This Bride Had to Cancel Her Wedding, So She Wore Her Dress To Get Vaccinated Instead

She wasn't about to let that gown go to waste!

Sarah Studley Vaccine in Wedding Dress

University of Maryland Medical System/Twitter

It's a tale as old as time—well, at least since the beginning of the pandemic. Another couple's wedding reception was canceled due to Covid-19. But this bride wasn't about to let her beautiful dress go to waste. Instead of walking down the aisle, Sarah Studley walked right into a vaccination center in her wedding dress. Last weekend, Studley received her vaccination at the M&T Bank Stadium in her bridal gown, and the University of Maryland Medical System shared a sweet photo of the moment.

When the cancellation of her wedding reception left her dress to sit in her closet and collection dust, Studley decided she had another important engagement she was attending. "I knew this was the dress I would wear," she told CBS Baltimore affiliate WJZ. "No pretty dress should sit in your closet forever unworn." We couldn't agree more.

As it has been for many others, receiving the vaccine was a momentous occasion—not unlike a wedding day. "For me, it was a celebration," Studley said. "There were so many low moments during the pandemic, so many things that got canceled, this dress, if nothing else, represents hope."

And it seems that her story has provided hope for a lot of others, as well. Her story soon picked up traction and received widespread attention—including during CBS This Morning, with co-host Gayle King adding that it was a "very pretty dress."

Studley took to Twitter to share her excitement. "GAYLE KING SAID MY NAME. SHE LIKED MY DRESS," she wrote. "Okay, that’s a wrap. Cannot top this." Here's to hoping there are many more COVID-19 cancelled wedding with a joyous redemption moment in 2021.

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