46 Effortlessly Gorgeous Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Wedding guests with the bride


Whether you're a friend of the newlyweds or relative flying in for the wedding, you'll need a special hairstyle to mark the occasion. From easy updos to next-level ponytails, these looks are just the thing to rock at all the upcoming nuptials on your itinerary, no matter how casual or formal.

A well-tressed guest is one who looks like they can whip up a chic hairstyle with a few hair ties, pins, and accessories. Try your hand at a knotted updo. Pull out your curling wand and keep things classic with loose waves. A twisted ponytail is a perfect fit when the sun is shining during those outdoor summer ceremonies. Plus, some styles are so statement-making, you can skip the jewelry and let your 'do be the accessory that tops off your outfit.

Below, we've rounded up the best hairstyles for wedding guests with all hair types and lengths.

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An Elegant Chignon

Bridesmaids with smooth classic chignons and bride with glam curls on bed with mural in the background

Photo by Lisa Poggi; Event Planning by Exclusive Italy Weddings; Hair by Styles by Omar

All of these bridesmaids are rocking matching chignons gathered ultra low at the base of their heads. Paired with dramatic side parts and side-swept bangs, these ladies are the very essence of sophistication.

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A Low-Key Pin

Wedding guest with curly, side-parted lob and a low-key pin

Photo by Greg Finck

Shorter lengths with bouncy curls look instantly retro-chic with the addition of a sparkly hair accessory. Use the hairpins to pull some pieces away from the face on only one side for a vampy curtain-like effect on the other.

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A Textured Bun

Wedding guest with a textured, flower-adorned messy bun

Photo by Volvoreta

Embrace your natural hair texture, from straight strands to waves to curls and coils, by tossing it all into an easy laid-back bun. Just let it do its own thing for a sexy, relaxed look that is all your own.

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A Simple Twist

Newlyweds featuring bride with hair in a simple low knot

Photo by Biancca Wallace

Loosely (but securely) gather your hair at the base of the neck and twist into a simple loop for this stunningly minimalistic style. You can even rock a statement earring for a mega-watt ensemble.

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Braided Ponytail

Brunette wedding guest with goddess braids in ponytail in an orange gown

Photo by Lauren Baker

These fun braids are not only über cool but also incredibly pragmatic for a night of dancing and celebrating. Just be careful if you decide to whip that hair back and forth as these babies can do some damage.

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A Deep Side Part

Laughing brunette bridesmaid with deep side part and romantic waves standing with other bridesmaids in rust, gold, and mauve dresses

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

Switch up your part placement from a soft and romantic center part to a bodacious, va-va-voom side part. The deeper you go the edgier it gets.

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Floral Embellished Curls

Wedding guest with a flower-adorned curly hairstyle

Photo by Lauren Baker 

This bridesmaid accented her tight spirals with drapey flowers that mimicked her hair's natural springiness. The best part? This wedding guest hairstyle works on ringlets of any length.

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Brushed-Out Waves

Bridesmaids with effortless, brushed-out waves

Photo by Anya Kernes 

Brushed-out waves are oh so romantic and look incredible on ultra-long lengths and chic lobs and bobs alike. We love the added dimension from these tonal highlights.

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Twisted Tresses

Bridesmaid zipping bride into dress with half-up half-down hairstyles

Photo by Edward Winter for Readyluck; Hair by Boho Hair Salon  

A tousled half-up, half-down hairstyle gets a refreshing upgrade with the addition of an unexpected twist—literally. This bride and her maid of honor each twisted their front pieces backward before securing them into place.

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A Sweet-As-Can-Be Bow

Wedding guest with a sweet bow wrapped around braided half-up, half-down hairstylehairstyle

Photo by SARA LOBLA 

Incorporate a ribboned bow into any hairstyle for an oh-so-sweet touch. You can tie it around a half-up, half-down hairstyle or ponytail, loop it around a bun, or even weave it throughout a braid for an added dose of color.

Play with various textures to change up the feel of the bow and the resulting aesthetics. Tulle is ultra-bridal, of course; velvet adds softness; leather is edgy and masculine, and burlap can be very rustic.

