27 Stunning Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for Lobs

When it comes to your wedding day look, the lob's versatility really knows no bounds.

bride with gold crown


Tying the knot doesn't mean you have to feel pressured to grow out your lob in exchange for long locks. We've seen plenty of trendy haircuts come and go, but the lob has proved its staying power. Celebrities on the red carpet have shown time and time again that the Goldilocks hairstyle (not too long, not too short, but juuust right) offers enough length to pull it back into a ponytail, whip it up into a bun, or weave it into a braid. "Hello, Kourtney Kardashian's Oscar's sleeked-back gel look," says hairstylist Jamie Nelson. "I hope to see that style on some brides this year!"

Meet the Expert

  • Jamie Nelson is a bridal hair and full makeover master with over 16 years of experience in the industry. She is the owner of Boulder, Colorado–based Ember Salon and Ember Hairstream.

When it comes to your wedding day look, the lob's versatility really knows no bounds, so you never have to give up the flattering style you've come to know and love. "We are noticing that super-long bridal hair is not so desired right now," says Nelson. "As a stylist, we love playing with longer hair, but for the overall vision (and fun of the whole night), shorter, natural hair has so much more freedom. It can also allow more variety in the overall bridal look with showing more details in the dress and jewelry." By incorporating wedding-worthy hair accessories, like veils, floral accents, and glittering pins and pieces, there are so many special ways for you to rock a lob while still looking—and feeling—like yourself. And isn't that the whole point?

Ready to be inspired? Browse 27 wedding hairstyle ideas for lobs below.

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Retro Glam

Newlywed portrait in matching white attire


A middle part and twisted tresses make this bride's lob look deliciously glamorous.

"It's a natural tendency to want to tuck your hair behind your ear while eating, socializing, and, of course, dancing—so pay attention to which side of your hair you naturally want to tuck," advises Nelson. "This will help your stylist know how much curl to add to the front of your hair so your hair looks good tucked and untucked! Nothing is worse than a curl flipping the wrong way and looking bunched up. If you are a “tucker,” I recommend looser curls."

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A Floral Fro

Bride with babys breath in natural curls

Photo by Clean Plate Pictures; Event Planning by Ben Knox; Hair by Jade Staton; Floral Design by Lewis Miller Design

Length can vary considerably based on texture and styling. "The most important thing is to decide ahead of time where you like the strongest point of the lob to sit—either below the collar bone, at the collar bone, above the collar bone, or below the shoulder," says Nelson.

"And from there, decide if you want a straight and sleek lob, slightly curled, or very curled, so your hair can be cut perfectly at the length you want." She suggests cutting exactly at the preferred length if wearing a straight style, adding half an inch to that length for a slightly curled look, and adding a full inch if you're going for a very curled bridal look.

Schedule your pre-wedding trim one to two weeks before the wedding.

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A Regal Crown

Gold crown in bride's hair


A gilded halo is the finishing touch to this bride's ethereal look. We love how the warm metal is nestled among the curls, adding a glow to the glossy spirals. This radiant bride looks every bit the divine goddess she is.

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Veiled Elegance

Bridal portrait with vintage style veil

Photo by Kelly Anne Berry  

When in doubt, go with a classic—a veil is always the perfect accessory. While there are many ways to wear a veil, this draped style looks oh so romantic with lob lengths. (And can we talk about how that lace detailing flawlessly matches that of the dress? Swoon.)

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A Plaited Accessory

Lob with braid

Photo by Blue Rose Photography

This boho braid snakes around the back—a sweet surprise for guests as you walk down the aisle. This is such a fun and eclectic way to rein in some locks and free up your face for those bridal portraits.

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Crinkled Waves

Bride with lob

Photo by Heather Kincaid

Soft, touchable waves were just right for this bride's relaxed yet refined style. The effortless hairstyle is the ideal finishing touch to the vintage look of this lace dress. We're picking up tons of romantic art deco vibes here.

