67 Wedding Makeup Ideas for Every Kind of Bride

Bride getting ready

Treebird Photography

You've found your wedding dress, had that Cinderella moment with the perfect shoes, and spent hours scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, and Brides searching for just the right hairstyle. With almost every aspect of your bridal ensemble checked off your to-do list, all there's left to do is find some makeup inspiration that pulls it all together. Luckily, you probably won't have to look any further than this roundup of the prettiest wedding makeup ideas for every kind of bride.

But where's a bride to start when it comes to choosing the components of a stunning wedding day look? Makeup artist Christina Chen of Makeup by Quis suggests starting off by sending photos to your makeup artist of looks you're attracted to. "Have them assess your features to see whether it suits your overall look, including your wedding vibe, hairstyle, and wedding dress," she says.

Meet the Expert

Christina "Quis" Chen is a San Francisco–based makeup artist and the founder of Makeup by Quis. Chen is also a licensed esthetician with additional training from the Cinema Makeup School in Hollywood.

Whether you choose lush, look-at-me lashes, a dramatic cat eye, a cheek color that'll turn you into the very definition of a blushing bride, or any combination of the three, we just know you're going to be gorgeous. Ahead, we've rounded up wedding makeup ideas from stunning real brides.

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A Gradient Look With Ombré Eyeshadow

Bride with ombré eyeshadow

Sanaz Photography 

Ombré eyeshadow and lush lashes give this bride a flirtatious vibe. What a gorgeous look for a daytime wedding on the beach.

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A Sheer Face With Thin Eyeliner

Bride with natural makeup look

Carmen Santorelli Photography

This bride opted for barely-there makeup with thinly lined eyes and long lashes for her outdoor wedding with a bohemian vibe. Armed with lipstick in a natural shade, she pulled off the look effortlessly.

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A Contoured Look

Bride with glam makeup

Rachel Owens

A contoured complexion, mauve lip, and glam eye give this bride an alluring appeal. This is a stunning look for an early-afternoon wedding.

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Bronze Lids With Red Lipstick

Regal glow makeup look

Cinzia Bruschini

Romantic red lipstick married with defined eyes and a gorgeous glow creates such a stunning look for this bride. This was the perfect look for the couple's wedding in Italy, saying "I do" as the sun set around them.

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Distinguished Eyes and Brows

Bridal portrait in winter

Corrina Walker Photography 

This winter bride stands out amongst the snowfall with stunningly defined features. Pull off something similar by opting for strong brows, a nude lip, and rich eyeliner.

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Classic Neutrals

Newlyweds kissing

Greg Finck 

We love this beaming bride's neutral aesthetic. A light smoky eye combined with a nude lip is always a classic.

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A Gilded Eye

Bridal portrait with gold portrait

Laura Murray

Consider adding gilding for some modern-boho flair. Party-ready metallic accents and bold ruby red lipstick ensure this bride is the star of the show.

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A Retro Look With Gold Eyeshadow

Bridal portrait with bouquet

Funkytown Photography 

We love this soft glam with a pop of shimmer. Gold eyeshadow and graphic liner harken back to the golden age of glamour.

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Bronze Eyes and a Bold Lippy

Bride getting ready

Treebird Photography

Sultry bronze eyes meet a scarlet pout for a vixen-like appearance. This is a gorgeous combo for a subtle vintage vibe.

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A Subtle Glow and Mauve Shades

Bride getting ready

Sarah Falugo Weddings

This is a timeless choice that will work for any time of day. Softly defined features and a subtle glow are the perfect pairings for dusty mauve shades.

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Simple Sophistication

Bride holding bouquet


This elegant composition was the perfect complement to the couple's wedding historical locale in Italy. Clean and classic, with subtly lined eyes and a light pink lip, this bride's style is absolute sophistication.

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A Bold Red Lip

Newlyweds kissing

Katie Edwards Photography

There's always room to incorporate a bold lipstick, especially when it's paired with a wedding drenched in Southwestern hues. We love the way this brave red lip color perfectly matches the saturated notes in this couple's bouquets.

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Shimmery Eyes With a Nude Lip

Newlyweds kissing

Melissa Marshall 

An enchanting tropical garden celebration calls for an ethereal aesthetic. With shimmery eyes, simple mascara, and a nude lip color, this look comes together flawlessly.

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Gilded Radiance

Bride with golden glow

Alex Tome Photography; Event Planning by Vows Portugal; Makeup by Antonia Rosa 

Despite the matte complexion, Josiane's skin is still all aglow with a captivating gold radiance. A subtle gold eye and strong brow let her natural sparkle shine through—quite literally.

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A Bright Pink Lip

Bride getting makeup done

Ryon Lockhart Photography

Who says you can't incorporate a bright pop of pink? We love the way this bride blends defined eyes with a bright pink pout.

