27 Wedding Hairstyles for Brides With Bangs


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Bangs demand attention, and the women who wear them can't help but make a, well, bang wherever they go—especially when it's floating down the aisle. We love a bride with fringe, so we rounded up this collection of wedding hairstyle ideas just for ladies with a face-framing set. If bangs are your signature look, there's no need to start growing them out the moment that engagement ring is slipped on your finger. "Sometimes bangs are just a part of your signature look and are just as important as the rest of the hairstyle," echoes bridal beauty expert Yarixa Ramirez.

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  • Yarixa Ramirez is the owner, team coordinator, and lead artist of Beauty by Yari, an award-winning bridal beauty team.

Luckily, there's a layered 'do to suit every face shape, hair type, and personal style. Whether short and blunt, long and wispy, or sweetly side-swept, hairstyles with bangs are practically limitless. And as far as wedding hairstyles with bangs are concerned, the options are just as endless. An undone updo with soft fringe is effortlessly romantic. Meanwhile, smooth side-swept bangs with tons of volume is a glamorous option. A super-short crop makes a cool-girl statement. Textured and tousled bangs and a floral accessory tote major bohemian vibes. And brides can go for modern elegance with a classic chignon accented with wispy strands.

Need more inspiration? Scroll to see 27 wedding hairstyle ideas for brides with bangs.

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Cascading Locks With Full Bangs

Bride with bangs looking at bouquet


This lighthearted bride showcased her full fringe by letting the rest of her long locks fall about her shoulders in a straight style. That's the great thing about bangs: They can do all the talking in an otherwise simple style. We love that she worked in just a hint of bounce to the ends to keep the 'do from looking too stiff.

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Au Naturel

Newlyweds holding hands during vow exchange

Photo by Two Twenty by Chi Chi; Event Planning & Floral Design by Eventi Floral & Events; Hair by Vernon Martin's Salon 

Textured bangs and a style blooming with flowers look natural and effortless. A tender choice creating a wholly feminine yet somewhat glam aesthetic. This beaming bride is proof that a full fringe works on any hair length and texture.

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Romantic Tendrils

Bridal portrait


This is a great option for bangs in that in-between length. The soft, wispy bits blend perfectly with the slightly longer tendrils, creating a glam look on par with the posh Washington, D.C., wedding. "I definitely would not recommend cutting your bangs anytime before the wedding," notes Ramirez. "I have heard so many stories of how they were cut too short and didn’t have time to grow out. I would recommend cutting at least a month and a half out if you need a trim."

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A Crowning Moment With Full Bangs

Bridal portrait

Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography 

This bride's long, piece-y bangs are the perfect finishing touch to her lush flower crown of bold and vibrant colors. Add in that textured ponytail, and you're left with the ultimate boho look. We love the youthful combination of the fringe and ponytail together.

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Cool-Girl Fringe


Photo by Lydia Jane Photography 

Too-cool fringe puts an unexpected twist on a traditional 'do. This bride's big ballerina bun is adorably accented by the face-framing cut. A sweet choice to go with the soft, dancer-esque dress.

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A Full Set

Newlyweds first dance

Photo by Samm Blake; Event Planning & Florals by Bespoke Only; Hair by Takeo Suzuki

A thick set of bangs at a brow-skimming length is super chic. This bride softened the look with a feminine, braided updo and a floral hair accessory. We love how the sprig of greenery tucked into the 'do livens up her glossy, dark locks.

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Bottleneck Bangs

Bridal portrait

Photo by Christopher Velasco 

If you have access to social media, you already know that bottleneck bangs are everywhere. When it comes to bridal style, the curtain fringe (parted right down the middle) puts a retro spin on things. The extra volume at the crown elevates the hair behind the bang line, creating a more dimensional look.

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A Layered Look

Bridal portrait

Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick Photography 

This bride's brow-grazing bangs flawlessly blend into the rest of her layers, ending in a sleek braid. The loosely gathered plait allows some of the locks to create a soft curtain around her face instead of being dramatically pulled back in a slightly harsher style. "One of the benefits of bangs is that if you have an updo and are wearing a veil, leaving your bangs out can give that effortlessly romantic look," adds Ramirez.