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Mixed Styles

Brides holding hands during vow exchange

Photo by Katie Edwards Photography

Both of these beautiful brides rocked lob hairstyles at their desert nuptials. However, one wore large and lush curls while her partner opted for a half-up, half-down style. "Clip-in extensions placed near the temple will fill in the front of the lob and make it look stronger in the front," says Nelson.

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Crowning Glory

Lob and flower crown

Photo by Justin Aaron; Florals by Little Wren Flowers

Lobs and flower crowns...a match made in wedding heaven. While long lengths seem to have become the go-to style for this playful accessory, we actually think that lobs make for a much better choice. They work with the crown to frame the face rather than pulling the eye downward.

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A Sunny Disposition

Bride and bridesmaids

Photo by Hannah Costello 

This bride's sunny highlights bring attention to her cut's sleek layers. Color can do wonders for adding dimension to shorter hairstyles, especially if layers are involved.

Wavy hair or other loose, boho styles can benefit from the presence of highlights and lowlights, as the contrast in color helps showcase the texture of the styling.

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Big Blooms

Lob with blooms

Photo by Chaz Cruz

Gorgeous curls and peekaboo blooms make this bride's angular cut totally wedding-worthy. All of the blossoms are concentrated at the back of the head, anchoring the style and creating a focal point that draws attention to the sexy back (or lack thereof) of the wedding dress. Ooh la la.

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Full Fringe

Bride with bangs smiling

Photo by Alicia Lucia Photography; Hair by Genica Lee

This bride's heavy fringe adds a little something extra to her mid-length style. Don't be afraid to mix loose waves with a full bang, as the result is unquestionably French-girl chic. "A few textured layers in a lob will help to create movement and swing in your hair," adds Nelson. 

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A Botanical Band

Wedding lob with botanical headband

Photo by Angela and Evan

Lobs have an easygoing look to them, making one perfect for this bride's boho style. For a more botanical approach, consider this headband of mixed berries and bulbs. It's a fresh take on its much-lauded sister, the flower crown.

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Curly Cutie

Bridal Lob

Photo by Sandy SooHoo

When you have a thicker, curlier head of hair like this gorgeous bride, a lob can make getting ready so much easier. The length also won't be weighing down your coils, so you'll be rewarded with so much more volume. If you're battling a bit of pouf, Nelson has a trick: "Have your stylist remove bulk from behind the ear so your lob looks more lean all around." 

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Gilded Age

Bride portrait from the back


Take notes from flapper stylings and the glitz of a bygone era. All a glossy lob really needs is a shiny hairpiece, and it's suddenly wedding-ready. "A lot of people are drawn to dry-textured sprays to finish a bridal look, but for lobs, we prefer a product with a mild shine, like a spray wax," notes Nelson who prefers Tricky Spray by Unite Hair. 

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Effortless Waves

Bride in red dress on beach

Photo by KT Merry

The Style Bungalow's Stephanie Hill opted to let her lob loose in casual, textured waves perfect for the beach setting. We're all for the effortless and laid-back style! When in doubt stick to simplicity and stay true to your personality. Unlike long tresses, shorter lengths tend to look sophisticated and put together even with the most minimal effort.

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Half-Up, Half-Down

Couple in mauve outfits


This bride pinned back a few pieces to keep the focus on her lovely face. We love that she fully took advantage of all that natural volume and texture and accented the style with a sprig of greenery. The finished look is wonderfully fresh and lively.

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A Deep Part

Bride posing in lace robe

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari; Event Planning by Tiffany Rivera of Simply Breathe Events; Hair by Hair by Fran

A deep side part can instantly change up a look. It's one of the quickest and easiest ways to instantly add some drama to any 'do. Nelson suggests amping up a style by "clipping one side behind your ear with a minimal bridal accessory or dressing up the style with bolder earrings."

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Natural Volume

Bride crying

Photo by Evan Hopman

Proof that a lob can still look just as full and bouncy as a longer length. These neither here nor there waves are the epitome of effortless, cool-girl chic. Nelson notes that "soft, disheveled waves that are somewhere between 'beachy' and 'romantic'" are one of the most popular bridal styles for lob-length hair.

