23 Wedding Eye Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed girls, take notes.

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Lisa Poggi

For most people, walking down the aisle is a moment they've dreamed of their whole lives. While everyone is looking at you, your eyes are fixated on your soon-to-be partner, and for a moment, it’s like you’re the only two people in the room. 

The moment you lock eyes with your significant other at the altar for the first time is something you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. When thinking about what you want to look like on your wedding day, your wedding eye makeup look is an important piece of your overall bridal vision. 

If you’re not sure what kind of look you want to go for, take a cue from the professionals and use your eye color as a guide. Warm browns, smokey taupes, and peachy pinks make brown eyes stand out. For more brown-eyed bridal inspo, read on to see 23 wedding eye makeup ideas for brown eyes from stunning real brides.

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Sweet and Smokey

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Abby Jiu

A dark smokey eye is a match made in heaven for brown-eyed beauties. Blown-out black shadow accentuates dark eyes without overpowering them. To balance out a more dramatic eye look, pair it with a natural pinky lip color, like the bride did here.

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Gilded Goals

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Addison Jones

Go for gold on your wedding day. A metallic golden eye shadow makes amber eyes sparkle under the spotlight.

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Natural Darling

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Alex Tome Photography

Elevate a more natural eye shadow look by adding a deeper shadow into the outer corner. Skip the shimmer on the lid to keep the look soft and simple.

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Lovely Lashes

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Atmosphere Fotografia

False lashes can help you draw attention to your dark eyes and make them look even more voluminous and alluring. Wispy strip lashes add an extra oomph to a more dramatic eye look, while a few individually placed lashes naturally enhance brown eyes.

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Silver Stunner

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Bokeh Photography

Silver eyeshadow shines extra bright on dark skin, emphasizing brown eyes. Finish with a thin line of black eyeshadow to add depth to the lashline.

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A Fine Flick

bride with brown eyes

Cinzia Bruschini

Not quite a cat eye, this light liner look adds depth and dimension to a natural eye look. Coat a super thin brush in black gel eyeliner and follow the shape of your lower lash line to get the perfect kitten flick.

The best eyeliner brushes can be found at your local art store, and they’re often cheaper than the brushes at most beauty stores. Look for a short, thin natural-haired paintbrush.

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Ultimate Liner Look

bride with brown eyes

Photo by David Bastianoni

Brown eyes can easily pull off a thicker liner look. Add a hint of shimmer on the brow bone to lift the eyebrow and make the eyes appear bigger.

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Perfectly Peachy

bride with brown eyes

Funkytown Photography 

Pinks and peachy tones are the perfect pop of color for brown eyes. This sunset-inspired eyeshadow look is perfect for the bride who’s bored of the classic brown smokey eye. These romantic, pinky-gold shades will illuminate chocolate brown eyes under the disco lights at your reception.

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Mesmerizing Mattes

bride with brown eyes

Greg Finck 

Matte eyeshadow and a pinky brown lip are a winning wedding day combination. Matte neutral makeup feels fresh and natural—ideal for the unfussy bride. For a foolproof application, use eyeshadow primer to keep your soft matte shadow in place all night long.

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Warm and Smokey

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Hannah Costello 

You can't go wrong with warm nude eyeshadow and a soft neutral lip. It makes for a classic, timeless bridal look that you'll never regret wearing! Smudged out liner softens the look, while a subtle contour shapes the cheeks.

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Go Full Glam

bride with brown eyes

Photo by IVASH

Your big day deserves an epic makeup look to match. Stunning silver eyeshadow makes brown eyes sparkle, while full, fat false lashes play up the look even more. A smoked-out lower lashline frames the eyes beautifully.

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Au Natural

bride with brown eyes

Photo by James & Schultz

If you have naturally dark lashes that you want to accentuate on your wedding day, skip the liquid liner and instead opt for creating depth and darkness by smudging a black eyeshadow at the base of your lashes. This creates a more natural smokey eye shadow effect without the harsh lines. 

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Modern Sophisticated Glamour

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Jen Ocken Photography

For a sultry, sexy bridal beauty look, create a soft smokey eye with earth-toned eyeshadows. Use the darkest color in the outer corner and get progressively lighter as you blend toward the inner corner. Keep the entire look matte, like this bride did here, for a more classic bridal look, or add a pop of shimmer in the center of the lid to up the glam factor. 

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Flirty Flare Lashes

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Jillian Mitchell 

Level up a cat eye with a pair of wispy false lashes. Keep the eyeshadow simple with a light-colored shimmery shade on the lids, and finish with a flick of liquid liner. Paired with a brick red lip color, this flirty eye look is absolutely eye-catching. 

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Dark and Moody

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Katie Grant

Dark eyeshadow brings out the natural beauty of brown eyes. Don’t be afraid to dip into deep chocolate browns and charcoal black shades when experimenting with your wedding day eye look. As long as the shadow doesn’t extend too far out towards the temples, dark eyeshadow can still look delicate and refined.

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Glossy Goddess

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Lauren Baker

Shine bright on your wedding day, minus the sparkle. Glossy lids and lips are a stylish choice that feels naturally effortless yet extremely high fashion. Bring the shine down to your collarbones to tie the whole look together.

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Subtle Smokey Eye

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Kristina Adams Photography

For a barely-there smokey eye, smudge out a black shadow across the lash line. Brush through the brows with a spoolie and brow gel to keep them in place. Keep the liner on just the top lid for a more lifted, youthful effect. Add a light layer of mascara to the bottom lashes to balance out the eyes.

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Less is More

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Sarah Falugo Weddings

Let brown eyes have their moment in the spotlight by keeping the eyeshadow to a minimum. A cool-toned contour shade in the crease adds just enough dimension. Curl and coat your lashes in several layers of mascara to make your eye color stand out even more. 

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Rosy Nude Glam

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Taylor Mccutchan

Rosy eyeshadow tones scream romance. Mauvey, jewel-tone shades perfectly complement brown eyes, while a brown or black liner makes lashes appear more full. Pair with a blush in the same color family for a monochromatic look.

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Ice Princess

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Sarah Falugo 

We love the contrast of cool-toned silver eyeshadow on warm bronze skin. Perfect for a winter wedding, gorgeous greys and sultry silvers make brown eyes sparkle and shine like never before. Fill in the brows with a brow pencil for a bold, beautiful look. 

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Warm and Sophisticated Smokey Eye

bride with brown eyes

Treebird Photography

We can't get enough of a warm brown smokey eye. These coco-inspired hues were made for brown eyes, and it’s a bit subtler and softer than the black smokey eye you’ve come to know. Plus, it looks incredible with a bright lip color, as seen here.

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A Pop of Color

bride with brown eyes

Photo by To The Moon Photography

A bright royal blue eyeliner isn't reserved just for brides with colored eyes. This color does wonders for deep brown eyes, emphasizing the chocolate-colored depth in the bride's eyes. Wear a dash of blue eyeliner in the lower waterline or smudged against the upper lash line.

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Chic Wing

bride with brown eyes

Photo by Lisa Poggi

A baby wing is the perfect complement to a subtle eye makeup look. Even if you're not an eyeliner pro, you can easily nail this look. Start the line in the center of your lid and extend it just past the outer corner. Clean up any mistakes with a makeup removing wipe, following the angle of your lower lash line.

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