30 Whimsical Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers

These styles are perfect for spring and summer weddings!

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The best hair accessory for a spring or summer bride? Flowers! Whether you picture yourself walking down the aisle wearing an updo, a half-up hairstyle, or wavy locks, wedding hairstyles with fresh (or faux) blooms are totally versatile.

For classic brides, try tucking a single flower into a chignon or high bun. Ladies looking to wear their hair down on their big day can pin just a few strands back and secure them with a bright, lush bloom for an utterly romantic vibe. And, of course, bohemian brides-to-be should try a flower crown on for size. Some brides choose to coordinate their wedding hair accessories with their bouquets while others opt for something totally different.

Scroll on to see some of our favorite flower-adorned wedding hairstyles for every bridal style.

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Accentuate Your Hair Texture

Curly chignon with flowers

Photo by J&R Photography

This wedding hairstyle with flowers is a bit more subtle, as this bride opted to just tuck a few tiny blooms into her curly updo. We love how the miniature buds vary in size and color, culminating in a large crimson blossom.

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A Foliage-Adorned Updo

Curly chignon with greenery

Photo by Rebecca Yale

Bits of foliage and greenery complete this updo with a refreshing departure from the usual blossoms. We love a wedding hairstyle that strays from being too formal or traditional.

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Glam Red Flowers Emphasize a Short Style

Flowers in hair

Photo by Amber Gress Photography

Ooh la la! For her Brooklyn wedding, this bride completed her short retro hairstyle with rich red blooms. The result is a dramatic and sensual look that serves some serious glam.

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Sweet Buds Nestled in a Messy Tuck

Flower-adorned messy updo

Photo by Anna Kim Photography 

Tucked here and there, roses and ranunculus seem to have sprung up naturally in this messy updo. This style is so whimsical and boho, it gives us all the storybook romance feels.

While certain flowers lend themselves to a floral hairstyle (like smaller blooms with a lot of texture), nearly any blossom can be incorporated into your wedding hairstyle. Try roses, orchids, gardenias, and other similar buds.

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A Peony-Adorned Updo

Flower-adorned updo

Photo by Jillian Mitchell 

Who needs a veil? This bride opted to wear a vibrant peony in her hair for her fiesta in Mexico. The bright pop of color definitely brings some vibrant vibes to the otherwise simple hairstyle.

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A Monochrome Flower Crown

Bride and groom

Photo by Sara Lobla

Opt for a monochromatic flower crown for a unique look. This bride chose a scarlet floral headband for her colorful wedding in Spain that matched the red accents in her natural bouquet.

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A Romantic Updo With Flowers

Updo with flowers

Photo by Mackensey Alexander 

It seems that almost an entire bouquet's worth of blooms was weaved into this bride's updo. We're drooling over the tiny buds and dusty, romantic tones.

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A Bun Framed With a Halo of Greenery

Vow exchange

Photo by Cinzia Bruschini

Sprigs of greenery are wrapped around this simple twisted 'do. The floral hairstyle perfectly befits the venue and transforms the bride into a goddess.

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An Effortless Ponytail With a Touch of Femininity

Bride zipping up dress

Photo by Wendy Laurel Photography; Event Planning by Couture Events; Hair & Makeup by Meili Autumn Beauty

You can instantly elevate a simple ponytail by incorporating a few buds into the style. This look is cool-girl chic in the most effortless way.

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Boho Styles With Succulents and Sage

Vow exchange

Photo by Mackenzie Neville 

Both of these brides chose to rock wedding hairstyles with flowers on their big day. However, they selected sprigs of greenery, succulents, and sage to give their looks a more bohemian vibe.

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Frida Kahlo Braids

Bride with an updo consisting of floral braids

Photo by Laurken Kendall

At her destination wedding in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, this bride wore a Frida Kahlo–style updo, accessorized with fresh orchids. We think braids make the perfect post for nestling a few buds into. Not only is this hairstyle stunning, but it is also rather pragmatic for a night of dancing. The braids can withstand quite a lot of movement, and the flowers can be anchored into them with pins so they won't budge as they would in a loose style.

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Elevate a Classic Style

Bride with statement jewelry and flowers in chignon

Photo by Andrew Bayda & Misha Moon; Hair & Makeup by T&A Arts; Floral Design by Wild at Heart

To match the garden vibe of her wedding, this bride encircled her glossy chignon in a lush array of creamy buds.

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Wildflowers Tucked Into a Simple Ribbon

Bridal hair with wild flowers

Photo by Tom Leung Photography

Tiny buds added the perfect amount of boho to this bride's style. We especially love how they're simply tucked into a ribbon that matches the bride's sunkissed hair. A fresh, understated alternative to a full-fledged flower crown.

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Woven Flowers

Flowers woven into an updo


In lieu of floral accents or frames, this bride chose to have the buds woven directly into her intricate updo. The style has a fresh organic vibe and foraged feel with the addition of ferns and leaves.

