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31 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Styles that turn up the volume.

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Photo by Kurt Boomer

When hair starts to thin or lose density, it can be a shocking transition. But don't panic: If you are experiencing thinning hair or have thin hair, there are plenty of gorgeous wedding hairstyles to sport down the aisle.

"Brides with thin or thinning hair can achieve a hairstyle that looks best on them by finding a stylist that gets their style, their hair type, and the vibe they want for their wedding day. Set up trials, bring inspiration photos, and see which stylist makes you feel best," advises hair expert Alessandra Bruno.

Meet the Expert

  • Alessandra Bruno is a hairstylist at the Fekkai salon in SOHO.

Wedding hairstyles for thin hair still include modern coifs, chic buns, sleek ponytails, and voluminous curls. It just takes a little creativity from your stylist and some well-executed tips and tricks.

Ahead, see 31 of the best wedding hairstyles for thin hair.

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Low Slicked-Back Bun With Crystal Hairpiece for All Lengths

Brunette bride with slicked back low bun and large crystal hairpiece leaning on groom's lap on boat overlooking Italian coastline

Photo by David Bastianoni Studio; Hair & Makeup by BeautyLivery

A low, slicked-back bun with a sleek side part is the epitome of elegance. This bride proves that a more demure bun is just as stunning as larger-than-life iterations, so don't worry if your tresses are on the shorter side. Plus, that incredible crystal hairpiece can make up for any sparseness or lack of volume. For more weighty hairpieces, make sure to tease the strands adequately to provide enough grit and hold to secure it.

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A Curly Low Ponytail for All Lengths

Smiling brunette bride wearing cape-sleeve wedding dress with gold belt and hair pulled into a wavy low ponytail


Ponytails work on every type of hair, especially thin hair. If you're looking for more than a sleek ponytail, add fullness with a few undulating curls and waves. Pull out some face-framing tendrils and the completed look is *chef's kiss*.

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Lob-Length Locs With a Veil for Medium to Long Hair

Smiling bride with lob-length locs and veil wearing blush floral strapless dress smiling at groom in navy suit

Photo by Emily Melissa Photo; Event Planning by DeYandré Thaxton; Makeup by Sandy Thinnes

Contrary to popular belief, locs can totally work for thinner hair. The number of individual locs will largely depend on the thickness you want to achieve, but we think this lob length is particularly sweet. Styled with gilded hair accessories and a flowing veil, this look is whimsical as can be—a fitting choice for the botanical nuptials in Chicago.

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Side-Swept Waves for Medium to Long Hair

Smiling brunette bride with side-swept waves and highlights on the ends in corset wedding dress

Photo by Jacqueline Benét; Event Planning by It’s Your Day Events; Hair & Makeup by Bridal Beauty Agency

Gathering all of your hair to one side makes thinning hair look full and healthy as it strategically disperses the strands. Add loose curls for a romantic hairstyle that still shows off your length. This bride even added a little sparkle courtesy of a hairpin for her lush Seattle wedding.

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A Blunt Lob With Subtle Waves for Short to Medium Hair

Blonde bride with blue eyes and blunt lob with subtle waves in sheer robe with plunging neckline facing camera as brunette bride with veil leans her chin against her shoulder.

Photo by Justine Milton Photography; Event Planning by Social + Co. Design; Hair & Makeup by Studio Sketch

If you're considering a pre-wedding trim, opt for a blunt cut. (We love it in a lob length with barely there waves like this!) The straight-forward style, with a few subtle layers around the face if necessary, creates the illusion of fullness at the ends and is ideal for holding volume sans contradictory weight. An expert colorist can paint dimensional highlights or lowlights that give the appearance of greater hair density.

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A Twisted Chignon for Medium to Long Hair

Blonde brown with low twisted chignon and curtain bangs holdings hands with smiling brunette bridesmaid


A twisted-down hairstyle is an excellent option for brides with thin hair. It gives the volume that an updo would, but at the nape of your neck. Instead of a simple bun, have create a twisted effect with your hair and then have it loop at the bottom, giving an illusion of a low chignon. The twisting effect will add more volume to the hair and keep it in place throughout your special day.

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A Curly Chignon With Pearl Accents for Medium to Long Hair

Smiling brunette bride with curly chignon, pearl hairpins, and veil hugging and touching foreheads with smiling groom in gray suit


If you have thin hair with a naturally curly texture, embrace it! The individual spirals and waves add organic fullness because they don't lay on top of each other but instead create pockets of volume. The texture is also ideal for holding hair accessories, like this bride so beautifully shows off with her curly chignon accented with small pearls and a low veil.

