41 Wedding Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair


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Besides finding your wedding dress, searching through wedding hairstyles can be one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding day look. But if you find yourself stuck in the middle—i.e., at a hair length that can neither be described as short nor long—that's easier said than done.

No need to grow out locks (or snip them off for that matter). A marvelous mid-length cut will set you apart from the rest. And medium-length looks can truly make a big statement. From halo-accessorized coiffures to bohemian waves, there are some totally doable hairstyles that are unique and gorgeous.

No matter your hair texture or overall vibe, these medium-length wedding hairstyles are bound to suit you.

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Embrace Your Natural Texture


A Heart String Co.

This bride's voluminous natural curls are the only accessory she needs.

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Windswept Waves

Bride with windswept waves

Justin Lee; Hair by Jennifer Hargrove; Makeup by Kristen Ruggiero & Angela-Lynn Ware

Go for an effortlessly chic blowout that will work for your big day and beyond. We adore this windswept, beachy look.

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Shine On

Newlyweds and vintage car

Gianny Campos; Rebekkah Rosado of Runway Events; Hair by Lacy Redway at The Wall Group

Glamorous, shiny waves are an excellent choice for hair of any length. This bride tucked her bangs back and let her bodacious waves cascade over them for an elegant and polished approach.

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Add Dimension

Bridal portrait

Whiskers and Willow Photography 

Try this beachy, two-toned wavy look if you are really ready to wow. Sunny highlights add tons of dimension, giving the soft spirals a glossy effect.

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Dainty Details

Bridal hair

Lev Kuperman Photography 

It’s hard not to get lost within this beautiful arrangement of tousled curls topped with a dainty floral headband.

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Romantic Curls

Bride getting dressed

Rebecca Yale; Hair by Trine Juel 

Raked-back curls add texture and volume to an otherwise classic chignon. This gorgeous bride's romantic style befits her magical French château nuptials.

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Bridal portrait with flower tucked into bun

Olivia Rae James; Hair by Katie Brignolo of The Spa at Litchfield Hills; Makeup by Lindsey Birkins 

With a bit of smoothing serum and a few bobby pins, medium-length hair can totally work in an updo.

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Old Hollywood

Bride with blunt lob and brushed out waves

Chi-Chi Ari; Event Planning by Tiffany Rivera of Simply Breathe Events; Hair by Hair by Fran

Give off Old-Hollywood glamour vibes with these brushed-out finger waves and blunt cut. The style evokes strength and femininity all in one look.

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Fabulous Fringe

Bridal portrait

Johanna Rosenlew 

This bride's hair is a little longer, but neatly cut bangs and ends that are flirtatiously flipped outward are enchanting on everyone.

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The Sophisticate


Mecca Gamble 

This middle-parted, beach-wave look is equal parts sexy and sophisticated.

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Perfectly Imperfect

Messy bridal bun


Since every piece of hair might not be long enough for a polished chignon, a messy updo is a perfect choice for brides with medium-length locks.

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Add Fresh Elements


Luna de Mare 

Sometimes all medium-length hair needs is a sprig of greenery or a touch of florals to be totally bridal.

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Part Ways

Bridal portrait

MK Sadler

A deep side part and curled ends is a surefire sultry style.

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Bring on the Bling

Bridal hair

KT Merry; Event Planning by Bellafare; Hair by Process 

This bride pinned back a curtain of curls with sparkly, bejeweled hair accessories.

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A Plaited Crown


Jillian Mitchell 

A crowning braid is just the finishing touch a boho princess needs.

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Meet Halfway

Newlyweds embracing in desert

Laurken Kendall; Event Planning by Mae&Co Creative; Hair by Sarah Wittaker from Sarah W Hair Design 

This pulled-back look couldn't be easier to style. It's also the best of both worlds, leaving your hair flowing around your shoulders but out of your face.

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Soft Elements

Bridal portrait

Erich McVey; Event Planning by Alise Taggart; Hair by Claudia Mejerle 

Barely there waves make for a touchably soft and feminine wedding day hairstyle.

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Laid-Back Glam

Candiace Dillard bridal portrait

Abby Jiu; Event Planning by Strawberry Milk Events; Hair by Stephanie Harris; Makeup by Melissa Mangrum 

Mid-length hair looks amazing loosely tucked back into an informal knot, as the shorter lengths tend to spill out and alluringly frame the face.

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A Mini Must-Have

Bridal portrait in front of graffiti wall

Unique Lapin Photography; Hair by Styles on B; Floral Design by A.P. Bio Designs

Chignons can come in all shapes and sizes making them the perfect option for mid-length tresses. This miniature bun complements the bride's minimal gown beautifully.

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Straighten Up

Bridal portrait

Joey Willis; Event Planning by Little Lane Events; Hair by Lindsey Neavitt 

Give straight strands a little extra oomph by coyly curling the ends inward for a sexy spin, like Stone Cold Fox designer Cydney Morris did for her wedding. The key is to inject a little volume throughout the entire hair shaft so the style doesn't look too sleek.

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Double Trouble

Bride putting on shoes

Sasithon Photography; Hair by Sarah Spratt

This bride paired her high-neck, lace dress with twin french braids that snaked their way from the top of her temples down to the nape of the neck where they came together in a knot. She tucked a rosebud into the mix for an added dose of freshness.

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Luscious Curls

Bridal portrait

Erich McVey; Hair by Carlos Torres Salon

A sultry side part with big, voluminous curls is picture-perfect hair goals, no matter your hair length.

