20 Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas to Display on Your Big Day

Wedding Hashtag Sign

Photo by The Hendricks 

A good wedding hashtag can inspire your guests to add their own unique perspective to your "social photo album." Regardless of your overall wedding style, creating your wedding hashtag is only the first step—you’ve also got to spread the word!

You can’t (and shouldn’t) just rely on a “Heads up!” before it’s time to tie the knot. You’ll want to make sure to give the hashtag its moment in the spotlight, which means the possibilities are endless. The most important thing is that guests know the hashtag and use it, so featuring it somewhere prominent is the name of the game. 

If you’re early in the planning process, you might consider including the official moniker of the big event on your wedding website.

From the welcome sign at the ceremony site to a custom bar menu with the hashtag included, here are 20 inspiring ideas to help spread the word.

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Use a Pressed Glass Frame

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Captured by Katrina

Modern and sleek, a pressed glass frame plays into the minimal style we all know and love. Print a witty note alongside your hashtag, and slip it into the frame you place at the guest book table, or even spread several throughout the reception tables to make sure your guests can’t miss it!  

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Create Chalk Art

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Heather Brulez 

Long live the welcome sign! Chalkboards have long been used in recent years for wedding decor for rustic fetes and everything in between. This is the perfect moment to show off your hashtag with a bit of hand lettering.

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Opt for an A-frame

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Kim Box Photography 

You can cover a lot of ground with a double-sided signboard. Say everything you need to say to keep your hashtag front and center on one side, and use the other to relay important information such as where the restrooms are located, the order of events, or even a quick thank you note to your guests. Festoon it with gorgeous blooms too, and you’ll really make a statement.

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Make It Mirrored

wedding hashtag sign

 Photo from Pinterest

Hosting an elegant affair? A mirrored sign exudes glamour--and also makes a statement! Hire a calligrapher to write the message and hashtag, or recruit a friend with exceptional handwriting to create a beautiful sign.

If you’re providing a photo booth for guests, position a framed mirror with the hashtag near the photo booth setup; guests will be sure to take note of the hashtag and can check their appearance in the mirror before snapping pics and posting!

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Keep It Short and Sweet

wedding hashtag sign

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Get right to the point with a stake in the ground. While a personalized note might be touching for your guests, you can always keep it simple by listing the hashtag—and that’s it. Incorporate a floral arrangement and place it amongst décor of note so that it’s aesthetically very much a part of the design of the day.

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List the Order of Events

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Mister Phill 

A larger-than-life order of events sign might be just the thing you need to keep your guests focused on the schedule; it’s also the perfect opportunity to spill the details on your wedding hashtag. Keep the language of the program light-hearted and casual, and definitely don’t miss the change to infuse your personality into it. It will add even more levity to the joyous occasion.

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Hold the Cards

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by State of Reverie 

A subtle option for those desiring a modern look and feel, opt for slate cardholders to create a chic display. Have cards printed using letterpress for next-level elevation. Use the same slate or rock card holders for your place cards or table numbers for continuity throughout the design.

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Enhance the Photo Booth

wedding hashtag sign Photo Booth

We love a photo booth at a wedding, especially when you can do it yourself. Since guests will already be frequenting the setup throughout the night, there’s no better place to position the hashtag of the night. Combine the two elements so the hashtag can pull double duty as a polaroid-inspired photobooth: guests will have no opportunity to question what the hashtag is, and incorporating it within the photo booth design means it will show up in every picture!

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Laser It

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Eric and Jenn Photography

Lovely and perfect for a rustic wedding, a laser-cut wood sign is a creative way to announce your hashtag. Use it as a framing element within your step-and-repeat or photo booth, or even position it at your sweetheart table. Regardless of where it lives for the duration of the big day, you’ll have an inventive decor element that you can install creatively in your home after the celebration.

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Light It Up

neon wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Sonja Cenic Photography 

An edgy and modern decor element we can’t stop talking about? Neon. Neon wedding signs brighten the occasion regardless of what they’re displaying, so consider putting your hashtag up in lights to wow your guests. Whether or not you accessorize the sign with florals or other decor elements is up to you!

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Enlarge the Program

wedding hashtag sign

A wedding program is a must for your ceremony, but who says it has to be on paper? A giant sign at the entrance of the ceremony is a celebratory welcome, and add your hashtag to ensure guests know they can snap photos of the “I dos.”

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Make It Metallic

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Happily Ever Etched 

Did someone say metallic? Gold, silver, or copper hues can be utilized for any wedding style, be it classic, modern, or garden-inspired, so bring that bit of flair to the hashtag. A laser-cut sign in shiny bronze or gold will definitely catch the eye of your guests.

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Incorporate Wood

wedding hashtag sign

Choose a stain or leave it untarnished for a contemporary wedding sign in wood. Paint the text, have it engrained, or even apply adhesive letters and spell out exactly what you need to say, from welcome to thank you. Planning a full wedding weekend? Keep the sign simple with only the hashtag and use throughout the weekend, from the welcome party to the morning-after brunch.

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Put It on the Counter

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Mulberry Market Designs 

Scale things down a bit and opt for a tabletop sign. You can still make a statement with signs smaller in size, and when it’s focused just on the hashtag, even better. Signs like this are the perfect addition to a lounge area during cocktail hour and beyond; place it on a side table next to a beautiful floral arrangement or some candles for a subtle but surefire way to keep your guests in the loop.

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Embrace Metal

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Ashley Paige Photography 

There’s no mistaking our love for rose gold. Romantic and delicate, incorporating it throughout your décor makes things elegant and stylish, so using it to show off your hashtag is no exception. A pennant flag and metal sign boasting the hashtag can be large or small when it comes to instructing your guests.

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Lead the Way

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Daniel Lateulade Photography 

Which way is the fun? Steer guests in the right direction, literally, with an old-fashioned signpost marking all the necessary info.

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Opt for Lucite

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Sweet NC Collective

Acrylic and lucite décor are definitely here to stay. An etched design or even a handwritten note takes things to the next level, which is perfect for a variety of wedding styles (not just modern) depending on how you accessorize it. Set up a photo display of pictures of the happy couple in acrylic block frames to really round out the inclusion of an acrylic sign, or place a lucite sheet in an ornate gold frame to glamourize an otherwise simple decor component.

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Consider Marble

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Frank and Bunny Love 

Instantly bringing a sense of va-va-voom to a wedding day, we love how marble doesn’t play favorites when it comes to style. Print a sign with a marble background or even have your hashtag written on the actual rock: small slabs can enhance a bartop to give guests the heads up while they wait for their libation.

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Do Something Unconventional

wedding hashtag cocktail napkin

Photo by Connor Allen Photography 

Not exactly a sign but definitely something to consider is a hashtag cocktail napkin. Since cocktail napkins are an absolute necessity when it’s time to pour the drinks, why not let them pull their weight creatively as well. Foil-stamped designs of your hashtag are a cheeky and fun way to keep it front and center throughout the night.

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Frame It

wedding hashtag sign

Photo by Oh My Designs 

Simple and perhaps the most recognizable option for a quick and easy sign, use a picture frame to display your hashtag. Coordinate color and style so it fits seamlessly into the design of the day, and display it somewhere guests can’t miss it, like the gift or escort card tables.

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