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Side-Swept Mirco Locs With Headband and Veil for Medium to Long Hair

Smiling brunette bride in lace dress with micro locs in side-swept chignon having headband and veil secured in place by bridesmaid


For natural hair, opt for micro locs. Their innately thin shape is great for optimizing thin or thinning strands without making your intentions obvious. We adore how this bride styled hers in a side-swept coif, complete with bridal headband and cascading veil.

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Mid-Height Ponytail for Medium to Long Hair

Bride with blonde, wavy ponytail being zipped into sparkly strapless wedding dress by mom with pixie cut and black column dress

Photo by Natalie Bray; Event Planning by Tyler Speier Events; Hair & Makeup by Sharon Y Park

According to Bruno, ponytails are another hairstyle to consider if you notice your hair is thinner than usual. Gather the hair into a ponytail that's at the middle of the crown for added movement as you sashay around the dance floor. The great thing about ponytails is that you can always add extensions to make hair look thicker. Leave the front soft, with a few wispy tendrils, to amplify the illusion of fullness.

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A Sweeping Low Bun for Medium to Long Hair

Brunette bride with sweeping low chignon and side bang fixing hair and holding vibrant bouquet while wearing lace wedding dress and standing in front of monument

Photo by Sasithon Photography; Event Planning by Erganic Design; Hair by Beautini

A low bun is as classic as it gets when it comes to wedding hairstyles. It's timeless and simple to complete yet effortless and elegant. If your hair is thin, no one will notice as the bun creates its own volume with the hair you have. Weave a few strands twisting into it and leave a sweet side-swept bang to frame your features as this bride did for her vibrant Brooklyn nuptials.

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A Half-Up, Half-Down Style for Medium to Long Hair

Brunette bride in one-shoulder wedding dress and diamond drop earrings wearing hair in low half-up, half-down style and looking to the side


Half-up, half-down looks are really underrated wedding hairstyles for thin hair. Not only are they versatile but flirty and playful, too. These styles can translate however you want—either bouncy with a higher positioning or more formal with a lower half-up, half-down. A lower take will make the most of the hair that you have—especially with the skillful addition of curls or waves—and better emphasize the length of your tresses.

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Pinned-Up Curls for Medium to Long Hair

Brunette bride in vintage lace dress with low v-back wearing hair in low curly chignon with flowers pinned around the base as moms look on


Curls are one of the most requested hairstyles for brides. For a vintage vibe, create tight curls and have them pinned up in a pattern that you like or a design from an inspo photo. Pinning the curls adds depth and dimension to any hair type and texture, especially hair that looks thin. If you're experiencing any singular spots of sparseness, this style will help blend all of the hair so it's not noticeable.

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Voluminous Beach Waves for Medium to Long Hair

Bride hanging wedding dress


Waves are a simple style that appears effortless on all hair types. For thin hair, use a wave spray followed by a texturizing spray to create extra volume. Combining the waves and the texturizing spray builds an excellent balance and keeps the volume in your hair throughout the day. If you have thin hair and experience frizz, use anti-frizz products to combat humidity or dance-floor sweat.

Don't overload hair with products. Use just enough to achieve the desired outcome without weighing the hair down and reducing volume.

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A Braided Ballerina Bun for Long Hair

Bride in floral strapless wedding gown with hair in high ballerina bun with braid putting on strappy black shoes


Braids are a fun way to add details to a usually minimalist coif. If you're sporting a bridal bun and need to inject volume to thin hair, opt for a braid that leads into it. A hairstylist can create a thick braid with extensions or mimic the look of a dense plait with some expert loosening and tugging. Do the same with the crown for soft volume around the face.

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Center-Parted Loose Waves for All Lengths

Brunette bride in sequined sari holding bouquet while touching long, loose waves with center part


Although you might believe wearing your hair down will enhance its thinness, sometimes it's the best option. Often, hair ties and extra styling create more pulling, friction, and damage, causing more hair loss and breakage. Instead, be gentle with the tresses by simply adding curls or waves and parting either in the middle or to your favorite side, creating more depth. 

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Effortless Natural Waves for All Lengths

Red-haired bride with long wavy hair in white wedding dressing standing next to brunette bride in beige suit with long wavy hair

Photo by Moni & Adri Photography; Event Planning by Dana Akhtar of Akiin Tulum; Hair by Lovette Candice

Or, you can be extra kind to your hair by letting it do its own thing. Whatever natural texture or pattern it has, let it flow. Blow-dry wet hair upside down or in the opposite direction of your part for maximum volume at the roots. Then walk down the aisle as nothing short of your truest self like these brides did with their cascading undone waves at the destination beach wedding in Tulum.