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A Playful Side-Swept Touch


Photo by Jennifer Young 

What's the No. 1 mistake brides with bangs can make? "I have noticed brides try to pin their bangs back when they should embrace them with their bridal look," says Ramirez. This bride allowed her bouncy, curly fringe to coyly graze her lashes at her intimate destination wedding in Italy.

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Mini Fringe


Photo by Heidi Lau Photography

This bride's mini fringe and cropped cut are topped with a dainty wreath of golden flowers. A Hepburn-esque look, for sure. We love how the bangs graduate in a gradient fashion from super-short to brow-skimming lengths. Très chic!

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Boldly Blunt


Photo by Norman & Blake 

This fashionista bride's blunt bangs and dramatic bob look runway-ready at her flower-filled Vermont wedding. The straight cut beautifully frames her face shape and features while adding a bit of edge to the frothy, ethereal wedding dress.

Share your intended bridal 'do with the stylist when going in for a trim. That way they can factor in if additional length is necessary to accommodate curls or waves.

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Voluminous Fringe With Half-Up, Half-Down Style

Bride and bridesmaids

Photo by Brittany Mahood 

Long, side-swept bangs are totally glamorous—an aesthetic that's further amplified with added volume at the crown and big barrel curls. The ever-so-slight tuck of some strands creates a soft, romantic cascade of flowing tendrils. "Extensions are a must if you want that full look in your hair," says Ramirez. "If your hair does not hold a curl, I would definitely recommend extensions as well because they help hold the curl!"

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Radiant Ringlets

Newlyweds giving eskimo kisses


If your bangs have a natural curl, embrace it and let it dictate the style of your coif. This bride raked all of hers up into a voluminous display atop her head with just a few ringlets falling about her eyes. This is also a great option for that in-between length if you're growing your fringe out.

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Floral Fringe


Photo by Sara Lobla

This bride's fringy ponytail is romantic yet relaxed. The monochromatic crimson headband adds a youthful appearance and ties in with the scarlet accents in her bouquet.

Play with the positioning of the headpiece to switch up the look. Place it atop your head for a whimsical and romantic aesthetic, opt for a more vertical approach for a sporty feminine headband, or pull the circle of blooms below your hairline—just onto your forehead—for a cool-girl retro vibe.

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A Side-Swept Syle


Photo by Luke Walker of Clark+Walker Studio 

A side-swept set of full fringe can flatter and frame your gorgeous face. This bride chose to gather hers into a low, off-center ponytail of loose waves with a hint of sparkle for a finishing touch. This is also a great way to artfully hide your bangs, if you're so inclined. "If a bride has side bangs, I would suggest maybe a braid or twist to help hide the bangs," advises Ramirez.

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A Polished Updo

Bridal portrait

Photo by Carmen Santorelli 

Here's proof that you never have to sacrifice an updo for a set of fringe. This bride's elegant updo is elevated by her side-parted curtain bangs for her vintage-themed nuptials. The polished and sophisticated style allows the stunningly embellished dress to take center stage.

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French-Inspired Fringe

Grand exit

Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick 

Who needs accessories when you've got standout fringe? These shaggy long locks are very Brigitte Bardot in their effortless sexiness, especially on this radiant free-spirited bride. We love when a bride takes a laid-back approach to wedding-day beauty and lets her true essence shine through.

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Sweet Locs

Bride with locs and blush floral dress smiling at groom

Photo by Emily Melissa Photo; Event Planning by DeYandré Thaxton; Makeup by Sandy Thinnes

Locs come in all shapes and sizes—and bangs, too! These lobbed locs are sweet as can be, but it's the cheekbone and brow-skimming lengths that really liven up the look. We love how beautifully the 'do pairs with the sweetheart neckline and floral wedding gown.

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An Elegant Coif With Side-Swept Bangs

Bridesmaid zipping bride into dress

Photo by Rebecca Yale; Hair & Makeup by Christie Lee

This bride chose a sophisticated french twist to complement her long, side-parted bangs for a timeless aesthetic. The deep side part adds a hint of drama and a touch of edge to the demure neckline. We can only imagine the back of the coif is just as refined.

