25 Wedding Entrance Ideas for Any Reception Style

couple entering wedding reception

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Once you’ve shared your vows, said "I do," and your ceremony comes to a close, it’s time to get to the reception! While your ceremony is every bit as important, your reception truly provides the opportunity to celebrate your nuptials in whatever way you choose. And whether you’re planning a unique cocktail hour with plenty of food stations, a sit-down dinner, or a beach party, making an entrance will help to set the tone and get the party started.

Whether you’re hoping to make a grand, jaw-dropping entrance, or simply plan something meaningful, there are options for every couple. This will be your first introduction as a married couple. Why not make it special?

Need inspiration to get started? Read on for 25 creative wedding entrance ideas to find the perfect fit.

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Kick Off the Dance Party

couple walking into reception


Ready to get your groove on? Enter your reception space to a favorite song and coordinate a dance right off the bat. This is sure to draw attention and set the mood for the party.

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Make It Colorful

color parade for couple's wedding


Want to go all out in color? Throw a party in the streets with smoke bombs. Be sure your venue will allow these on-site ahead of time. If so, choose your favorite colors and make a splash!

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Create a Candlelit Path

reception tent with candles


Looking for something romantic? Candles will do the trick. Create a path of candles that leads into the reception space. Your guests will love walking through on their way in, and they will serve as the perfect aisle for you and your partner, too!

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Have Fun With a Mariachi Band

mariachi band wedding parade


Especially if you're planning a destination wedding, why not embrace local music? Have a mariachi band escort you to your reception space to get the party started.

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Use an Existing Door

wedding entrance door


Keep things simple and use an existing feature at your venue. Of course, you can dress it up with greenery and blooms, too. Make a beautiful entrance by walking through to your reception space, hand-in-hand.

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Try Theatrics

couple making theatrical reception entrance


Love the theater? Why not have some fun! Because this couple utilized a theater as their reception venue space, they made a statement by descending and appearing through a trap door. How magical!

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Play an Entrance Song

couple giving wedding speech


Choose a meaningful song to announce your nuptials. This will help set the tone for the entire reception in the most beautiful way.

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Announce a Name Change

couple making wedding speech


Planning to keep your new official names a secret until your wedding day? This couple did! They kicked off their reception by sharing the exciting news of a name change.

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Take the Stairs

couple walking down the stairs

Photo by Chi Chi Ari Love

If your reception space has stairs, be sure to use them! Dress them up with bundles of blooms, or keep things plain and simple. Either way, it's a space that's sure to draw attention as you and your partner enter the venue.

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Follow Your Wedding Party

bridal party in white suits


Allow your wedding party to make a grand entrance ahead of you to set the tone. We love the idea of a big group announcing the arrival of the newlyweds.

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Take a Trolley

couple walking off of a trolley


Consider traveling to your reception venue in style! Arrive via trolley for a fun and festive option.

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Create a Textile Display

wedding reception entrance with textiles


While this option isn't terribly grand, it is stunning! Set up a display featuring textiles made in the locale where you're tying the knot. You'll love using it as a backdrop for reception entrance photos.

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Celebrate With Sparklers

sparkler wedding entrance

Photo by Molly Peach

While a grand exit with sparklers is a popular idea, it can be reversed as well! Put someone in charge to set this up. Give each guest a sparkler and walk through on your way into your reception space for a truly magical moment.

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Deck Out a Bus

custom wedding buses


All aboard a bus! Transport your guests to your reception space with a personalized bus. Ride in style with everybody else, or follow behind in your own custom transportation.

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Ring a Bell

couple ringing a bell

Photo by Peyton Byford

Planning a rustic or camp-style wedding? Ring a bell to mark your entrance. This is sure to draw attention from the crowd!

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Set Up a Shoe Valet

wedding shoe valet sign

Photo by Paige Jones

Want to set up an entrance your guests will love, too? Encourage them to kick off their shoes! Set up a shoe valet for a beach party so everybody can be ready for dancing.

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Host a Parade

wedding street parade

Photo by Les Loups of The Wedding Artists Co.

Want to include your guests in the fun? Plan a parade! If it's close enough, walk from your ceremony space to your reception venue in style. Your guests will love the opportunity to be part of your entrance.

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Take It to the Tropics

coconut wedding entrance

Photo by Lauren Fair

Hosting a tropical party? Set up an entrance with refreshments to match. Encourage guests to grab a coconut for the ultimate treat. You'll be able to grab one on your way into your reception space to enjoy right alongside your guests.

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Make a Speech

couple giving a wedding welcome

Photo by Holtz Wedding Photography

Before making your way into the crowd, give a speech. This is such a great time to welcome guests to your reception and to share your gratitude for everybody being there to celebrate.

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Walk Through Curtains

wedding reception curtain

Photo by Katherine Ann Rose

Consider creating your own entrance to your reception venue. We love the idea of draping curtains, complete with greenery and beautiful lighting. Walking through this entryway holding hands will create such a magical moment.

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Take a Golf Cart

couple on a golf cart

Photo by Gaby J Photography

Arrive in style! This is the perfect option if you're getting married at a resort or country club. Borrow a golf cart to transport you and your partner to your dinner party.

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Put On a Show

couple entering reception venue with performers

Photo by John & Joseph

Planning something glam? Make a Hollywood entrance! Performers escorted this couple into their reception space to command attention. They kicked off the celebration with a performance on the dance floor to "Lift Off" by Jay-Z and Kanye West.

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Use the Getaway Car

couple kissing in front of wedding car

Photo by Juliana Moreira Pessoa of Brett Matthews Gallery

Getaway cars can have multiple uses! Arrive at your reception space in a stunning, vintage car. You'll not only make a statement, but it will make for the most beautiful photo ops.

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Open a Lemonade Stand

couple standing by wedding lemonade stand

Photo by Chi Chi Ari Love

Hoping for something fun and fresh? Keep things casual by creating an entrance with a drink stand. Allow your guests to grab a lemonade, and then snag one for yourself too.

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Include Live Music

violinist playing at a wedding

Photo by Deborah Ann Photography

While a DJ is certainly appropriate, having live music can provide such a special touch. Have a violinist or guitarist begin playing a sentimental song as you and your partner enter your reception.

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