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A High Bun for Medium to Long Hair

Brunette bride in a-line dress with square neckline wearing hair in tight, high bun with veil holding hands with groom in black suit


Much like a low bun, a high bun is a safe and timeless hairstyle to conceal thinning. Keep it simple and create a sleek bun with all of the hair secured in place. If you aren't feeling confident about your hair, add a veil to make the already chic bun look eye-catching from all angles.

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A Fishtail Braid for Medium to Long Hair

Smiling blonde bride in lace halter neck dress with hair in side-swept fishtail braid holding bouquet while walking hand-in-hand with groom in gray suit down the aisle


Hair thinning doesn't mean you have to skip out on popular wedding hairstyles, including beautiful fishtail braids. In fact, braids are incredible for faking fullness. Techniques like backcombing, teasing, and pulling strands out for a relaxed look can easily fluff up any plait. This thick bridal fishtail gives us all the youthful mermaid vibes.

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A Middle Part Tucked Under Curls for Medium to Long Hair

Brunette bride with center-parted hair slicked under loose waves being zipped into strapless wedding dress by mom in pink gown with embellished balloon sleeves

Photo by Alixann Loosle; Event Planning by Lindsey Hartsough of Magnolia Event Design; Hair by Kacey Gold Hair Salon

The vampy hairstyle at these classic nuptials in Santa Barbara is all kinds of old-Hollywood glam. It's also a low-key way of hiding hair loss. The smoothed-down center part is intentionally sleek—great for anyone with thinning concentrated around the face. The rest of the tresses are pinned and set in curls before being brushed out to softly cascade over the front pieces and give a look of fullness.

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A Side Part Tucked Beneath Waves for Medium to Long Hair

Brunette bride with glossy side-parted hair tucked behind cascading waves wearing lace robe and looking down at engagement ring

Photo by Charla Storey; Event Planning by Ashley Mason of Saunter Weddings; Hair & Makeup by Natalia Issa

If center parts aren't your thing (sorry Gen Z!), the same glam works for a side part. In fact, you may prefer the sultrier aesthetic—as showcased by this beautiful bride at her rustic-glam wedding in Texas. Inject even more volume to the 'do by teasing or backcombing the hair at the crown and smoothing the top. This will build a bumped-up look.

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A Bouncy Ponytail for Medium to Long Hair

Bride in a-line dress and high, bouncy ponytail kissing groom in gray suit in front of floral-lined alter as guests cheer them on

Photo by Janine Licare Photography; Event Planning by Audere Events; Hair by Love Is In The Hair

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed brides need not be blessed with tons of ultra-thick tresses. A high, sporty ponytail can be engineered from any hair thickness and texture. Work in some waves and fluffiness to the pony to give it that covetable bounce and make your hair look like it's instantly multiplied.

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Wavy Half-Up, Half-Down Styles With Floral Pins for All Lengths

Brunette bride with half-down half-up wavy hairstyle and floral pin wearing lace dress with plunging neckline kissing blond bride with lob-length waves in half-up half-down style wearing ethereal wedding dress with scooped back

Photo by Justine Milton Photography; Event Planning by Social + Co. Design; Hair & Makeup by Studio Sketch

These half updos beautifully prove the range and versatility of the styles on different hair types and lengths. We love how the brides opted for complementary coifs (to match their complementary gowns) that took a fresh approach to the traditional half-up, half-down 'do. Instead of gathering all the hair back, they chose to pin a smaller section of hair at the crown and leave plenty of tresses to frame their faces for the micro-wedding in Canada.

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Curtain Bangs and Curls for Medium to Long Hair

Smiling bride with curtain bangs and curly hair wearing rhinestone tiara and sitting on chair in wedding gown with balloon sleeves and holding pastel-hued bouquet

Photo by Deborah Ann Photography

Curtain bangs and bottleneck bangs are major. The great news? This type of fringe is totally fine-hair friendly and even adds volume around the face. Paired with polished waves they're positively on point. This bride did her own hair with a T3 wand and Amika hairspray for the garden-inspired wedding in Brooklyn.

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Low Knotted Bun for Medium to Long Hair

Brunette bride with smooth low knotted bun and traditional jewelry getting dressed in ivory and crimson lehenga

Photo by Larissa Cleveland; Event Planning by Lally Events; Hair & Makeup by Sherrie Long

Low-knotted buns are oh so romantic and refined. They're incredibly smooth and perfectly round and just emanate a luxurious quality. For those working with shorter lengths or thinner hair, the same effect can be achieved with a sock bun. The donut-shaped mold fits around the base of a ponytail and gets folded into the hair for a voluptuous bun. This bride wore a relaxed and feminine iteration for her dual-ceremony wedding in San Francisco.