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Winged Eyeliner With Pink Lips

Bride holding bouquet

Judy Pak Studio 

We can't get enough of this composition. Winged liner, pale pink lipstick, and eye-catching highlight make for the perfect complement to this bride's berry-hued bouquet.

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A Neutral Palette With a Smoky Eye

Bridal portrait

Federico Sbardolini 

Keep a natural face but add just a little bit of drama with a smoked shadow. A charcoal-hued eye takes center stage as the rest of the palette remains neutral.

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Natural Tones With a Nude Lip

Newlyweds smiling

James & Schultz; Event Planning by Calluna Events; Makeup by Bre Ortola Alchemy Face Bar

Soft browns and a nude lip make for a sunkissed appearance. This is a gorgeous look for a nature-inspired ceremony.

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A Glowing Look With Glossy Lips

Newlyweds dancing

Chi-Chi Ari 

A gorgeous evening soirée calls for a stunning look to match. Glowing skin, stand-out eyes, and a satiny lipgloss complete this beaming bride's style.

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Winged Liner With a Subtle Pink Lippy

Bridal portrait holding bouquet

Lev Kuperman

We love the way winged liner adds drama to a look. Muted tones and a subtle lip color pair perfectly without overdoing things.

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Smoky Eyes and Nude Hues

Bridal portrait

Katherine Ann Rose 

Monochromatic nude hues blend with the bride's hair color creating a uniform appearance that showcases those stunning eyes. Talk about a gorgeous look that works well into the evening.

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Full Brows With Rosy Lips

Newlyweds smiling

Christian Arevalo 

A dramatic, modern wedding is the perfect occasion to embrace a romantic palette. Voluminous lashes and rosy lipstick pair well with a full brow to create a stunning combination.

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Subtle Eyes and a Pink Pout

Bride putting on earrings

Heather Waraksa 

We love a simple, natural palette for a beach wedding. Look-at-me lashes go well with subtly defined eyes and a pink pout for this bride's outdoor ceremony.

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A Natural Composition With Bold Brows

Bride holding daisies

Forged in the North 

A natural look with subtly shaded eyes and slight definition pairs beautifully with a nude lippy. The bold brows frame the entire composition exquisitely.

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Dramatic Makeup With a Smoky Eye

Dramatic Makeup With a Smoky Eye


A dramatic smoky eye and ultra-defined brows pair complement a heavily embellished look. We love the way this bride opted for metallic shadows to play off of the gold embroidery in her bridal ensemble.

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Romantic Hues With Lush Lashes

Bridal portrait

Heather Payne Photography

A charming farm wedding implicitly calls for a romantic look. Soft shadows and luscious, long lashes paired with a mauve lipstick are simply stunning.

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Simple Makeup With a Rosy Lip

Newlyweds kissing

Kristin Sweeting Photography

This natural wedding composition features a rosy lip and a touch of shimmer on the lids. Combined with subtly shaded brows and just a touch of mascara the finished face is fabulously flawless.

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Barely-There Makeup With a Subtle Pink Lip

Bride getting ready

Ana Lui 

A look that celebrates stunning, flawless skin is a gorgeous match for an elegant wedding. The subtle palette practically calls for a fresh pink lippy.

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Neutral Hues With Bold Lashes

Bride holding bouquet of greenery

Braedon Photography 

Va-va-voom lashes stand out against neutral eyeshadow shades. The light pink lipstick complements the playful style.

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A Bronze Look With Metallic Eyes

Bridal portrait

Hannah Costello 

A daytime wedding in Palm Springs is the ideal time to incorporate some warmth. Complete with metallic shadows and glowy cheeks, this bride's desert-inspired palette is absolute perfection.

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Luscious Lashes and a Bold Lip

Bride smiling

Larissa Cleveland 

No sound needed to know this exuberant bride's laughter is infectious. A crimson, mile-wide smile reflects her effervescent personality.

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Bold Eyes With a Rose Lip

Bridal portrait

Carmen Santorelli

An outdoor garden wedding calls for a sophisticated look. Bold black eyeliner, a dusty rose lip, and matte skin are the epitome of age-old elegance.

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Winged Eyeliner With Glowing Hues

Bridal portrait

Sarah Falugo 

We love a distinguished look for an evening wedding. Winged liner, glowing skin, and a matte pout create an elegantly glamorous look.

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Berry Hues and Full Lashes

Bridal portrait

Bokeh Photography; Event Planning by First Look Events; Makeup by Mooi Studio  

This makeup combination ties in perfectly with the lush, berry-hued bouquet. A saturated berry lip and thick, full lashes are a gorgeous pairing.

