formal, so mix them with a flower with a bold center, like anemones, for an arrangement that feels special but not overly fancy. One bride carried this combo down the aisle during a backyard wedding in California, with floral design by Jenna Lam Events.

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Bring the Drama


Photo by Kami Olavarria; Floral Design by Native Poppy and Addy Florales

In Antigua, Guatemala, this bride carried a dreamy arrangement that was a collaboration between California’s Native Poppy and local florist Addy Florales. Who knew foraged flowers and local garden clippings could look so elevated?!

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Embrace Asymmetry

<p>Bride holding bouquet</p>

Photo by Shannen Natasha of Norman & Blake; Floral Design by Dana Markos Events 

Crate a focal moment by cascading plate-sized white orchids from one side of your bouquet. At this New England celebration, the bride worked with Dana Markos Events to do just that.  

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Be Fashionably Chic

<p>Bride in black and white solo</p>

Photo by Jamie English; Floral Design by De Flora

Wearing a minimalistic dress? Mimic the vibe in your florals, as this fashion-forward bride did with an asymmetrical bouquet of orchids, which was wrapped with an oversized bow and designed by De Flora.

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Go Big

<p>White bridal bouquet</p>

Photo by Bill Waldorf; Floral Design by Fiddlehead Designs

An oversized bouquet can do no wrong. Especially when it combines white and cream orchids, lilies, tulips, dahlias, and calla lilies, as does this mountain-inspired one by Fiddlehead Designs

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Add Blush Accents

Red, pink, and white wrapped bouquet

 Photo by Van Middleton Photography

The classic color combo of red and pink roses feels effortlessly romantic. Add in orchids, greenery, and flowing ribbons for a wild, just-picked feeling.

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Consider Monstera


Photo by Birds of a Feather

When paired with white phalaenopsis orchids, a single monstera leaf makes for a striking tropical bouquet. This look works for a bride, bridesmaids—or the whole wedding party!

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Keep It Straight

<p>Bride in Naeem Khan</p>

Photo by Cambria Grace; Floral Design by Foret

This long, straight bouquet of orchids, calla lilies, and greenery by Foret was created to feel like an extension of her stunning Naeem Khan gown. We say channel this idea and carry yours by our side in style!

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Add a Cheerful Touch


Photo by Golden Hours Studio

Don't forget that orchids also come in a vibrant yellow hue. These colorful bouquets, designed by Sag Harbor Florist, feature peonies, ranunculus, and summer roses. 

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Look to Art For Inspiration

<p>bride short-sleeve wedding dress</p>

Photo by Unique Lapin Photography; Floral Design by a.p. bio

Art is a wonderful place to look for inspiration—no matter your wedding style! That said, we're huge fans of the ever-chic ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. This bride was also inspired by the style for her wedding on a Brooklyn rooftop

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Pair With Natural Hues


Photo courtesy of Rogue & Fox Floral Co.

Dried palms are trending right now, and this photo is proof as to why. Rogue & Fox Floral Co. created this bouquet—which feels just right for a modern, outdoor celebration in the summertime—by pairing white phalaenopsis orchids with pampas grass and dried ferns in light, neutral tones. 

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Mix It Up


Photo by Heather Waraksa; Floral Design by Of the Flowers

As mentioned, the orchid does not always need to take center stage. For a gathered garden feel, make like bride Rocky Barnes and floral designer Of the Flowers and carry an abundant, texture-rich bouquet featuring white and pink orchids. 

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Add a Pop of Color


Photo by Alexandra Grace Photography; Floral Design by Ponderosa & Thyme

Marsala-hued orchids can add a vivid hue and depth to any bouquet, as shown here by Ponderosa & Thyme. This design also includes foraged branches, Angelique tulips, blush garden roses, and white anemones. 

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Let Them Shine

main image

Photo by Todd Good Photography; Floral Design by Event Bliss

Sure, you can always combine orchids with other flowers, but when you have showstoppers like these pink-hued phalaenopsis orchids, they can also fly solo.

Before finalizing your dream bouquet, check out the below article for common floral mistakes you'll want to avoid!

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