26 Wedding Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

We're green with envy over these gorgeous green-eyed looks.

Bride (holding bouquet) and groom standing with heads together, smiling

Photo by Jacqui Cole Photography

The doors open, the people stand, and the music plays as you make your way down the aisle to marry the one you've always dreamed of. Everyone is looking at you—your dress, your veil, and underneath it, your smile—but your eyes are locked at your partner standing at the end of the aisle, ready to take your hand as you walk together into this new phase of life, together, forever. It's there at the altar that your partner will stare into your eyes as they recite the vows that will bond them to you for the rest of your lives in all the most beautiful ways. So while yes, your dress is an important part of your bridal look, it's not what your partner will be seeing when they say "I do."

This is why your wedding makeup look is an important consideration on the big day. You can go for a more natural, fresh-faced look, or something more dramatic, like a deep smokey eye. But if you're not sure what look you want, your eye color is a great place to start looking for inspiration. Different shades of eyeshadow complement different eye colors, and a makeup artist can help select shades that are flattering for your eye color and skin tone.

"Playing up your specific eye color on your wedding day will make a huge difference in not only your entire makeup look but your photos as well," says makeup artist Kristen Fortier. "The best way to ensure you are choosing the right colors for green eyes is to use a color wheel and work with shades opposite of green. Colors like warm-toned shades, reds, pinks, copper, bronze, and purple hues are key."

Meet the Expert

Kristen Fortier is a professional makeup artist and product innovation lead at Crunchi, a line of high-performance clean cosmetics.

If you're looking for green-eyed inspiration, we've rounded up 26 wedding eye makeup looks from stunning real brides.

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Flirty Pinks

Bride with black hair in updo wearing sleeveless gown, holding bouquet

Photo by Anya Kernes

Pink-toned eyeshadows can really bring out the hidden flecks of gold in green eyes, making them shine even brighter. Add a light dusting of the same shade on the apples of the cheek to bring the whole look together.

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Golden Glow

bride being kissed by bespectacled groom on her left cheek

Photo by Erich McVey Photography

When it comes to highlighter, a golden shade complements the natural yellow or gold hues in green eyes. Use the same shade in the inner corner of the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid's bow for a vacation-worthy glow.

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Purple Haze

blond woman with hair in loose updo with smokey purple eyeshadow

Photo by Hannah Elisabeth Beauty

Purple and green are contrasting colors, which means they look great when paired together. This smokey purple eyeshadow look is one of our favorites for brides with green eyes.

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Mad About Matte

bride with green eyes putting on an earring

Photo by Erich Mcvey

Simple is stunning, as this bride demonstrates. She's wearing a soft matte eyeshadow in the crease to accentuate her eye shape and a lightly contoured cheek, both of which add just the right amount of dimension to an otherwise very natural makeup look.

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Bold Liner

smiling bride in strapless beaded gown holding bouquet

Photo by Kate Headley

We love the contrast of a dark brown or black kohl liner on light green eyes. If you're worried about it looking too harsh, use an eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner for a softer, more diffused look that's still sultry and smokey. "I also always recommend using black eyeliner on the upper lash line and a brown liner on the lower lash line for a soft but glamorous look that will also help green eyes really pop!" says Fortier. "Crunchi’s Highliner Pencil Eyeliner is an excellent eyeliner choice and comes in both shades to suit brides with any eye color."

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Golden All Over

bride wearing strapless gown standing in meadow

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Lean into the sun-kissed setting of a summer wedding and layer on the bronzer. The golden-brown warm tones will help your green eyes stand out even more than usual. If you have a fair complexion, look for a bronzer that's more terracotta-colored. Those with deep and dark skin tones should opt for a deep orange-brown shade to give the most natural glow.

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Grey Goddess

Bride in gown and veil, holding bouquet and looking off to the right

Photo by KT Merry

Cool grey eyeshadow on pale green eyes is a seriously stunning combination. For a more natural look, opt for a light matte grey in the crease and underneath the lash line. For a more dramatic look, go for a metallic silver all over the lid.

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Blushing Pink

brunette bride with floral headpiece and sleeveless gown putting on earring in right ear

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

You can never go wrong with a soft and natural look featuring a healthy dose of pink blush. For the most natural effect, apply the blush wherever the sun would naturally color your face, which is on the tops of your cheekbones, your nose, and a bit on the forehead. Finish with a rosy-pink lipstick to keep the whole look feeling fresh and vibrant.

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Au Natural

blonde bride in veil and gown holding bouquet outdoors

Photo by Rachel Havel

Natural makeup-loving brides need not feel pressured into a bridal makeup look that's too bold. Colored eyes especially stand out when the rest of the makeup is kept super minimal—just a bit of foundation, some color on the cheeks, and some mascara are enough to make those green eyes pop.

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Gorgeous Grays

bride with floral headpiece lying on her stomach, facing camera, head propped on left hand

Photo by Terri Baskin

Varying degrees of golden or muddy brown undertones make each pair of green eyes unique, but if there's one thing green eyes have in common, it's versatility. Cool-toned silvers or metallic golds look equally as stunning, so it's really up to your personal preference to decide what shade is right for you.

