The Wedding Décor Trends You'll See in 2023

Experts predict a bold year ahead.

wedding tablescape with bold florals, lanterns, and a colorful tablescape

Photo by Gianni Di Natale

Wedding décor has seen its fair share of changes over the years. From the over-the-top looks of the '80s to the minimalist all-white wedding to the rustic revival that defined the 2010s, each decade found a wedding style of its own. Now as we enter 2023, a few new design trends are on the rise to define the next era of wedding décor. The biggest takeaway? It's going to be a year of seriously fun, new design.

Trends you might see? "Fresh, unexpected palettes, and unique perspectives," shares wedding photographer Perry Vaile. "Nothing thrills me more than to be surprised on a wedding day." And, those surprises will be aplenty in 2023. Ahead, we chat with experts in the wedding industry to share what few décor trends will be standouts in the year ahead.

Meet the Expert

  • Perry Vaile is a destination wedding and editorial photographer.
  • Lisa Costin and Somer Khouri are the co-founders and directors of the full-service event planning and design firm A Charming Fête.
  • Nancy Park and Paean Wang are the principal planners of the boutique event design, planning and coordination company So Happi Together.
  • Guerdy Abraira is the founder of the event planning company Guerdy Design.
  • Allison Jackson is the founder of the full-service planning company Pineapple Productions.
  • Corbin Gurkin is a renowned destination wedding photographer.
  • Amy Abbott is the founder of the Los Cabos-based company Amy Abbott Wedding & Events.
  • Mindy Weiss is wedding planner and author with almost 30 years of experience in the industry. She is the founder of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants.
wedding tablescape with colorful candles and patterned tablecloth

Photo by A Bitter Orrange

Vibrant Color and Textures

One of the strongest trends we will see echoing through 2023 is a major embrace of color. "Neutrals will always be a mainstay in wedding design however we are seeing many of our couples wanting to incorporate more color into their wedding palette," note Lisa Costin and Somer Khouri of A Charming Fête. "We are loving this trend as it allows so many more opportunities for floral design as well as expands our realm in terms of textiles, furniture, and fashion."

Not only are planners seeing brighter and moodier color palettes integrated into their upcoming wedding plans, but pattern and texture is also marking its presence in these designs. "It has been fun to see colorful motifs, patterns, and textures show up everywhere from flowers, place settings, dance floors, stationery, and even wardrobe choices (hello, floral wedding gowns!)," share planners Nancy Park and Paean Wang of So Happi Together. "This trend speaks to our hearts and we can’t wait to see more of it in 2023!"

wedding reception tent with chandeliers and handing fringe light fixtures

Photo by Studio This Is

Intentional Lighting

According to wedding planner Guerdy Abraira, "lighting art is the new décor." Allison Jackson of Pineapple Productions elaborates, "While lighting has always been an important part of our design process, custom lighting is something the couples we work with are prioritizing more than ever before. There is no overstating it—unique, beautiful light fixtures installed in a clean, intentional way elevate and transform a space more than any other décor element. We are thrilled to be working with lighting companies in increasingly innovative ways to make a wedding more personalized and polished."

dinner party inspired wedding tablescape

Photo by Joe + Kathrina

Dinner Party Weddings

As the micro wedding is here to stay, couples have scaled back the guests lists and focused on curating a beautiful meal in a stunning space for their loved ones. "I love that weddings are starting to have the feel of a fabulous dinner party in your favorite chic restaurant," shares wedding photographer Corbin Gurkin. "There's more emphasis on cohesive palette and pleasing textures." With this focus, tablescapes are coming to the forefront major opportunities for fun design, curated dinnerware, and stunning floral arrangements.

brides at afterparty with disco balls and bold lighting

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

Over-the-Top After-Parties

One major trend for weddings in 2023 that will make use of this fun lighting? The late-night after-party that takes entertainment and design to the next level. "They are the perfect solution for hotel and venue early curfews, and a perfect opportunity for brides and grooms to express themselves in a little less-traditional light," shares wedding planner Amy Abbott. "One of our favorite late-night fêtes this year was a futuristic circus theme, complete with aerial dancers, water drummers, men on stilts, fire dancers, mirrored cage dancers, disco bunnies, an espresso martini bar, a Daft Punk Tribute DJ, and a 3D photo-booth." While these after parties might range in design based on scale and budget, planners share that couples are pulling out all the stops to make these celebrations feel like a pop-up lounge or club for the evening.

candlelit table structures at rehearsal dinner

Photo by Sergio Sandona

Architectural and Interior Design Elements

While most couples planning weddings lean into the resources that a venue provides, this year, we might be seeing more event teams actually building new structures to enhance the space to fit design goals. "Architecture and interesting wood and textures will allow each event to look unique in 2023. I love that it’s going to create environments that will be unforgettable," shares wedding planner Mindy Weiss. "And, I love that we’re using actual residential furniture for décor—bars and other furniture pieces throughout."


A Guide to 2023 Wedding Trends

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