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A Lob of Locs

Bride in floral wedding dress looking up at groom in navy suit

Photo by Emily Melissa Photo; Event Planning by DeYandré Thaxton; Hair by Sarah Miller Thaxton

Loc'd hair looks especially flirty in a lob length. These side-pinned locs look oh so darling paired with the blush-hued, whimsically floral wedding dress. We're completely obsessed with the stunning hairpiece used to keep them in place.

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A Bridal Blowout

Bridal portrait

Photo by Tim Ryan Smith

Have your hair blown out, sweeping pieces to the side to frame your face. The sophisticated and unfussy hairstyle is a classic complement to a minimalist wedding dress. We love how the deep side part elevates the look without loading up on accessories.

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Vampy Vintage Tresses

Bridal portrat

Photo by Nirav Patel Photography

Lob lengths can also take on a vintage vibe with retro curls. These soft finger waves just radiate sensuality and glamour. A sultry combination that's only amplified by the bombshell platinum tresses.

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A Crop of Curls

Bridal Portrait

Photo by Les Amis Photo

Although just a tad shorter than your typical lob, this bride's hairstyle is beyond sweet with its face-framing curls. And check out how much richness and depth those golden highlights add to the cut. "A few sun-kissed highlights will help, so your hair doesn’t look flat in photos," agrees Nelson.

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A Beautiful Bun

Bridal Portrait

Photo by Lauren Methia Photography

Luckily, you won't have to worry about your lightweight length slipping out of an updo. An elegant bun is every bride's dream for its all-night staying power and low-maintenance nature once it's set. If you want to dance the night away without worrying about your carefully coiffed hairstyle becoming a disheveled mess, this might be the style for you.

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Polished Perfection

Beaming bride in navy lengha

Photo by Flora & Fauna; Event Planning by Tall & Small Events; Hair by Seven Salon

Smooth and polished, this bride's quintessential lob is just so chic. The asymmetric, longer front pieces and ever-so-slight curl inward grant the style a timeless and soft femininity often lost among über-contemporary alternatives. "If you wear a blunt-shaped lob, you will see stronger lines and angles in the overall look," adds Nelson. "This is great if you want to elongate the shape of your neck and/or cheekbones!" 

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Bouncy Curls

Newlyweds laughing during vow exchange

Photo by Jenn Emerling; Event Planning by Ashley Smith of Buzzworthy SF; Hair by Ahsha Williams of Salon Three Zero One

Without the weight of additional length, your curls will hold up through the very last dance. This bouncy hairstyle is so vivacious and fun that we can only imagine the bride is just as effervescent. Notice the elegant yet subtle pearl pins peeping out of waves for a restrained hint of glam.

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A Side-Swept Style

Bridal Portrait

Photo by Kristen Lynne Photography 

Big, voluptuous curls are a proven wedding-worthy look, no matter your length. This sexy side-swept hairstyle is absolutely captivating and goes with so many wedding-dress silhouettes. Plus, it's perfect for showing off a statement earring.

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Whimsical Updo

Bride singing at wedding reception

Photo by Clark Brewer Photography

Lobs aren't too short for an updo. Sweep yours into a perfectly imperfect updo and embrace those ends that don't quite tuck in. "You want to think about how your hair will look throughout the night and not just for photos," advises Nelson. So be sure to choose a look that will wear well into the evening.

  • Is it better to wear lob-length hair up or down for a wedding?

    This is completely up to you! Lobs can look just as stunning secured in a bridal updo as they do flowing in the breeze. If you prefer having your hair swept back and out of the way, an updo might be right for you. If you feel more comfortable letting your hair down or are worried about shorter strands coming undone, by all means, set those tendrils free.

  • How long does hair have to be for a bridal updo?

    In order to create a bridal updo, hair should be at least shoulder length. The shorter the hair, the lower the updo will be, with most styles fastening just at the nape of the neck. If hair just barely grazes the shoulder or has mixed-length layers, tactful braiding and pinning can be used to secure the coif.

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