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Warm Smokey

brunette bride in spaghetti strap gown, with smokey eyes standing outside, looking off to the right

Photo by Rachel Owens

Bring the drama with a warm smokey eye that makes your green eyes smolder. Blend a few shades of deep browns and black up and outwards towards the tail of your brow. Don't worry about being too neat—sweep a makeup wipe or cotton pad from the lower lash line up towards the brow to define the shape and get rid of any eyeshadow that may have fallen.

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A Splash of Orange

brunette bride with asymmetrical gown, large hoop earrings, and orange/red lips, looking at camera

Photo by Taylor Mccutchan

Orange you glad you have bright green eyes? This beautiful bride stuns in shades of tangerine orange, from the lips to her eyelids. The wash of color on her cheeks gives her that just-got-back-from-the-Caribbean glow.

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Flawlessly Fresh-Faced

radiant woman with green eyes and pink lips

Photo by Curly Jojo 

This bride looks positively radiant. Her glowing complexion and soft pink lip tint bring out the pale green in her eyes, proving that bridal makeup doesn't have to be glamorous.

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Lovely Liner

man and brunette bride walking away from camera, bride turning to look back at camera

Photo by Ready Luck

A little bit of liner is enough to add a touch of drama without coming across too strong. If you're into a '60s vibe, pile on the lower lash mascara for a Twiggy-inspired look.

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Gleaming Gold

blonde woman in spaghetti strap white dress having lipstick applied by another person

Photo by Gretchen Gause

Full brows, dark liner, and a golden, glowing complexion are always a winning combination. Throw on some false lashes to complete the look. "On your wedding day, really focus on playing up the eyes," says Fortier. "Add full but not heavy lashes and lots of mascara to blend the fake lashes and real lashes together. Use a mascara that can stay put and create volume, like Crunchi’s Shattered Mascara."

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Pinky Brown Smokey Eye

brunette woman with smokey eyeshadow having lipstick applied by another person

Photo by JAYlim Studio

Make a smokey eye more romantic by using a purple or pink shadow on the lid instead of a traditional bronze or champagne. Level up the intensity by adding a flick of thin black eyeliner.

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Warm Honey

blonde brunette in sleeveless white dress with ruffle straps looking down to the left

Photo by Meraki Wedding Photo & Film

This makeup look is super simple and sweet. A blend of brown and orange eyeshadows define the eyes while a soft contour lightly sculpts the cheeks. Add a pale pink lip for a kiss of color.

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A Little Lash

green-eyed blonde woman being kissed by man on her right cheek

Photo by De Joy Photography

Eyeshadow on your wedding day is always optional. Follow in this bride's footsteps and add a good few layers of black mascara to accentuate green eyes. Skip the mascara on the lower lash line for a more natural look.

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Nude Glow

green-eyed blonde bride in spaghetti-strap dress looking into distance

Photo by Joey Willis

Go nude on your wedding day with a pale, flesh-colored lipstick. When the rest of the makeup is kept super minimal, your colored eyes will inevitably attract all the attention.

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Charcoal Smoke

green-eyed bride with smokey eyes and chiseled cheeks gazing at camera through window

Photo by Katherine Ann Rose 

If those emerald eyes could talk, they would say they love how this makeup look makes them pop. It's the matte smokey eye, the chiseled cheeks, and the soft brows that contribute to this bride's hauntingly beautiful look.

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Lined and Bright

green-eyed, blonde bride in veil and gown holding large bouquet looking at camera

Photo by Lauren Fair

Winged eyeliner and green eyes make for a timeless bridal look that you'll look back at in 20 years and still love. A bright red lip gives this makeup look a vintage, Old-Hollywood vibe that we'll never get tired of seeing.

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Captivating Contour

profile of green-eyed bride with updo and pearl earrings looking off to the right

Photo by Mo Davis Photography

This beautiful bride proves that a more natural makeup can still look striking. The key is in the soft contour. The pop of color on the lips packs a powerful punch against her naturally radiant complexion.

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Moody Moment

green-eyed bride in embrace with groom outdoors

Photo by Pat Furey

Cranberry-colored lips with a brown smokey eye would blend in perfectly at a fall wedding. Look for a liquid lipstick over a lipstick in a tube to ensure the most vibrant, long-lasting color that won't transfer on your new spouse's face from all the smooching you'll surely be doing.

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Matte Brown Monochrome

brown/green-eyed bride with floral headpiece and sleeveless gown holding bouquet smiles at camera

Photo by Sylvie Gil

Hues like bronze, tan, and brown are some of the best eye shadow colors for brown/green eyes. We love how it makes this bride's eyes shine without demanding too much attention.

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Light and Fresh

smiling green-eyed bride in strapless gown and pearl necklace holds bouquet in garden

Photo by Sylvie Gil

Green-eyed brunettes don't have to do too much to highlight their light eyes. A romantic and subtle warm smoky eye with smudged-out liner and a pale pink lip keep this look light and fresh.

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Classic Smokey Eye

dark-haired bride with updo and smokey eyes wears v-neck gown with cap sleeves

Tony Wodarck

The smokey eye remains undefeated as the most popular bridal makeup look, and for good reason. When done right, the dark shadow makes light eyes look even more vibrant, plus, it features a winged eyeliner, which elongates the eyes, making them appear bigger. Smokey eyes for the win.

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