The Hottest Wedding Flower Trends for 2022

According to top florists and designers.

floral trends

Photo by Rachel Havel

One thing we do know for this year’s upcoming weddings is that planning has become more intentional than perhaps ever before. That same sentiment also goes for choosing wedding flowers. Just as 2020 forced a shift for so many industries, flowers were definitely hit as well. As the demand for flowers went down, growers made adjustments so they wouldn’t be throwing away their crops. With that, 2022 may continue to be a year of pivoting, working with your florist to find the best fit for your big day.

This is why it’s more important than ever to work closely with a florist, as there’s so much they know about what blooms are in season, which ones are more expensive, and which ones work best with your venue. Not only will they help you come up with a gorgeous design, you’ll have first-hand access to a highly educated professional who is ready and willing to help you at every turn. 

Couples are getting even more creative, ditching tradition in favor of more unique ideas for weddings in 2022. “I've discovered that brides express themselves differently, completely ignoring the wedding rules, and focus on their inner spirit when selecting colors,” says Alisa Smalls, lead floral designer and owner of The Perfect Creation. “Couples want the wow factor. That is the number one request from clients. They want guests to walk into the space and immediately be amazed.”

Couples also take social media into account more than ever. “They want to wow their friends and have the wedding that will be featured all over Instagram,” says Leneille Moon, creative director and lead floral designer of Special Event Factory

So, what does the floral future look like in 2022? We asked a few experts to weigh in.

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Bright and Bold

bold florals

Photo by The Present Perfect; Floral design by Wen's Floral Studio

While pastel hues will always be in style, this year couples want punchier and bolder florals. “Brides have been locked in the house during this pandemic, giving them plenty of time to scour social media to get inspired by weddings from around the globe that are packed with lots of color,” says Moon. “From citrus to muted autumn hues, 2022 weddings will have much more color than ever before.”

Erice McNeff, owner and lead designer of Everbloom Floral Design has the same prediction. “I think couples are ready to ditch softer, traditional palettes and trust their designers to create something more unique,” she says. “This excites me so much as a designer, it really allows for a more unique design because there is so much we can do when there is a wider selection of colors to choose from.”

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Tons of Texture


Photo by Kyle John; Floral design by Katie Wachowiak

Couples are more open than ever to having more of a variety of blooms in their floral arrangements. “Clients are enjoying more textured florals and less roses. They are open to heavy greenery, floral installations, and much more variety than the two-piece Hydrangea rose special,” says Moon. Smalls agrees that unique floral combinations are going to be big in 2022. “The floral trend I am most excited about is the combination of the fusion of bold and soft flower colors and textures that will create an unusual edge,” says Smalls.

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Organic Arrangements

ceremony decor

Photo by Twah Dougherty Photography

Flowers don’t always grow into a perfect shape as expected, but couples are embracing their organic shape—a perfect analogy to how they’ve had to adjust their expectations of what their wedding might look like over the last few years. 

“If you study nature, you understand that flowers do not grow in a perfect shape, rather they grow in various directions and that is what makes nature so beautiful,” says Smalls. “I love placing floral centerpieces on tables that are organically arranged and give the room an artistic vibe.”

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Dramatic Designs


Photo by Logan Cole Weddings

Go big or go home is the M.O. of many couples after waiting to have their wedding for so long. “Everything is about being the first and going bigger on a budget,” says Moon. Smalls also foresees an increase in dramatic floral designs for 2022. “Some of the favorite floral styles include dramatic floral designs, floral arches in various shapes and sizes, elegant cascading flowers, floral borders that combine various colors and textures, suspended abstract designs, floral ceilings, and floral chandeliers,” says Smalls, just to name a few.

Not only will floral designs be more dramatic, but more unique overall according to McNeff. “My couples are challenging me to really be purposeful about every flower I'm using in their wedding and using those blooms in fresh ways,” she says. “I've had far less requests for traditional bouquets and centerpieces, and more requests for unique, playful blooms.”

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Centerpieces Full of Variety

Place settings

Photo by Rachel Havel

Blooms don’t have to be on a solo display, in fact, working in other decor items like candles or a variety of vases takes any floral design up a notch. Moon has a few ideas for a next-level floral display for the reception tables. “Multiple arrangements on the estate tables, a mix of tall candles, low compote vases, and bud vases all mixed onto the center of the tables and less of the chargers and gold flatware.”

Smalls says mixing floral and decor items is one of her favorite ways to elevate a floral arrangement. “Whether it is a continuous runner of flowers going down the length of the table or a canopy of dripping wisteria above the table, it is sure to create the wow factor and have guests talking about the wedding flowers for days! We complete the look, once again, using taper candles in a bold accent color and elevate the candles using crystal or metal candle holders.”

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Grand Entrances

Bride escorted down the aisle

Photo by Jenny Quicksall Photography

Why not make your grand entrance even grander? At least, that’s how Smalls feels. “One of the designs we love to create is a floral entrance for the bride,” she says. “We combine a combination of tall and low flowers with a sea of candles at the entrance to create an oasis for her to walk through. Not only is it beautiful but it makes for great photos. We love making the bride feel as if she is about to enter into the magical place she envisioned.”

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One-of-a-Kind Ceremony Arches

wedding arch

Photo by Plum & Oak Photography; Floral design by Penelope Potts Floral Design

Gone are the days of a basic floral arch to tie the knot in front of. Couples are getting more creative than ever with their ceremony backdrops. “I’m most excited to see how clients incorporate new ceremony arches and designs into their wedding day,” says Moon. “In the past, a pipe and drape or a gold hoop were very popular but now clients are opting for custom-built steel structures allowing floral designers to design their florals in modern and new ways like the backdrops seen in many Australian weddings.”

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Unexpected Color Pairings

Colorful wildflower bouquet


One easy way to differentiate your overall wedding look is to opt for a unique color scheme and incorporate it into your florals. “For 2022, soft greens and blues will be paired with bold colors and I am so excited,” says Smalls. “I love the use of unexpected color pairings which will create a unique look and really personalize an event.”

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