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Strong Brows With a Peachy Pout

Bride smiling holding bouquet

Whitney Darling; Event Planning by RO & Co. Events; Makeup by Ashley Fierro

Adding a pop of color pulls together this bohemian vibe magnificently. A strong brow complements this bride's apricot-hued lip—a gorgeous look for a San Diego beach wedding.

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Monochromatic Pink

Newlyweds hugging

Erich McVey; Event Planning by Paper Diamonds; Makeup by Tum Suriyan Makeup

A bright pink blush with blue undertones and matching pout are fresh as can be. This romantic choice worked wonderfully for a daytime destination wedding in Bali.

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Neutral Hues With Bold Eyes

Bride getting ready

Atmosphere Fotografia; Makeup by Yara Lacerda 

We love looks that work for both daytime and evening, and this is definitely one of them. Neutral hues and a heavily lined eye fit fabulously with a cool nude lip.

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Vintage Vibes With Bronze Hues


Pat Furey

A vintage aesthetic just begs for some sultry tones. This bride's bronze eyeshadow lets her incredible eyes take center stage while a deep scarlet lipstick adds to the retro feel.

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Full Brows With Plum Lips

Bridal portrait with bridesmaids in the background

Roey Yohai; Event Planning by JZ Events; Makeup by Sara Brownlee & Cambus Artistry

Full brows and soft plum shades work well with blue eyes. Not to mention contrast beautifully with the bride's bright blonde mane.

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A Color-Coordinated Combo

A Color-Coordinated Combo


Bride Monis color-coordinated her makeup to match the sumptuous silks and richly-hued jewels she wore. A deep-magenta lippy and vibrant green eyeliner come together exquisitely with the opulent ensemble.

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Pretty in Pink

Newlyweds dancing

Amber Gress; Makeup by Kally Sitaras

This bride's feminine vibe effortlessly transitioned from day to night. Metallic pink lids and a wash of bright pink on the lips give a vivacious flair.

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Gray Hues and Long Lashes

Bridal portrait

Forged in the North

Switch things up and opt for gunmetal gray eyes. Blend gray hues with luscious lashes and a beautiful bronze glow for some beach-bound boho glam.

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Sunset Hues

Bride getting ready

Biancca Wallace; Event Planning by Courtney Tibbets of After The Engagement; Makeup by Dayna Lynne Makeup

Warm browns and corals make a fitting combination for a tropical wedding. We adore this look with subtly defined eyes, bold brows, and a coral gloss.

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An Ethereal Aura

Bride smiling with floral bouquet

Betsy Newman

Oh, how she glows! Illuminated collar bones and shoulders set this bridal ensemble ablaze. Pair with defined eyes, long lashes, and a nude lip for a dazzling outdoor ceremony entrance.

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A Glossy Look

Bridal portrait


A glossy eye, glowing lip, and jaw-dropping highlight give this bride a silken aesthetic that rivals her gorgeous dress.

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Soft Tones and a Sheer Lip

Bride getting ready

Sara Richardson; Event Planning by Amy Abbott Events; Makeup by Blanc Salon 

A wash of metallic taupe on the eyes, fluttering falsies, and a sheer gloss give this bride a whimsical presence. We'd say this is some major mermaid energy for the seaside destination wedding.

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Metallic Hues and a Subtle Lip

Newlyweds in a hammock

Katie Ruther; Event Planning by Destination Weddings Tulum; Makeup by Silvia Moreno 

A beach wedding calls for a warm, bronzed look. We love the combo of copper lids, long lashes, and a sunkissed lip for this beachy bride.

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A Smoky-Eye With Pink Lipstick

Bridal portrait

Abby Jiu; Event Planning by Strawberry Milk Events; Makeup by Melissa Mangrum 

A gray smoky-eye pairs well with a pastel pink pout for a bold look. This is a gorgeous combination for an glam wedding.

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A Sleek Eye and Bold Lip

Bride dancing

Bottega53; Event Planning by Venice First; Hair & Makeup by Makeup by Jane

A minimalist style need not always be accompanied by a no-makeup look. Skye coordinated her slinky slip dress with a dewy skin finish, sharp eyeliner, and a bold pout for a sense of heightened drama. We're getting major Bond-girl vibes.

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Natural Composition

Bridal portrait while getting ready

Rach Loves Troy; Event Planning by Tara Skinner Weddings & Events; Makeup by White Witch Artistry 

Sheer coverage allows this bride's charming freckles to shine through. With a subtle palette on the eyes and a hint of mascara, this is a gorgeous option for an outdoor ceremony.

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A Glam Approach With a Bright Lipstick


Erich McVey; Hair & Makeup by Carlos Torres Salon 

A bright orangey-red lip, sculpted cheekbones, and black eyeliner give this blue-eyed beauty a retro-glam vibe. This cosmetic combo transitioned nicely throughout the day's festivities.

