43 Stunning Wedding Hair Accessory Ideas for Every Kind of Bride

Messy bun with large hair piece hugging head

Laurken Kendall; Hair by Sarah Wittaker from Sarah W Hair Design; Headpiece by Andy Guerra from Tocados Isabela

Your wedding-day look is almost complete, but it's just missing a certain finishing touch. We may be able to help. What about a gorgeous hair accessory? These little guys are known to give a major upgrade to any given hairstyle, not to mention they serve multiple purposes.

Aside from being totally beautiful, a chic hairpin (or comb) can keep loose strands tucked away from your face from ceremony to reception, which is something especially important for the long-haired brides out there. We totally understand that flowing waves are utterly gorgeous, but constantly flicking strands away is not. Are you rocking a shorter 'do? These little wonders can still add that something special to your overall look. Bohemian brides, try a detailed hair chain. For the romantics, an embellished floral hairpin will make guests swoon. And, for our minimalist brides, a tiny accessory can add major style.

Ready to find the perfect hair embellishment to fit your bridal style? Take a look through some of our favorite hair accessories fit for any bride and hairdo.

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A Pearl Headband


Jordan Voth Photography 

A delicate pearl headband makes for a stunningly romantic choice. We love that this one is flanked by a loose boho braid for a spin on the classic look.

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A Grecian Look


Kate Weinstein Photo

A gold-leaf wrap-around headband transforms any bride into a Greek goddess. This particular piece hugs the back of the head for a stunning back shot that even Aphrodite herself would approve of.

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A Standout Hairpin


Tyler Branch Photography

A dazzling gold jeweled hairpin makes for a seriously glam moment. It's a fitting accessory for the bride's lush, dark waves.

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A Floral Chain

Bridal portrait

Sara Lobla Photography

This bride's detailed floral hair chain is the perfect complement to her high neck bohemian dress.

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Slightly Askew

Bridal hair

Belathée Photography

A crystal branch and flower-shaped hair comb emphasized the unexpected asymmetry of this otherwise traditional look.

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A Braided Headband

Bride with headband


This braided headband is totally gorge. Not to mention the unquestionably cool-girl placement of it.

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Finish With a Bow

Bridal hair

Kate Romenesko Photography

A vintage-inspired, beaded bow-shaped hair clip is the finishing touch to this effortless tuck.

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A Sentimental Showstopper

Messy bun with large headpiece hugging the back of the head

Laurken Kendall; Hair by Sarah Wittaker from Sarah W Hair Design; Headpiece by Andy Guerra from Tocados Isabela

This hair accessory is definitely not for the faint of heart. The magnificent piece was inspired by the bride's late grandmother's brooch and created by Andy Guerra from Tocados Isabela.

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Vintage Vibes

Bridal portrait

Lauren Fair Photography 

An intricate vintage crystal headband offers a dose of retro to this bridal look. Top with a flowing veil, and the aesthetic is nothing short of ethereal.

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Keep With Tradition

Bridal portrait with ornate passa

To The Moon; Jewelry by Shafaq Habib Jewelers; Hair & Makeup by Karuna

Let's be completely honest, no one rocks a bridal hair accessory quite like our beautiful South Asian brides. From bejeweled Maang Tikkas and ornate Matha Pattis to dripping passas and shimmering hair chains, we're forever in awe.

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Give It a Twist

Bridal hair

Anya Kernes 

This bride accented her effortless rocker-chic 'do with a classic and feminine twist. The juxtaposition between the two styles is absolutely captivating.

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Wrap It in Ribbon

First kiss

James Autery 

A humble ribbon can do so much for a bridal look. This pop of black adds a Parisian flair to the ensemble.

Play with the fabric, colors, and texture of your ribbon to custom-tailor it to your décor and style. A contrasting color can provide brightness, or you can opt to maintain a chic monochromatic look instead. Leather brings in edgy, runway-ready feels while burlap can tie in a rustic aesthetic.

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Side Show

Floral hair comb


This floral comb skims the side of the head so it's adequately on display in everything from bridal portraits to first dance photos.

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Go Organic

Bride crying reading love letter

Picture Me&U; Hair by Kudakwashe Magora Mhlanga

This poetic bride tucked a hairpiece that could easily be confused for a natural sprig of greenery (in a metallic hue) into her short crop.

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A Gilded Halo

Bride with gold halo-esque tiara


A gold halo with adequate height for the most heavenly princess bride.

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A Hint of Glimmer

Newlyweds kissing in front of guests in white

Lisa Poggi; Event Planning by Nathalie Cadet-James of Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio; Hair & Makeup by Lara Navarrini

An embellished floral hairpin offers just a peep of sparkle to this twist.

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Bridal hair

Juanlu Real

This jewelry designer created her very own headdress for her bright and whimsical day. The piece consisted of more than 800 intertwined pearls creating a floral effect.

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A Matching Set

Jazmyn Simon and Dulé Hill's first dance

Funkytown Photography; Event Planning by Gladys Santizo of Saguzo Eventos

Actress Jazmyn Simon's hair accessory matches the rest of her bridal jewelry to a tee.