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A Floral Headband

Floral headband

Photo by Tara Polly Photography 

Beaded headbands and coral-hued florals give off a playful vibe. We especially like how the oversized flowers were kept to the nape of the neck, anchoring the free-flowing hair without competing with the bride's face.

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Delicate Buds Grazing a Soft Chignon

Bride and groom kissing

Photo by Kate Headley 

The finishing touch to this Washington D.C., bride's soft chignon? Green and white buds tucked delicately within her tresses. A fresh, floral breath to an autumnal wedding.

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A White Flower Crown Atop a Messy Bun

bride hairstyle curly natural hair


You can thank Meghan Markle for all the perfectly imperfect updos that we're seeing among brides. This particular bride accessorized hers with a white flower crown.

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A Trail of Baby's Breath

Bridal hair with vines of baby's breath

Photo by Brittany Sidwell 

If you're looking for enchanted forest vibes, this is it. Vines of baby's breath are trailing intricately throughout this bride's cascading hairstyle.

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A Tropical Flower Crown With Bold Blooms

Tropical flower crown

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

A bold, bright flower crown in tropical hues suits this bride's beachside wedding perfectly. We love when brides tie in local flora, especially if they're having a tropical destination wedding that lends itself to stunning exotic blooms like these.

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A Sweet Floral Touch

Bride in vintage dress and veil

Photo by JILLIAN MITCHELL; Event Planning by Fallon Carter Weddings

Wearing her tresses in a retro style, this bride added a few blooms for a summery feel. The modest white flowers mirror the floral lace of the wedding dress to a tee.

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Simple Roses Make an Impact

Bride and groom

Photo by Two Twenty by Chi Chi 

Go bold with supersizing flowers as this bride did at her Maryland wedding. The pastel colors are a feminine choice for the oversized blooms and complement her sweet style.

If going for a bold floral touch in your hair, we suggest sticking to one type of flower and mixing the shades in lieu of an array of species that could overpower your look.

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A Flower-Adorned Fishtail

Braid with flowers

Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

Here, tiny buds of baby's breath are tucked into a fishtail braid. This look is so sweet it's straight out of a fairy tale. We love that the delicate buds were kept to a minimum.

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A Half-Up, Half-Down With Delicate Buds

Flowers in bridal hair

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle

Shiny, wavy locks + a half-up, half-down hairstyle + dainty florals = one stunning style. Seriously, our jaws dropped at how beautifully the greenery accentuates this bride's swoon-worthy highlights.

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A Bold Fluorescent Flower Crown

Bride with big pink flower crown

Photo by READY LUCK  

This punchy, pink flower crown is totally over the top! (And we're totally head over heels.) The bolder the better.

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A Halo of Roses for a Chic Chignon

Bride and bridesmaids

Photo by Kerry Jeanne Photography 

How lovely! White and blush-hued roses add a dash of romance to this bride's classic updo. The perfect complement to that stunning lace dress.

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A Daisy Chain Flower Crown

Bridal portrait

Photo by Sylvie Gil

Anyone else getting hit with a wave of childhood nostalgia? This bride's simple white flower crown reminds us of those daisy chains we painstakingly made in our youth.

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A Full Floral Plait

Braid with jasmine flowers


This bride's ample braid was adorned with traditional jewelry and jasmine flowers that paid tribute to her South Asian customs. We can just imagine the sweet scent wafting from those petals as she walked down the aisle.

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A Ponytail of Foraged Florals

Wavy Ponytail

Photo by Kate Headley

This may be the chicest ponytail we've ever encountered. This Detroit bride adorned her low ponytail of loose waves with foraged flowers from the morning of her wedding. It doesn't get much fresher than that.

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A Single Bloom

Bride with single white bloom in chignon

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Hair by Katie Brignolo of The Spa at Litchfield Hills; Makeup by Lindsey Birkins

Sometimes a simple rose is all you need. This minimalist bride nailed the look by tucking a single white rose behind her ear for her relaxed nuptials.

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A Blooming Swag

Fishtail braid with flower swag hugging one side of head

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography; Event Planning by Novelty Events; Hair by Tiara Evans & Janet Miranda; Floral Design by Irises Designs

A full flower crown need not be the only option in floral toppers for the big day. This bride makes a serious case for meeting halfway, with a floral swag hugging just one side of her head.

  • Can you use artificial flowers for your wedding hairstyle?

    Sure, artificial flowers can work well in place of real flowers. Most of your guests won't be able to tell the difference, plus you won't have to worry about real flowers wilting on your wedding day.

  • Who should you contact to help with your wedding hair flowers?

    You can have your hairstylist and florist work together along with your bridesmaids to help recreate your dream floral 'do.

  • Where do you purchase flowers for your wedding day hair?

    Your florist can help you select and source the appropriate flowers for your flower-adorned hairstyle.

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