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Tousled Tendrils


Kelly Brown; Hair by Sabrina Rana; Floral Design by Of The Flowers  

Be still, our hearts! A center part with gently tousled tendrils is about as romantic as you can get.

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Think Big

Bride with curly hair and embellished dress

Amy Anaiz; Event Planning by We Do! Collective by Fallon Carter; Hair by Modimel; Makeup by Daniel Henry; Bridal Styling by Vainglorious Brides

If you've got curls, flaunt them! This bride's natural spirals give so much volume and playful vivacity to the look.

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Softness Is Key


Valorie Darling; Event Planning by Leslie Kaplan of Encore Event Design; Floral Design by Gavita Flora

Brushed-out curls are oh-so soft and fuss-free. We love how the softness of the hairstyle matches that of the lace dress.

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Birdcage Beauty

Bridal portrait

Ryan Ray; Event Planning by Amorology; Hair by The Salon & Spa at Vision of Tomorrow; Veil by Bridal Reflections

We see you, birdcage veil and beachy-waved lob. And we're loving every minute of it.

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French Accents

Newlyweds kissing

James Autery; Hair by Ashley Rubell

This bride tied a sheer, black ribbon around her bun to elevate the minimalist hairstyle. The contrasting addition was the perfect complement to the low back, beaded gown and imparted a decidedly French-girl flair to the ensemble. Non?

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Ponytail Perfection

Bridal portrait

Amanda K; Event Planning by Marjorie Burgarella of By Mademoiselle C; Hair by Brittain Monge 

Who said you can't have mid-length hair and sport a ponytail? This low pony of wavy strands—wrapped in a bow, no less—is proof that you can have it all.

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A Bridal Blowout

Newlyweds first look

Whitney & Aga for Our Labor of Love; Event Planning by SJS Events; Hair & Makeup by Susmita Patel of StylebySusmita

No need to overthink things. A bouncy blowout is all you need for bridal bliss.

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Add Some Sparkle

Bride in beaded dress with crystal hairpin

Treebird Photography; Hair by Candice Cuardos; Makeup by Lauren Leitzke; Jewelry by Kate Spade

These natural waves were tucked into a romantic gather at the base of the head and accented with a sparkly accessory.

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Bride in red dress on beach with groom

KT Merry

Curl only the bottom portions of your strands and give them a good tousle for an effortless feel. You can even leave the last inch or so of the ends straight for a cool-girl aesthetic like The Style Bungalow's Stephanie Hill did for this beachy locale.

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Tastefully Timeless

Bridal portrait with slicked back hair

Jenny Naima Photography; Hair by Allure Traveling Beauty; Floral Design by Brambles and Bittersweet

This bride's slicked-back chignon radiates a timeless elegance that befits her classic wedding with informal touches.

Bringing the hair upward and then down, rather than adding a part, pulls the eyes up highlighting the face and elongating the neck.

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Romantic Heights

Smiling bridal close up with embellished dress

Lacie Hansen Photography; Event Planning by Jenn Sanchez Designs; Hair & Makeup by Team Hair and Makeup

Sleek and slicked back isn't the only option here. Add some volume and softly rake back hair for a more romantic spin on the style.

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Spiraling Out


Maya Marechal; Floral Design by La Fabrique d’Etoiles Filantes

This bride put a fresh twist on the conventional half-up, half-down style by spinning the ends into a fun bun instead of letting them hang down in a ponytail-like fashion.

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Bombshell Vibes

Bride getting dressed

Phil Chester; Event Planning by Karen Morlet Eventos; Hair by Pamela Baumgartner

Long lengths aren't necessary for a sexy, bombshell look. Case in point: This bride knocks it out of the park with her voluminous, slightly-curled, mid-length locks.

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Make a Statement


Erich Mcvey; Event Planning by Penzi Weddings; Hair by Kacee Geoffroy Hair & Makeup

A french-braided tuck is an ideal option for keeping your hair out of your face and withstanding the test of an all-night dance party. Bonus: The style looks fabulous with a statement earring.

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A Sleek Finish

Bridal portrait

Erich McVey; Event Planning by Alise Taggart; Hair by Claudia Mejerle  

A sleek bun looks oh-so sweet with tender, face-framing wisps. This lovely lady looks every bit the enchanted bride for her old world–themed nuptials.

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An Adorable Topper


Sara Lobla 

We've never met a hairstyle that didn't look good topped with a flower crown. But we especially love it as a finishing touch to a half-up, half-down look as its shape naturally mimics the drape of the hair.

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Twisted Take

Groom kissing bride on the forehead

Carmen Santorelli; Event Planning by All Who Wander Events; Hair by FaceTime Beauty 

A French twist is timeless sophistication that works with any hair length and texture, even if you're working with some fringe like this beautiful bride, and imparts a touch of vintage feels to the overall look.

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A Bohemian Bride

Bridal portrait

Mike Larson; Event Planning by Bash Please; Hair by Katie Nash Beauty; Floral Design by Marigold  

This bride added a hint of whimsy to her 'do by nestling a few dusty-hued blooms into her tousled waves. She looked every bit the autumnal fairy bride at her boho-chic vineyard wedding in Napa.

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A Lustrous Lob

Smiling bride with lob

Flora & Flauna; Event Planning by Tall & Small Events; Hair by Seven Salon

Bride Megan made a major move by chopping off her lengthy locks into this chic lob between wedding events. The style was kept fresh and modern with a side part and ends curling inward.

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