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Beach Waves

Bride and bridesmaids with ultra long hair in loose flowing wavs

Photo by Tamara Gruner; Event Planning by Isabelle Kline Design; Hair by Melanie Ortiz of Priv; Bridesmaids' Dresses by Halston & Vera Wang 

You can never go wrong with beach waves—the style works on just about any hair length or texture. Change up the look by experimenting with a side part versus a center part.

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A Classic Low Ponytail

Bridesmaids in yellow dresses and matching low ponytails laughing on balcony overlooking Miami skyline

Photo by Amy Anaiz Photography

A low ponytail can be so many things. It can take on a soft and feminine appeal or you can add tons of texture and waves for a lush, runway-ready alternative. These laughing ladies perfectly showcase the versatility of the style with each of their individual hair textures.

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A Fishtail Updo

Wedding guest with an asymmetric fishtail braided updo

Photo by Anya Kernes; Event Planning by Rekindle Creative; Hair by Sherilyn Beauty

What better way to wear your hair for a coastal wedding than by incorporating a fishtail braid? This fishtailed tuck is absolutely enchanting, particularly with that crystal floral hairpin.

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A Ribboned Ponytail

Wedding Guest with a classic low ponytail wrapped in pink ribbon

Photo by Red Aspen Photography 

While bows are tender and sweet, we also love the drama of a free-flowing ribbon. A simple low ponytail can take on a whole new aesthetic with the addition of long ribbon tied at the base.

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An Easy Floral Braid

Side braid with baby's breath


This loose braid is set slightly askew, draping over one shoulder in a darling manner. Nestle in a few buds or pops of baby's breath for a refreshing touch.

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Curled Ends

Elegant wedding guest with effortless straight hair turned inward at the ends

Photo by Joey Willis 

Instead of straightening your hair into a sheath of pin-straight locks, slightly curl the ends inward for a more glam aesthetic. Add a little bit of volume throughout the strands to keep the look soft and not too sleek.

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Easy Half-Up, Half-Down Styles

Bride and bridesmaids in blue in matching half-up, half-down hairstyles

Photo by Carmen Santorelli; Event Planning by Simply Sera Events; Hair by Kohnur Premier Bridal Beauty; Bridesmaid's Dresses by Jenny Yoo, from Vow to Be Chic

Long lengths and brushed-out waves can stand on their own and need little embellishment, but for some added freedom, a simple gather can make a world of difference. Each of these ladies showcases the sheer range of this style with different textures and hair lengths.

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A Short Side Braid

Wedding guest in a teal dress with a side braid

Photo by Echoes & Wild Hearts 

Plait your hair in a slightly asymmetric fashion and sweep it over to one side for a playful vibe. This stunner secured the braid a few inches above the ends for a youthful feel.

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Straight Sheath

Bridesmaids in gold slip dresses and straight hair with the bride

Photo by Bottega 53; Event Planning by Venice First; Hair & Makeup by Makeup by Jane; Bridesmaids' Dresses by Bec + Bridge 

Pin-straight locks that look silky smooth and glossed out are the perfect match for slip dresses of the same texture. These ladies prove that simplicity sometimes really is all you need to make a statement.

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A Whimsical Fishtail

Wedding guest with a classic easy fishtail braid accented with tiny flowrs

Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick 

This sweet fishtail braid is dotted with bits of tiny flowers for an enchanted, storybook princess vibe. We deem this wedding guest hairstyle totally swoon-worthy.

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A Statement Headpiece

Wedding guest with a statement-making headpiece

Photo by Juanlu Real

The easiest way to jazz up a 'do? Add a headpiece. Even the simplest and most perfectly undone of styles get a serious injection of elegance and glam from the addition of a gorgeous hair accessory.

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Wet Look

Wedding guest with combed back wet hair taking photos

Photo by Matt Mendelson 

The combed-back wet look makes for a runway-ready contrast to an otherwise soft and feminine ensemble. We love the sleek, minimalism of the style on shorter strands, but the mermaid vibes of longer lengths can be equally alluring.

