12 Jewelry Vendors To Know for Your Wedding Day and Beyond


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The engagement ring is just the beginning. Modern celebrants are outfitting themselves in jewelry to last from the rehearsal dinner to the send-off brunch—and wedding wardrobes are extending beyond white worn the day of. Even better, wedding jewelry has fallen into the "reusable" category, and now, more than ever, couples are opting for looks that can be worn long after they say "I do." What's more, is that investing in jewelry that transcends weekend nuptials is a sustainable approach to event dressing

So, if you're looking for a piece of jewelry that'll stand the test of time, your search starts here! ! Ahead, we've listed a few designers who make it easy to find pieces that speak to any celebrant’s style—fit for an intimate backyard gathering, an elaborate production, and any ceremony in between. Because love is worth celebrating, in a thousand different ways. 

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Ceremony was launched under the focus of “leaving room for people to imbue their own definition of love onto the pieces we create,” according to the brand's co-founder, Chelsea Nicholson. There is a perfectly modern feeling of quiet glamour within each edited offering. Their rings boast the kind of versatility that’s easy to imagine as a part of a stack, or simply on its own. “How we talk about relationships has evolved,” Nicholson shares, “but the way jewelry companies display this hasn’t changed in decades.” Whatever a wedding means to you, Ceremony has the ideal complement to honor the nuances of every kind of relationship.

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Courtesy of VADA

There’s something undeniably special about creating a custom piece of jewelry, and your wedding just might be the perfect excuse. According to VADA’s founder and creative director, Katie Caplener, wedding jewelry “becomes sentimental the moment it is exchanged from one partner to the other to represent the bond they share.” VADA’s creative offerings, ranging from vintage pieces to bespoke chains, represent the sacredness that results from a deep dedication to details and playfulness. “I am not very traditional when it comes to wedding-specific jewelry and I try to make my clients feel at ease when they want to get creative with an engagement or wedding ring,” Caplener explains. Hence the brand’s stunning colored stone offerings and unique settings, which results in pieces that inspire a specific connection to the love they represent.

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Courtesy of Oremme

“In many ways, I find pre-ceremony ensembles more intriguing because there is so much room to play,” says Emilie Nolan, founder of Oremme. The brand’s brilliant designs marry a level of commitment to longevity while honoring the exact moment the piece is celebrating. Their Big Love Pendant exemplifies this balance. “On one hand, it's a beaming heart to symbolize all the love that lies ahead, but it's also a touch kitschy and therefore perfect for that pre-vow look,” shares Nolan. Simple gold hoops and chic gold bands also offer small-scale investments that could easily be worn casually for decades to come. As a bonus, the brand’s gold recycling program allows for trading in jewelry for custom-created Oremme pieces. 

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Monk Estate

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Courtesy of Monk Estate

When it comes to wedding jewelry, Lazuli Whitt of Monk Estate takes an energetic approach. “The power of the day or event gives off a very specific energy and I want my jewelry to catch that energy and hold it for me,” she tells Brides. She believes that’s the power of choosing vintage, which is Monk Estate’s specialty. The brand offers a spot-on curation of captivating pieces with built-in stories. “Antique and vintage jewelry have a particular power to catch and emit energy shown by its staying capacity, existing sometimes for hundreds of years and being passed from one person to another,” Whitt also shares. With this in mind, consider carrying the joy of jewelry that has witnessed so much before your big day.

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Courtesy of MATEO

Elegance is in the DNA of everything Mateo Harris touches. At the inception of the brand, Mateo saw a hole in the market where “no one was modernizing the use of pearls," he shares. And his mission to use pearls in a cool and refreshing way paid off. MATEO epitomizes what it means to turn tradition on its head, all while keeping things understated. “I believe in a piece of jewelry that has true emotional ties to the celebration of the union. That's what makes it great wedding jewelry,” explains Harris. On top of the brand’s iconic pearls, the MATEO Secret Diamond Initial Ring makes a lovely homage to the other half of your partnership. 