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Allover Pink Cosmetics

Bridal portrait

Anya Kernes; Event Planning by Rekindle Creative; Hair & Makeup by Sherilyn Beauty

Add a splash of color for a romantic ceremony, but exercise some restraint and stick to just one. A monochromatic pink palette is refreshing, bringing together complementary hues on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

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Sultry Bronze Hues

Bride getting ready

Addison Jones; Hair & Makeup by Alejandra Herrera Salon

This bride's destination wedding in Mexico certainly called for a heated look. A shimmering bronze eye, dramatic liner, and contoured cheeks gave off a sizzling warmth.

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A Vibrant Palette With a Coral Lip

Bride with bright red lipstick

Taylor Mccutchan; Event Planning by Roque Events; Hair & Makeup by LaJo Studios

A daytime desert theme can easily incorporate a vibrant palette. This saturated coral lip and matching eyeshadow have a bright and citrusy appeal.

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Minimal Makeup With Rosy Lips

Bridal portrait

Monica Leggio; Event Planning by Sposiamovi; Hair & Makeup by Hayley J Farrington

Rosy cheeks have this beauty looking every bit the blushing bride for her romantic ceremony. Take note of how the eye composition was kept minimal, letting her dewy skin take center stage.

Great skin makes for the ideal canvas for gorgeous wedding day makeup. For stunning, hydrated skin, Chen suggests increasing your water intake to at least 68 ounces per day in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

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Soft Glam With Earth Tones


David Bastianoni; Event Planning by Events by Paulina; Makeup by Armill Beauty

We love this sophisticated look for an elegant wedding. Muted earth tones and a deep-brown eye are a heavenly match for defined brows.

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An Ethereal Glow

Bridal portrait

Joey Willis; Makeup by Janai MUA 

This bride is emanating an ethereal glow with barely-there coverage. A little mascara and subtle lippy are all that's needed.

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Smoky Eyes With Subtle Lipstick

Bride holding mirror while having makeup done

KRISTEN CURETTE; Makeup by Paloma Garcia

Sunset ceremonies go well with a bold face. A stunning smoky eye finds its match with bold brows and a light pink pout.

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A Monochromatic Taupe Palette

Bridal portrait while getting ready

Lisa Poggi; Event Planning by Exclusive Italy Weddings; Makeup by Jeyanney

Pair monochromatic taupe tones with an incredible complexion for this winning approach. Check out how those long, bold lashes make this bride's eyes pop.

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A Bronzed Glow With a Rosy Lip

Bridal portrait

Jen Ocken Photography; Event Planning by Leslie Campbell Weddings & Events; Makeup by Amy Thornton 

A winter wedding doesn't mean you can't embrace a warm, bronze look. A sunkissed rosy lip and cheek work well with a tanned complexion and subtly defined eyes.

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Taupe Shadow With a Colorful Lip

Taupe Shadow With a Colorful Lip


A vibrant bridal ensemble can be difficult to pair with the right cosmetics approach. Maanasa's taupe eyeshadow and persimmon lip make for a stunning combination with her saffron-colored sari without overpowering the overall aesthetic.

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Au Naturel With Strong Brows

Bridal portrait

Erich McVey; Event Planning & Design by Alise Taggart; Makeup by Claudia Mejerle 

Consider this bride garden-wedding ready. Rosy lips and a strong brow let this gorgeous cheek flush do all the talking.

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Earth Tone Hues

Bride getting makeup done

Hannah Pickle; Event Planning by Grand Events NOLA; Hair & Makeup by Glam NOLA

Earthy palettes are stunning for day or night. This look married taupe and cocoa tones with lightly lined eyes and lush lashes for a gorgeous combo.

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A Romantic Palette With a Pink Pout

Bridal portrait

Callie Hobbs Photography 

A pink pout complements soft shadows. We love this natural look with subtly shaded eyes for a romantic, outdoor ceremony.

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A Refined Approach With Gentle Brows

Bride with mauve lip

David Salim; Event Planning & Design by Design Anarchy Studio; Makeup by Marcela Bantea 

An elegant wedding calls for a refined look. Gentle browns and a mauve lip add a polished and sophisticated feel.

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Copper Tones

Bride with copper makeup having earrings put on


Green-eyed brides, take note: Jessica's eyes are practically set ablaze with a copper tipped smoke and thick liner. A matching nude lipstick with copper undertones finishes off the face.

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A Luminous Look

Bride with soft makeup and embellished cape

Stephania Campos; Event Planning by Daryl Wilson of D Concierge Events; Hair by Nikki Garcia; Makeup by Stacy Kent

Look at that ethereal glow! Bride Lillian's makeup is absolutely luminous as it seemingly melts into her skin and is deftly combined with a restrained eye and satin nude lippy.

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