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A Big Ballerina Bun

Wedding guest with a big ballerina bun on top of head

Photo by Ali Bailey

An ample topknot makes for an appealing complement to a high neckline as it draws the eyes upwards and elongates the neck. Don't be intimidated by its size, this bodacious bun is easy to create with a hair sponge.

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Milkmaid Plaits

Wedding guest with milkmaid braids and flowers tucked into base

Photo by Echoes & Wild Hearts 

These milkmaid braids are whimsical and feminine, making them a great choice for any summertime wedding. Nestle a few buds at the base for a truly enchanted look.

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A Cascading Braid

Wedding guest with a cascading braid full of floral hairpines

Photo by O'Malley Photographers; Event Planning by Valley and Co.; Hair by Misbehaven Spa & Salon 

This is the plait of all our bohemian fantasies come to life. Draped twists, tiny floral hairpins nestled throughout, playfully curled ends—what more could we possibly ask for?

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Easy High Ponytail

Blonde smiling blonde bride with high ponytail wearing susnet-hued two piece holding hands with groom in pineapple shirt on beach

Photo by Olivia Rae James

Don't completely discount a high ponytail as a wedding guest look. The style can inject some youthfulness into any ensemble and still convey an air of elegance.

For an ultra-chic ponytail, take a strand of hair from the bottom and wrap it around the base covering the hair tie. Secure the twisted piece in place with a well-camouflaged bobby pin tucked underneath.

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A Knotted Braid

Wedding guest in a red strapless dress and blonde hair in knotted chignon hairstyle with date

Photo by Rebecca Yale 

How cool is this style? A knotted braid weaves itself down to the nape of the neck before twisting into one large, interwoven chignon.

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An Easy Side Sweep

Smiling brunette bride in with side-swept waves in beaded dress standing with groom in beige suit

Photo by Kristina Adams Photography

We're totally swept away by these romantic locks. Pull your hair to one side and let it all cascade over one shoulder, sensuously exposing your neck and collarbone on the alternate side.

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Big Texture

Wedding guest with naturally curly hair dancing

Photo by Lauren Baker

Embrace your natural hair texture for a larger-than-life 'do. Disclaimer: The bigger the hair, the funkier the dance moves!

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Tousled Tresses

Laughing blonde women with relaxed tousled waves and center parts dancing at wedding

Photo by Janine Licare Photography

These slightly undone, tousled locks emanate a relaxed and laid-back vibe that's sure to cause a stir. Shine and bounce of this caliber will have everyone begging for your hair secrets.

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A Boho Braid

Braided hair

Photo by Kristin Sweeting

Be still, our boho-loving hearts. This thick bohemian braid elegantly swoops into a low knot for a sweet yet fuss-free style.

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A Beachy Lob

Blonde wedding guest with voluminous beachy curls

Photo by Jeremiah & Rachel

Give your shorter length a sexy dose of volume and add some texture with beachy curls for this luscious look. Try a matte texturizing spray for added fullness that won't deter from the easy vibe.

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A Half-Up Messy Bun

Bridesmaid with half-up, half-down style and messy bu holding bouquet with groomsmen

Photo by Maya Marechal; Floral Design by La Fabrique d’Etoiles Filantes

A tousled half-up, half-down hairstyle gets a refreshing upgrade with the addition of a fun, messy bun. If you've mastered a traditional half-up style, this one's just as easy to recreate. Just swirl the gathered ends into a little bun and pin in place.

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Easy Side-Swept Ponytail

Laughing brunette woman in floral dress with side-swept ponytail dancing with man in tux on dancefloor

Photo by Sasithon Photography

While we're on the subject of small adjustments that make a big difference, let's shoutout this sophisticated ponytail. All the ease and beauty of an ultra-low ponytail with the additional funkiness that a subtle, off-center grip creates.