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Jamie Wolf Jewelry

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Courtesy of Jamie Wolf Jewelry

Prioritizing re-wearability in fine jewelry? Jamie Wolf gets it. “When clients come to me for wedding jewelry we always talk through styles and silhouettes that work for their lives and personal aesthetic. Whether it be an earring they can always pull for special occasions or something they feel they can wear daily, I like to encourage the idea of a piece that will be enjoyed always,” shares the designer. The brand offers sophisticated pieces unafraid of utility—with little nods to romance, like hearts and tucked-away diamonds, creating a feeling of instant heirloom in each piece.

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Logan Hollowell

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Courtesy of Logan Hollowell

A wedding’s celebration extends beyond the couple making vows. There’s a whole team of people, especially family and friends, who make the day special. That's why Logan Hollowell offers looks rooted in meaning. When it comes to her suggestion for wedding jewelry, Hollowell shares, “Truly, any piece that you feel drawn to, whether it be for its beauty or energy, is the perfect piece for a wedding day.” Additionally, a popular piece by the brand, the Wifey Interlocking Rings bracelet, captures the meaning of love wholistically. “It can either be for romantic love or symbolic of divine friendship," shares the designer. "I designed it with the personal intention to wear it matching with my best friends to honor our strong bond.”

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Grace Lee

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Courtesy of Grace Lee

Choosing an additional piece to represent one’s wedding day might feel overwhelming to minimalists, but it doesn't have to. Grace Lee suggests a subtle hair accessory for those adverse to wearing lots of diamonds. “While solid gold hairpins may seem extravagant for everyday use, if it's a piece from a wedding event it is a sentimental way to work a solid gold into one's wardrobe,” she highlights. For those ready for modern classics with a little more oomph, Grace Lee offers gorgeous pieces in a variety of styles and price points. 

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Alison Lou

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Courtesy of Alison Lou

There’s something undeniably festive about embracing “Something Blue.” If it’s too much of a statement for the actual ceremony, incorporate the color into your wedding weekend jewelry. Alison Chemla, creative director and designer of Alison Lou, explains the importance of embracing your truest self when dressing for your nuptials, stating“ [wedding jewelry] should just make you feel like the best version of yourself.” The brand's charming colors and playful settings are a good reminder that weddings are, ultimately, very romantic parties.

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Vela NYC

wedding pendant

Courtesy of Vela NYC

Vela NYC offers a fascinating curation of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces fit for any celebration. Shopping vintage is not only an environmentally conscious choice, but it also offers a history that gives context to the great legacy of love you’ll be joining. James Michael Vela, founder & purveyor of Vela NYC, suggests a thoughtful option for a pre-wedding event. “With all eyes on the bride-to-be, I would recommend a one-of-a-kind Victorian locket filled with a photo of her fiancé. A sentimental and thoughtful piece of jewelry to wear that becomes a wonderful conversation piece, as well as a treasured possession and a future family heirloom.” 

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Samantha Knight Fine Jewelry

wedding ring

Courtesy of Samantha Knight Fine Jewelry

Commemorating your wedding day with a customized signet ring is a striking, inclusive option. Samantha Knight’s take features bright white diamonds and two engraved stars on the shoulders, elevating the classic silhouette to something entirely new. A constant reminder of the happiest day of your life, nothing about this piece is ordinary. “I started my business because I personally like mixing modern fine jewelry with vintage & antique fine jewelry pieces,” Knight tells Brides. “I design modern pieces that are inspired by pieces of the past.”

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Erie Basin

wedding earrings

Courtesy of Erie Basin

“It’s surprisingly difficult to do simple well,” says Russell Whitmore of Erie Basin. Whitmore’s dedication to items in his EB Modern collection maintains the integrity of the vintage stones while creating clean lines to reflect today's contemporary aesthetics. The brand's fully vintage offerings include intricate pendants and whimsical brooches, all remarkably suited for completing any outfit. For wedding celebrations, Whitmore points to intention as the defining characteristic that allows any jewelry to be wedding jewelry.

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