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The Gold Standard

Bridal portrait

Heather Hawkins Photography 

A delicate gold headband with floral and leaf embellishments plays up the deep side part.

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Retro Radiance

Retro headband and veil

LaJoy Hunter

A little party never killed nobody, right? This vintage-inspired embellished headband is all about that Great Gatsby feel and we love it with the bride's short crop.

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Follow the Flow

Floral hairpiece in gathered brown curls


This curved hair clip in pretty pastels and floral motifs mimics the shape of the gathered hairstyle and conforms to the shape of the head, creating a uniform flow throughout the design as a whole.

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Fit for Royalty


Sally Pinera

A minimal crown with sparkly embellishments makes for a regal look.

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A Polished Topknot

Bridal hair

Greg Finck 

A brass hair clip with layers of delicate leaves polishes off this easygoing topknot.

High updos are great for elongating the neck and exposing an interesting neckline. The addition of this clip beneath the topknot draws the eye upward, adding even more length.

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Youthful Adornments

Bridal portrait

Sara Lobla 

A dainty daisy chain brings us back to the simpler times of our youth. A sweet accompaniment to this bride's ultra-sexy beaded Berta gown.

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A Heavenly Halo

Bridal portrait

Zosia Zacharia Photography

A sheer floral headpiece encircles the bun in a halo of lace that matches the wedding gown. The final product is a heavenly vision.

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Make a Statement

Bridal portrait

Juan Trijillo

This bride's elaborate Suma Cruz headpiece is an exact match for her colorful bouquet of tiny wild blooms. The completed look is both regal and enchanting.

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Bridal portrait

Loft Photography 

A crystal-embellished headband harkens back to a gilded era.

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Complement Your Hair Color

Brushed out curls with gold hairpins


How stunning is the color of this metal with the bride's rich hair color? A set of gold leaf hair clips adorns this bride's coiffed curls.

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Floral Glam

Bridal portrait

Jainé Kershner Photography

A glamorous crystal-embellished floral headband finishes off this otherwise minimalist ensemble. Check out how those floral shapes are a perfect match for those of the dress.

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Old-World Romance

Bridal portrait

Becca B Photo

An ornate vintage headpiece gives this romantic style and old-world appeal.

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La Bohème

Bridal Portrait

Adam Barnes

A vintage-inspired headband with dangling chains and crystal accents transforms any look into a bohemian dream.

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Art Deco

Bride in beaded dress


This bride went for a head-to-toe glitzy look. The glittering hair comb with crystal details mirrors the Art Deco theme of the dress creating a uniform look.

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Float On

Bridal hair

Branco Prata

We're getting major princess vibes from this whimsical storybook look. Two leaf–shaped hair clips with beaded accents are practically floating atop this bride's coiffed tendrils.

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Flowering Flow

Bride with mom

Larissa Cleveland Photography; Hair by 

Patty Perez 

A gilded headpiece of flowering vines adds a crystalized flow to the bride's glamorous style.

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Dot a Braid

Bridal hairstyle

O'Malley Photographers

This bride accented her loosely plaited hair with beaded pins for her vineyard wedding in Washington state. The results are straight out of a fairy tale.

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Peep Show

Bride and bridesmaid on bed

Kristen Curette; Hair by Graciela Saldivar

A delicate crystal hair clip offers a peekaboo effect amongst these luscious curls.

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It Takes Two

Bride and dad

Sarah Lockhart

This bride pulled her hair back in two sections of wavy tendrils, each fastened into place by an identical floral pin. A perfect pair, indeed.

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Wear a Tiara


Erich McVey 

Style influencer Hilary Rushford donned this gold and pearl tiara for her cathedral ceremony in Cartagena, Colombia.

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A Crystal Topper

Newlyweds cutting multiple cakes

Mel Barlow; Event Planning by Carole Grogan of Bright Blue Events; Headpiece by Sasha Samuel Jewelry

After the ceremony, this model bride donned a headpiece that graced the very tippy top of her head. The sparkling adornment was comprised of a crystallized infinity symbol, a fitting tribute to the beginning of the couple's forever.

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Bride looking in mirror while being zipped into dress

Chi-Chi Ari; Event Planning by Tiffany Rivera of Simply Breathe Events; Hair by Hair by Fran

A minimal, crystal floral hairpin is set just so among this feminine yet strong lob heightening the glam but effortless feel.

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A Frosty Addition

Bridal hair

Laura Gordon 

A frosty accent is the perfect hair accessory for this wintry wedding. How luxurious does it look paired with that cozy winter-white wrap?

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Crowning Glory

Bridal closeup with bejeweled crown

Cinzia Bruschini; Event Planning by Savvy Event Studio

This laid-back low ponytail cleans up well with the addition of an old-world, intricate crown. The bejeweled topper exalts the effortless style to regal heights fit for a Florentine wedding.

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Embrace the Femme

Newlyweds in front of sunset

Kadeem Johnson & Dar Es Salaam Riser; Bride's Accessories by Jennifer Behr

These gilded floral barrettes, positioned on each side of the bride's head, are the feminine touch that every bridal look needs. Don't they look darling amidst her natural curls?

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