18 Ideas for Your Wedding Gift Table

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Your guests will more than likely come to the wedding bearing gifts, so it should go without question that a gift table definitely needs a place in your overall wedding day décor. With a beautiful presentation, you’ll not only create a striking moment, but you’ll leave very little room for guests to be left wondering: Where should I put this gift?

Whether you opt for an accent table that’s hidden in plain sight or create a true stand-alone moment, there are endless possibilities when it comes to crafting a creative display. Stick to the theme of a nautical or tropical wedding with a reclaimed wood box for cards or position an on-theme wagon at the entrance to a ranch wedding. Keep it simple if you’re sticking to a minimalist aesthetic with modern acrylic accents or even a completely customized card box.

Read on for 18 ideas for your gift table setup, each more unique than the last!

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Mix Rustic With Romance

wedding gift table

Photo by Marcie Meredith Photography

A reclaimed wood and glass card box brings a bit of rustic flair to the mix. Tuck it in amongst a beautiful floral arrangement at the welcome table, right where guests are sure to spot it.

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Create a Bed of Roses

wedding gift table ideas

Photo by Taralynn Lawton; Floral Design by Michelle Lywood

Dreamy watercolor florals are the standout moment of this gift table. Find a unique side or accent table that looks great on its own and drape it with a custom-dyed silk runner to create a focal point that guests can’t miss.

Use slate to create signage with stunning calligraphy, and house cards in a beautiful glass box lined with coordinating flowers, creating the illusion of the cards floating on a bed of florals.

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Use a Chalkboard

wedding gift table

Photo by Jordan Quinn Photography

Chalkboard signage is definitely a creative way to share pertinent information with your guests and is an especially appropriate tie-in for a barn wedding, or even a modern affair in a renovated industrial warehouse. Combine your efforts to keep things ultra-simple: Place the guestbook at the gift table as well.

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Combine Your Efforts

wedding gift table

Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography

There are plenty of creative ways you can give direction to your guests to ensure a smooth transition from ceremony to reception. One of the most common ways to do so is with an escort card table for guests positioned at the entrance (or at least close to) the reception space. It makes total sense to combine both the seating assignments and gift table into one space, ensuring any last-minute drop-offs make it to the right location before guests sit down and enjoy the party!

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Add Something Personal

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Photo by Tyler Branch Photography

When it comes to your big day, the more personal touches, the better. Decorate the gift table with gold leaf-covered resin letters that signify the initials of the happy couple. We also love the idea of a custom monogram sign. Either way, this is one element of decor that you can repurpose long after the wedding day is done!

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Think Outside the Box

wedding gift table

Photo by Mary Rosenbaum

A country wedding doesn’t always mean ‘down on the farm’ but sometimes it just makes sense to do so! An old-fashioned hay way will undoubtedly serve as an inventive, out of the box gift table, perfect for an outdoor bash.

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Keep It Minimal

wedding gift table

Photo by The Ganeys

Perfect for a modern affair, opt for an acrylic card box for the gift table. Keep it closed with a delicate piece of silk or satin ribbon tied in a bow as the accent on a gift table that exudes romantic simplicity.

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Give It a Glow

wedding gift table

Photo by Michael + Anna Costa Photography

Who can say no to a gift table bathed in candlelight? Use a variety of candles, from taper to pillar and even floating, to create an ethereal glow that will totally set the mood for your romantic affair. 

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Light It Up

wedding gift table

Photo by Sophie Mathewson Photography

Consider purchasing or even renting a large lantern to serve as the receptacle for the cards guests are sure to deliver on your big day. Repurposing a previously used lantern that’s large enough and functional enough to allow you to place cards inside is a unique alternative to the standard card box, and when lined with moss or succulents, will serve as your own elegant version of a terrarium.

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Do Something Unexpected

wedding gift table

Photo by Mi Belle Photography 

No matter your wedding style, when it comes to bringing your design to life, it’s all in the details. A floral-adorned mailbox is a creative alternative to traditional card boxes. 

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Make Something Custom

wedding gift table

Photo by Rustic Hustle

We love the idea of going totally custom for the gift table. A custom card box decal will ensure you get every detail just as you want it, whether you’re planning a wedding by the sea or a destination wedding in the French countryside. 

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Stick to the Theme

wedding gift table

Photo by Collin Hughes

This decorative box is giving us major miniature greenhouse vibes. Ideal for a garden wedding, a simple sign will alert guests to exactly what the cardholder is for, and can even make a great accent piece for your home in the future.

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Use Something Unique

wedding gift table

Photo by Kadi Tobin Photography

Incorporate musical accents throughout the day, right down to the guest table. An open guitar case boasts plenty of room to hold the bevy of gifts and cards you’ll undoubtedly receive, and absolutely set the tone for the fun affair that awaits.

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Add a Touch of Whimsy

wedding gift table

Photo by Diana Lupa

For a fairy-tale wedding, nothing could be more perfect than a chariot gift table to match. Adorned with baby's breath and a hand-calligraphed sign, this pretty wedding gift table will surely draw eyes all evening long.

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Utilize Antiques

wedding gift table

We’re all about great accent pieces on a wedding day. A mid-sized antique mailbox is a clever alternative for cards, while also being a fun, unexpected accent piece to weave into your décor—we love it for a backyard wedding at home.

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Find a Decorative Box

wedding gift table

Photo by Charity Maurer Photography

A decorative box is always a pretty pick for your wedding gift table, and when it comes to options for shapes and sizes, your choices are practically endless. This shabby-chic painted glass option feels ideally suited for beach, seaside, and nautical-inspired weddings, as well as tropical destination weddings, too.

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Keep It Rustic

wedding gift table

Photo by Amy Arrington Photography

Fall weddings beg for rustic details. This antique wagon was painted and transformed into a clever gift table for an outdoor bash, but we think wagons of all sorts of shapes and sizes could work for this purpose (once they've been cleaned up a bit).

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Use a Birdcage

wedding gift table

Photo by Dave Richards Photography

Keep it simple and easy: Guests can slip their cards through the bars of a pretty, decorative birdcage. With a moss-lined tabletop, leave just enough room for gifts to be placed on the table and plan to pile them high underneath.

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