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The wedding planning is officially underway and the next thing on your to-do list is send out your invitations. While you can pay to have a specialist take care of this pesky task, DIY-ing your invites may be easier than you imagine. First things first, you’re going to need to choose the most fitting font for your invitations. Getting this small but important detail right could help you set the right tone for your big day. 

“The invitation or the save the date will be the first piece that a guest will receive that sets the tone of your event,” says stationer Jordan Kentris. “Picking the right fonts can help set that tone by giving your guests a sense of what to expect. It should provide them with an idea of how they should dress for the event, how formal the event will be in structure, and what kind of feeling they'll get when they arrive at the event.”

Meet the Expert

Jordan Kentris is the founder and creative director of A Good Day, a boutique design firm specializing in event stationery.

Fortunately enough, there are plenty of free wedding fonts you can use for your invitations. When you start looking for the right fit, you will find that there’s a treasure trove of wonderful options online. (May we suggest checking out our cool customizable collaboration with Minted?) To make things simple, keep in mind that this style will need to align well with all of your wedding accessories. 

“Make sure you pick a font or fonts that will work with all the other printed goods for the wedding as you’ll want to carry that styling through to the event's day-of paper goods, thank you cards, gifts, and more,” Kentris adds. 

Types of Fonts to Consider for Your Invitations 

Ahead of looking at some of the best wedding fonts, here’s a crash course in typography. If you’re new to the world of fonts, understanding the basics will help you find the ideal one for your invitations. With that in mind, here are the main styles of font that you will be looking at when making the decision. 

Script Fonts

“Script fonts have a formal feeling and are grounded in traditional styling,” says Kentris. “Many have lots of flourishes—the swooshes and extras around each letterform—which add to the ornate styling.”

Calligraphy Fonts

“[These] are varied these days and can be a mix of modern calligraphy, where the letters are varied and feel more hand-drawn, to a traditional calligraphy style that looks closer to a script-style font,” says Kentris. 

Serif Fonts

“Serif fonts are great for print design, as they have extra ‘feet’ as they are sometimes referred to, that help bridge the visual lines between each letter and make for better legibility overall,” says Kentris. “There are two styles of serif fonts: more traditional, grounded in centuries-old styling, that feel like they belong in old history books, and a modern serif styling that is elevated [and] borrows from current design trends [but] still is grounded in tradition.”

Sans Serif Fonts

“Sans serif fonts are the cleanest letters, with no extra flourishes or feet. They are excellent for digital invitations but also the most legible,” says Kentris. "They have a modern elegance and can be paired together to create contrast through different thicknesses of fonts.”

Now that you’re well-versed in the various font types, it’s time to decide which will work for your wedding invitations. We’ve done the hard work for you and scoured the web for 15 of the loveliest fonts. So, without further ado, here’s our definitive list of favorites you can download right now. 

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Courtesy of dafont.com

If you’re looking for a wedding font with creative flair, Freebooter is the perfect place to start. Effortlessly fusing contemporary style with a few fun swooshes, there’s a whole lot to love here. The free font is slightly italicized too, which gives it an extra fancy edge. 

Download Freebooter

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Yaquote Script


Courtesy of Fontsc

Scripted style wedding fonts are all the rage, and you can’t go far wrong with Yaquote Script. The stylish yet understated font is perfect for announcing your elegant wedding. With flourishes of creativity and an uber-thin design, this free wedding font is both attractive and formal.

Download Yaquote Script

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Alex Brush


Courtesy of Font Squirrel

With big curls and a whole lot of character, Alex Brush is a sophisticated free wedding font. The serif typeface is ideal for invitations as it’s at once classy and playful. Slightly italicized and joined up lettering means that this font has all of the atmosphere of handwriting with none of the work.

Download Alex Brush

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Adelio Darmanto


Courtesy of dafont.com

Calligraphic script fonts rarely get more beautiful than this. Adelio Darmanto is a wonderfully delicate typeface with adorable features that is sure to have you head-over-heels. Take a closer look and you will note extra details, such as the hearts that dot the i’s.

Download Adelio Darmanto

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Courtesy of Indestructible Type

If you’re opting for a minimal and chic affair, you’re going to need a font that fits the bill. Luckily, that’s where Bodoni* slides neatly into the picture. The sans serif font is sleek and well-designed, giving an air of sophistication and grace to any wedding invitation. 

Download Bodoni*

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Courtesy of Font Space

Fancy bringing a slice of Great Gatsby style to your wedding invitations? Look no further than Broadway. Featuring a thoroughly 1920s vibe, the vintage-style font looks dazzling on any stationery. Give it a whirl.

Download Broadway

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Courtesy of dafont.com

Dreamland is a free wedding invitation font that certainly lives up to its name. Gorgeously dreamy, script-esque and refined, the font is ideal for most invitation styles. Why not pair it with a slick sans serif font for the ultimate combination?

Download Dreamland

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Courtesy of Font Space

Including stunning floral flourishes, Geraldine is a font that suits fancier wedding invitations. The stylish calligraphy font is both intricate and easily legible. If you’re all about the flower arrangements at your wedding, consider kicking things up a notch with this font.

Download Geraldine

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Courtesy of dafont.com

Hosting a traditional wedding day? Using an exquisite and classic font style like Exmouth is the way to go. The scripted font is both readable and slanted, giving it an altogether polished look. Perfect for high-end occasions. 

Download Exmouth

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Yellow Rabbit


Courtesy of Font Space

Chunky but not unsophisticated, Yellow Rabbit brings the best of both worlds to the table. The neatly rounded font features some extra accents that can be used to make your wedding invitations look more creative. This free wedding invitation font is ideal for modern couples who are hosting a fun event. 

Download Yellow Rabbit

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Dancing Script


Courtesy of 1001 Free Fonts

Dancing Script is both feminine and distinctive, making it the ideal choice for some wedding invitations. If you’re looking for a serif font that also looks contemporary, it’s definitely worth your time. You might want to combine this one with a simple sans serif font for the minor wedding details. 

Download Dancing Script

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Lemon Milk


Courtesy of Font Space

Do you live life in ‘all caps’? If you’re planning a bold and loud wedding event, let the guests know the deal early on with Lemon Milk. The free sans serif wedding font is trendy and current—perfect for any hipster couple. 

Download Lemon Milk

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Courtesy of Google Fonts

With accentuated serifs and an attractive look, Elsie is one of the best free wedding invitation fonts out there. The bolder style of this font means that it’s extremely easy to read and makes a huge impression. If you’re looking for a way to add more personality to your invitations, you’ve just found it.

Download Elsie

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Courtesy of Font Space

Is your wedding planning Pinterest board filled with chalkboards, bunting, and fairy lights? If the answer is yes, you might want to check out Roasting. The free wedding font looks like effortlessly written chalk on a blackboard with a slightly feminine twist. Simply gorgeous. 

Download Roasting

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Creamy Chocolate


Courtesy of Font Space

Want to add a slice of sweet stuff to your wedding invitations? Creamy Chocolate is the delicate and cute font that ticks all your boxes. With joined-up scripting and oodles of personality, this typeface is just adorable. 

Download Creamy Chocolate

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