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Rockstar Bangs

Groom with bangs and curls kissing bride with bangs and curls

Photo by Hailley Howard Photography; Event Planning by Jane in the Woods

Bride Maria has a signature style that she wouldn't sacrifice for a bridal moment (and rightly so!). Her wispy French fringe and long, dark waves took pride of place at the rockstar wedding in the Arizona desert. “I knew the photos taken of me that day would be looked back on by future generations of my family," she recalls. "I wanted to make sure to look like myself on my wedding day, so my children and grandchildren could remember me that way.”

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Classic Side Bangs


Photo by Kate Headley 

A graduated side bang was the perfect choice to highlight this bride's beaming face and mile-wide smile. "I have noticed many brides leaving their bangs out and allowing them to have some hair around their face," adds Ramirez. We think this besotted groom is loving the 'do just as much as we are.

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A Perfectly Imperfect Style

Bride with curly updo and pearl embellished cape holding bouquet

Photo by Mashaida Co.; Event Planning by Lea Stafford Events; Hair by Goodbody

"My second favorite would be the effortless messy bun where the bangs can blend in easily, allowing the face to look softer while framing the bride's face," adds Ramirez. Curly girls, take note! Bride Morgan shows us how it's done with a head full of carefully pinned curls creating a relaxed yet elevated look for her California nuptials. "For dance-proof hair, make sure you have lots of bobby pins and check that everything feels nice and secure before your hairstylist leaves," advises Ramirez.

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Romantic Half-Up, Half-Down With Blunt Bangs

Smiling bride with bangs and floral crown

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography; Event Planning by Dash Event Company; Headpiece by Maria Sn Novias via WildBride; Hair by Rachel Psarkis of Cliffrose Studio

"One of my favorite styles for brides with bangs is a half-up, allowing the hair to be pinned back halfway but leaving the bangs out and some hair around the face to flatter the face shape," says Ramirez. "I have also noticed that brides like to have an accessory headband but still like leaving the bangs out to frame the face." This bride nailed it with a romantic half-up style and drool-worthy, dried floral headpiece for her Arizona wedding.

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Voluminous Corkscrew Curls

Brunette bride with voluminous corkscrew curls and full curly bangs smiling in dress and veil with 3D floral appliquès

Photo by Amy Anaiz; Event Planning by We Do! Collective by Fallon Carter; Hair by Modimel

Curly hair textures can feel like a barrier to bangs, but a head full of coils shouldn't stop your pursuit of fringe. Don't take our word for it, this vivacious bride is all the proof you need. These corkscrew curls look just as divine in the lob-length style as they do in the full bang she's rocking.

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Curly Bangs and Headscarf

Brunette bride with curly corkscrew hair and bangs wearing linen headscarf, red lip, and slip dress

Photo by Amy Anaiz; Event Planning by We Do! Collective by Fallon Carter; Hair by Modimel

The curl-flaunting bride even served a second hairstyle post-ceremony. The ample lob was fluffed to perfection while the lash-skimming bangs were treated to a fashionable topper. The linen headscarf accentuates the wedding hairstyle—and statement earrings—exquisitely.

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Mini Bangs for a Short Crop


Photo by Laura Murray

This bride's short crop couldn't be cooler. But it's those tiny bangs that really take the cake. Where longer fringe can conceal a larger forehead, shorter bangs can elevate it for a stand-out brow moment.

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A Curly Shag

Smiling brunette bride with curly shag hairstyle and bangs in winter coat holding bouquet while embracing brunette bride in red lipstick and faux fur coat

Photo by Krisanne Johnson

Shag haircuts are the epitome of effortless cool. There's something just so chill about the choppy layers and edgy, graduated lengths. Curls only up the ante on the textured 'do, with spiraled fringe adding to the tousled nature of the style.

  • What type of bangs suit my face shape?

    Bangs are a subtle way of bringing balance to the face or playing up certain features. Round face shapes are best suited for side bangs, which balance out the curves, while a thick, blunt bang complements longer faces. Shorter or wispy fringe styles look best on heart-shaped faces while those with a more square shape should opt for trims that just skim the brows. Oval face shapes are blessed with the ability to rock just about any type of fringe they please.

  • How long would it take to grow out my bangs before the wedding?

    Although this largely depends on your hair's growth rate and type of fringe, it usually takes an average of 12 to 16 weeks for bangs to grow out. Caring for the hair with nourishing treatments, limiting heat, scheduling regular trims, and incorporating a biotin-based, B-complex supplement may speed up the process.

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