15 Wedding Hairstyles to Wear Down the Aisle If You Have Thin Hair

Styles that turn up the volume.

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When hair starts to thin, it can be shocking at first. But don't panic. If you are experiencing thinning hair or have thin hair, there are plenty of gorgeous wedding hairstyles you can sport down the aisle.

"Brides with thin or thinning hair can achieve a hairstyle that looks best on them by finding a stylist that gets their style, their hair type, and the vibe they want for their wedding day. Set up trials, bring inspiration photos, and see which stylist makes you feel best," FEKKAI stylist Alessandra Bruno says.

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Alessandra Bruno is a hairstylist at the FEKKAI salon in SOHO.

Wedding hairstyles for thinning hair still include modern styles, chic buns, sleek ponytails, and voluminous curls. It just takes a little creativity from your stylist and some volumizing tips and tricks.

Ahead, see 15 of the best wedding hairstyles for thin hair.

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Twist Down

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A twisted-down hairstyle is an excellent option for brides with thin hair. It gives the volume that an updo would, but at the nape of your neck. Instead of a simple bun, have your hairstylist create a twisted effect with your hair and then have it loop at the bottom, giving an illusion of a low bun. The twisting effect will add more volume to your hair and keep the hair in place throughout your special day.

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Mid-Length Ponytail

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According to Bruno, ponytails are another hairstyle to consider if you notice your hair is thinner than usual. You can gather your hair into a ponytail that's at the middle of the crown of your head or have it a bit lower.

The great thing about ponytails is that you can always add extensions to your hair look thicker and fuller. To add more flair to a simple ponytail, have wispy pieces of hair come out of it in the front to create perfectly placed tendrils—it's a quick add that provides a gorgeous finish.

"If you’re not going to use hair extensions (most brides do for the big day), keep it simple. I think it’s best to look like yourself on such a special day. With thinner hair, something sleek like a low ponytail or simple bun is clean, beautiful, and elegant. You can leave some hair out to frame your face. This is an easy style for thinner hair because it will stay put. You won’t have to worry about your hair falling flat throughout the day," adds Bruno.

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Low Bun

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A low bun is as classic as it gets when it comes to wedding hairstyles. It's timeless and simple to complete, yet effortless and elegant. If your hair is thin, no one will notice on your wedding day due to the bun creating its own volume with the hair you have. Ask your stylist to gather your hair into a low bun and have it tightly secured. You can also have a few pieces of hair twisting into it. Leave a few pieces of hair out to make it look more undone.

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Half-Up, Half-Down

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Half-up, half-down styles are really underrated in the realm of wedding hairstyles. Not only are they versatile, but flirty and playful. These styles can translate however you want—either flirtier with a higher position of the half-up or more formal with a lower half-up, half-down. A lower take on this style will also make the most of the hair that you have. You can add texture to the style with waves or curls to increase your hair's volume.

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Pinned Up Curls

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Curls are one of the most asked for styles for wedding days. Ask your hairstylist for tight curls that look vintage, and then have them pinned up in a pattern that you like or a design from an inspiration photo. Pinning the curls up adds depth and dimension to any hair type and texture, especially hair that looks thin. If you also are experiencing any spots of hair that look sparse, this style will help to blend all of the hair so it's not noticeable.

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Volumized Waves

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Waves are a simple style that translates as effortless on all hair types. For thin hair, use a wave spray then a texturizing spray to create more volume in your hair. Combining the waves and the texturizing spray creates an excellent balance and keeps the volume in your hair throughout the day. If you have thin hair and experience frizz, make sure that your stylist uses anti-frizz products to ensure that your waves don't get frizzy with humidity and sweat from dancing the night away.

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Braided Bun

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Braids are a fun way to add more details to a simple hairstyle. If you select a bun for your wedding day and need to add some volume to your thin hair, opt for a braid that leads into a bun. Your hairstylist can create a thick braid with extensions or by crafting your hair into a full braid that builds into a bun. Both will make your hair look incredibly volumized naturally!

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Accessorized Locks

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If you have thin hair, add accessories to your wedding day hair. Leave it natural and add small pearls throughout. The accessories will take the spotlight.

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Parted Down Do

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Your wedding day is all about looking your best and feeling your best. Although you might think that wearing your hair down will enhance your thin hair, sometimes it's the best option. Often, hair ties and extra styling create more pulling on the hair, causing more hair loss and add to thinning hair. Have your stylist add your favorite curls or waves to your hair, and be sure to add a texturizing spray. Then part of your hair, either in the middle or to your favorite side, creating more depth. 

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Low Braided Ponytail

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Ponytails work on every type of hair, especially thin hair. If you're looking for more than a sleek ponytail, or one that has curls and waves, elevate it with a braid that leads into a low ponytail. Leave some hair out at the end, so it creates a flowy style down your back.

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High Bun

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Much like a low bun, a high bun is a safe and stylish hairstyle to conceal thin hair. Keep it simple and create a sleek bun with all of your hair secured. If you aren't feeling confident about your hair, add a veil to make the already chic bun look eye-catching from all angles.

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Volumized Tresses

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If you choose to wear your hair down for your big day, add some volume. Your hairstylist can create a down hairstyle that has volume in the middle. This helps to make the hair look fuller and it also looks flawless with a veil.

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Side Swept

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Gathering all of your hair to one side makes thinning hair look full and healthy. With all of the hair gathered, no one will notice if your hair looks thin or not. Add some loose curls and you have the perfect, laid-back hairstyle for your wedding day.

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For natural hair, opt for tiny twists. The twists will create natural volume and add small details that will make your hair stand out on your day.

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Fishtail Braid

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Just because you're a bride experiencing thinning hair doesn't mean that you have to skip out on some of the most popular wedding hairstyles, including beautiful fishtail braids. Find a few inspiration photos to show your hairstylist, and test a few out during your initial hair trial. Your stylists will add more volume to the braid and make sure that it looks photo-ready. 

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