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23 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for Black Hair


Photo by Erich McVey

Let us be the first to say: Black hair —whether it’s coily, curly, kinky, straight, relaxed, natural, braided, loc’d and everything in between—is gorgeous.

Black hair is incredibly versatile too, so when you’re thinking of choosing options for your wedding day, there are tons of options to choose from. Of course, there are some important factors to consider. Are you a natural who’s having a wedding in the middle of summer? Or maybe you’re a fall/winter bride and want the silky, lush curls that only last during the non-humid months.

Whatever your choice, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our 23 favorite wedding hairstyles for black hair.

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Side-Pinned Locs


Photo by Emily Melissa Photo

Styling your locs for your big day can be as simple as moving your hair to one side and securing it with bobby pins or a beautiful hairpiece. Paired with the perfect floral two-piece bridal gown and pearl earrings, it definitely gives off au-natural vibes.

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Long Middle Part Ringlets

Popping champagne

Photo by The Foxes Photography

Is there anything more classic than ringlet curls? If you want some extra body for the big day, you can add in a series of clip-ins or tape-ins for some added oomph.

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Low Chignon With Pearl Headband


Photo by Alicia Mink Photography

Take the quintessential chignon up a notch by adding a pearl-encrusted headband. It’s the perfect style if you’ll be having your wedding during the warmer months and the headband gives off an old Hollywood glam vibe.

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Sculptural Headband

Wedding dress

Photo by Terri Baskin

A half-headband with intricate detailing will add a ton of visual interest to any hairstyle, especially side-parted waves. 

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High Ponytail

bride and groom

Dragonfly Photography

A high ponytail is one of the easiest and chicest styles around—and it's perfect for all hair types. Match the ponytail extension to your natural texture or go for sleek waves.

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Side-Swoop Chignon

bride and groom

Photo by Twah Dougherty Photography

This ultra-dreamy chignon gets a sparkly accent and beautiful swoops that frame the face. This is the perfect style for dancing all night long—no hair in your face here!

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Pinned-Up Curls

bride hair accessories

Photo by Mashaida Co.

If you have naturally curly hair and don’t want to straighten it for your big day, this is the style for you. Leave out a few face-framing curls and add in a couple of bejeweled clips (that of course match your earrings!) for a chic, sophisticated style.

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Loose and Low Ponytail


Photo by Erich McVey

A cascading low ponytail is the epitome of chic. A few face-framing curls highlight your face, while the long ponytail can be curled or crimped depending on what kind of texture you’d like. Pair with elegant gold earrings for an understated, but glamorous look.

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Curly Ponytail


Photo by Kelly Giarrocco

If you’re looking for a hairstyle with a lot of drama, a big curly ponytail should do the trick. Choose a kinky curly ponytail if you have more textured hair or loose waves if your hair isn’t as curly.

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Sophisticated Flat Twists


Photo by Clean Plate Pictures

Flat twists are a great way to style natural hair without heat or lots of manipulation. It’s also a great style if you’re having a wedding in the summer months or in a humid climate—no one wants to worry about their blowout reverting on their special day.

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The Modern Bouffant

bride in gown

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

Add a lot of visual interest to your traditional middle part waves by adding in a high bouffant. And the best part? Just simply place your veil on top of the hump for a super dreamy, royalty-inspired look.

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Natural Fluffy Curls

The bride

Photo by Clean Plate Pictures

Natural hair plus a light touch of the curling iron equals soft, voluminous curls that look simply magical. You can achieve this look by doing a twist-out before the big day and then curling small pieces with a curling iron to add some cascading pieces here and there. Add in a dainty bunch of baby breath flowers and you’ve got a look that both feels and looks special.

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Low Pony With Face-Framing Curls

bride getting ready in long sleeve dress

Photo by The Curries

Give a low ponytail a chic upgrade by framing your face with long curls. The trick is to make them quite loose so they look low-key, yet super romantic.

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A Wavy Bob

bride and groom kissing

Lynn Dunston

If you have relaxed hair or a sleek silk press and want a really pretty, effortless style, go for a shoulder-length bob with a side part and waves. Add in a veil toward the back of the head for a classic look or a flower crown for boho-chic vibes.

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One-Shoulder Curls

Photo by Sarah Joy Photo

Photo by Sarah Joy Photo

There is nothing better than classic curls over one shoulder. If you want even more drama for the big day, tuck one side behind the ear and adorn it with a crystal-encrusted comb or pin.

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A Statement-Making Headband


Photo by Elizabeth Wells Photography

A statement-making headband is one of the simplest ways to take long, flowing curls to the next level. And if you’re looking for the perfect one—don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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Giant Loc’d Bun

white suit

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love

Your long locs can get the updo treatment by putting them in a sophisticated top-knot bun. Instead of simply tying them on top of your head, put them in a ponytail first and then pin pieces into a bun. You’ll end up with a super dimensional look!

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Behind the Ear Waves

mother buttoning bride's dress

Photo by Alixann Loosle

Instead of letting your waves frame your face, you can tuck the front pieces behind your ears. The end result is a flawless look that also stays out of your face—no hair in lipstick here!

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Giant Flower Crown


Photo by Stepan Vrzala 

You don’t have to be at Coachella to rock a flower crown. Accessories like a big, statement-making flower crown can really tie a theme together—think a bohemian-themed party or a woodland-inspired extravaganza.

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Cascading Curls



There’s nothing better than long, cascading curls. If you’d like more volume and length, you can opt for tape-in extensions or a traditional sew-in weave—both will take your look from the vows to the dance floor to the honeymoon.

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Voluminous Low Bun

candiace dillard

Photo by Abby Jiu

Candace Dillard’s (from Real Housewives of Potomac fame) wedding was a fairytale dream from start to finish—and her hair was no exception. Her honey-blond hair was loosely pinned into a low bun with lots of volume and soft front curls for the ultimate princess vibe.

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A Curly Updo

<p>Main Image</p>

Photo by Kristen Curette, Daemaine Hines

If long hair isn’t your thing, pin your curls up into a dreamy updo. The trick is to make it look slightly windswept so it gives effortless "I woke up like this" energy.

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Low Bun With a Floral Finish


Photo by Stepan Vrzala  

As we’ve mentioned previously, a low bun is really that girl. This bride took it up a notch by adding in a gorgeous floral accessory. If you’re having a summer wedding, make sure the front is super slicked back so you won’t have to deal with pesky humidity.

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