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A Bevy of Goddess Braids

Bride standing with bridesmaids in cinnamon dresses and braided chignon and ponytail hairstyles

Photo by Laura Memory Photography & Videography

Frankly, we have a bit of an obsession with the vivacious dimension and texture that goddess braids can bring to traditional styles. These bridesmaids stunningly showcase the range of their braids from a low chignon to a loose coif to a sky-high ponytail.

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A Sleek Knot

Smiling blonde woman with sleek low knot wearing sunglasses and pink newspaper print dress at wedding

Photo by Hailley Howard Photography

The most beloved hairstyle of the fashion-forward is without a doubt the sleek knot. Minimalist, chic, and almost deceptively easy to create, this coif is compatible with almost every hair length and never detracts from a fab outfit.

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Glam Topknot

Smiling brunette woman with sleek, glam topknot and sequin one-shoulder dress dancing at wedding

Photo by Second Shots Photography

Consider a topknot, ladies! How gorge is this ultra-sleek and glossy one for all the glam vibes?

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French Fringe and Curls

Laughing brunette woman with bangs and curly hair at wedding

Photo by Hailley Howard Photography

Wispy french fringe and relaxed curls couldn't be more effortless and cool. We love the aesthetic paired with the contrasting femininity of a silky slip dress.

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Perfectly Imperfect Updo

Smiling woman with perfectly imperfect updo holding parasol at wedding

Photo by Adriana Rivera

For a low-maintenance coif that looks anything but consider the tried-and-true perfectly imperfect updo. The beauty is all in the intentionally disheveled details, so this is one hairstyle that just gets better and better as the night goes on.

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Side-Parted Bombshell Curls

Laughing brunette woman with side parted old-hollywood curls dancing in red velvet dress

Photo by Second Shots Photography

Old-Hollywood romantics, this one's for you. A sultry side-part and bombshell curls never go out of style.

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A Sophisticated Pixie

Smiling mother of the bride with gray pixie cut in navy dress looking at brunette bride with chignon holding vibrant bouquet

Photo by Sasithon Photography

Long locks aren't the only tresses we're fond of. This elegant pixie is absolutely exquisite. We love how the cut is full of choppy layers that still look soft and touchable rather than overly edgy.

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Relaxed Updo With Full Bang

Smiling brunette woman with relaxed updo and full bang in patchwork dress at wedding

Photo by Michelle Scott Photography

With a full bang and gorgeous features to flaunt, little else is needed when it comes to a hairstyle. This stunner let her fringe take center stage with a relaxed and easy updo.

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Half-Up, Half-Down With Peekaboo Braid

Smiling brunette woman with wavy half-up, half-down hair and peekaboo braid touching nodes with blonde bride with ponytail holding bouquet

Photo by Cait n' Her Camera

A well-placed braid can do so much for a humble half-up, half-down wedding guest hairstyle. This peekaboo plait grips the hair into the coif in the most aesthetic way.

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Center-Parted Fro

Smiling brunette woman with center-parted afro and barely there makeup wearing slip dress and holding coupe glass at wedding

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

This fresh-faced beauty let her ample mane do all the talking. We love the addition of the center part for face-framing balance.

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Woven Hairstyles Two Ways

Brunette mother of the bride with half-up style and graying mother of the bride with braided chignon wearing silk embroidered robes

Photo by We the Romantics

Okay, so you may need a little bit of help recreating either of these woven looks—but we think these intricately gathered styles are well worth the extra effort.

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Epic Goddess Braids

Brunette woman with ultra-long goddess braids in green dress posing in front of green velvet couch and cacti at wedding

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

Long hair don't care? These epic goddess braids demand a moment in the spotlight.

  • Should I go to a hairstylist or create my own wedding-guest hairstyle?

    While practice makes perfect, there are some hairstyles that may be too difficult to do on your own. When in doubt, don't be afraid to enlist the help of a professional hairstylist.

  • Do I need to try out my hairstyle before the wedding?

    Not just reserved for the bride-to-be, a wedding hair trial is a great way to see your hairstyle perfected before the big day. Beyond mastering your 'do, you'll also make sure that you know how to keep it in place all day.

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