Use u-shaped pins instead of bobby pins to secure the bun in place and ensure the mold is completely covered with hair for a seamless finish.

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A Sleek Twisted Ponytail for Medium to Long Hair

Father of the bride reading wedding note kissing blonde bride with wrapped low ponytail and silk pajamas on the forehead

Photo by Pbichara Photo; Event Planning by Elemento Tres; Hair & Makeup by Sebastian Rivera and Joss Valle of Signature

This sophisticated low ponytail serves all the elegance of a timeless chignon—minus that single quintessential bun. The ponytail itself is smooth with just the right amount of soft wave at the finish. The crown, however, is where all the magic happens. The roots are brushed back and coiffed with luscious volume before seamlessly twisting into the ponytail as if orchestrated that way from the start.

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Loose Waves Topped With a Flower Crown for All Lengths

Bride in white slip dress wearing loose waves and a flower crown kissing and clinking champagne glasses with groom in navy suit standing on boat deck

Photo by Adriana Rivera; Event Planning by Tatiana Angel of CCC Event Planning; Hair & Makeup by Natalia Fernandez; Floral Design by Flowers by Totoy

A bridal hairstyle doesn't need to do all the talking when you've sourced a topper to take center stage. This gorgeous bride set sail in a whimsical floral crown that matched the bridal bouquet at her nautical wedding in Miami. While the hair is stunningly styled with effortless, beach waves the plumpness of the blooms mimics a fuller composition.

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Minimalist Low Knot for All Lengths

Blonde bride with slicked-back low knot, statement earrings, and strapless dress pulling in groom with beard in black tux

Photo by Danilo and Sharon; Event Planning by Alessandra Linoci Events; Hair by Massimo Moro

"With thinner hair, something sleek like a low ponytail or simple bun is clean, beautiful, and elegant," adds Bruno. "You can leave some hair out to frame your face. This is an easy style for thinner hair because it will stay put. You won’t have to worry about your hair falling flat throughout the day," This bride nailed the look with a sleek knot at the nape of the neck for her intimate Italian wedding.

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Sleek Low Knot With Tiara and Veil for All Lengths

Smiling brunette bride with sleek and minimalist low bun wearing opulent tiara and veil while walking out of chandelier-filled room arm-in-arm with smiling husband in black tux.

Photo by Juliana Moreira Pessoa of Brett Matthews Gallery; Hair by Suzie Mello Styling

If you're more of a maximalist, the sleek low knot is just as conducive to a major accessory moment. This beaming bride opted for a "sexy and unique twist to a low bun with a middle part” but personalized the look with added accouterments. A billowing veil and opulent old-world crown suited the fairytale nuptials in Boston exquisitely.

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A Pixie Cut With Graduated Bangs for Short Hair

Smiling brunette bride with cap-sleeve, low-back dress with pixie haircut and graduated bangs wearing veil

Photo by Hannah Costello

For thinning hair that's been damaged from aggressive heat styling and coloring, the healthiest thing to do is cut it all off and get a fresh start. Pixie cuts can do incredible things for fine hair. The short crop reenergizes and lifts the roots (because there's no weight to pull them down) while the structured layers will amplify the fullness and density. We absolutely adore this bride's veil-adorned pixie with graduated Audrey Hepburn bangs.

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Wavy Half-Up, Half-Down Style With Accent Braid for All Lengths

Groom in black tux with curly undercut embracing smiling brunette bride in lace wedding dress with wavy half-up half-down hair and accent braid

Photo by Etcetera Photography; Event Planning by Providence and Planning; Hair by Kohnur

With so many gorgeous wedding hairstyles for thin hair to choose from, we find comfort in the fact that we needn't pick just one. "For the ceremony, I had my hair up with side braids and soft twists. It looked so elegant," recalls this bride of her backyard wedding in California. "For the reception, I literally 'let my hair down' for a more casual half-up, half-down look. I was ready to party!" We love how easy the transition was: Just unclasp the bun for soft waves and leave the braids as is.

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Full Bangs and Rock-'n'-Roll Curls for Medium to Long Hair

Brunette bride with full bangs and long curly hair sitting on mantel in lace a-line wedding dress

Photo by Hailley Howard Photography; Event Planning by Jane in the Woods

“If you know me, you know I have a hairstyle that’s kind of become my signature: long, natural dark hair with a French fringe, with some wave texture,” says bride Maria. “I knew the photos taken of me that day would be looked back on by future generations of my family. I wanted to make sure to look like myself on my wedding day, so my children and grandchildren could remember me that way.” Maria's ethos for her rockstar wedding in the Arizona desert is especially powerful for anyone whose fine or thinning hair is genetic as it paves the way for future generations to embrace their own beauty.

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