23 Wedding Dance Floor Ideas to Kick Up Your Feet

Make this special space your own!

Groom dancing with bride

Photo by Jenn Emerling Weddings

Once your vows have been said and dinner has been enjoyed, it’s time to dance! And for many couples, especially those who love to kick up their feet, this is the highlight of their celebration.

To be sure you’re putting your best foot forward, you may choose to have a dance floor at your wedding. A dance floor creates a welcoming space for guests to feel comfortable letting loose to their favorite song. Plus, you and your partner will get to share your first dance as a married couple in a lovely setting.

The beauty of choosing your dance floor set-up is that it’s all up to you. Whether you utilize an existing space and dress it up with gorgeous lighting and décor, or you bring in a custom dance floor to really make your venue space your own, the options are endless. And from striped and checkered patterns to lettering on the floor, not to mention sky-high ceiling decorations to bring it all together, there’s a beautiful dance floor décor idea that will perfectly fit your overall aesthetic.

Ready to find the inspiration you need to get dancing? Read on for 23 of our favorite wedding dance floor ideas.

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Dance Under the Stars

tree dance floor

Photo by Mary Rosenbaum Photographs

This dance floor set-up is nothing short of a dream. The custom dance floor features a beautiful old oak tree, while the ceiling décor incorporates stunning greenery and dangling star-shaped lanterns.

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Embrace a Locale

Amalfi dance floor

Photo and design by Julio Tomala

Whether you're hosting a destination wedding on the Amalfi coast or bringing elements into the mix stateside, your dance floor can be dressed up to fit the theme. This incredible dance floor made up of a variety of colored tiles looks just like the ceramic tiles you'll find in this coastal Italian destination.

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Choose a Pattern

black and white dance floor

Photo by Theo Milo Photography

While a checkered dance floor is classic, we love the idea of switching it up just a bit. This design features black and white tiles to create a sleek display. Plus, the smaller square in the middle perfectly highlights whoever is in the middle of dance floor!

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Feature Florals

floral dance floor

Photo by Abbie Tyler Photography

Why not match your dance floor décor to your wedding blooms? This set-up was put together with large white tiles, with a custom monogram in the center. To make it even more special, illustrations of florals to match the table centerpieces were added to the mix.

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Dress Up a Pool

water inspired dance floor

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography; Planning by Lauryn Prattes

What if you could dance on water for your wedding? With this design, it's possible! This couple shared a dance on top of a swimming pool. Of course, it took an acrylic dance floor placed over top to pull it off.

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Sign Your Names

black dance floor with gold

Photo by Ashley Paige Photo

If you already have a beautiful floor to utilize in your venue, it may just take a clever detail to make it your own. The contrast of gold lettering on this shiny black floor is simply stunning.

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Channel a Rustic Vibe

rugs as dance floor

Photo by Holtz Photography

Make your venue feel that much more comfortable in an instant with the addition of a few rugs. We love the idea of using different rugs to create a rustic or vintage-inspired vibe.

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Use a Clever Phrase

black and white dance floor

Photo by Heather Kincaid

Dancing at weddings can be intimidating for some. Why not lighten the mood a bit? Add a clever phrase spelled out in black lettering to pop against an otherwise plain white floor.

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Feature Your Monogram

monogram dance floor

Photo by Kaity Brawley

Once you're married, it may mean a new monogram. Why not show it off with a special crest that's larger than life? This is such a clever way to turn simple flooring into a spectacular dance floor.

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Add Drapery and Lighting

dance floor with drapery

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

While you may not always be able to change the flooring for your dance floor space, you can certainly dress up the ceiling. This real wedding couple incorporated beautiful draping with twinkling lights to create a magical space.

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Create a Meaningful Design

mandala dance floor

Photo by Mike Larson

A neutral-colored dance floor could certainly stand on its own for any wedding. But one couple chose to take it to a new level by infusing meaning and personality. By using flowers to create a mandala design, this real wedding couple created the most beautiful space for their first dance.

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Bring the Outdoors In

greenery dance floor

Photo by Julio tomala

Want to bring the outdoors inside for your wedding? Create a magical space with your dance floor. This design incorporated a grass-inspired floor with plenty of starry lights—not to mention the incredible display of greenery up above.

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Go Bold With Color

balloons over dance floor

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

Want to make a statement? Your dance floor can certainly be all white, with a hint of shine. But to really kick things up a notch, add a bold pop of color with a balloon installation overhead.

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String Plenty of Lights

string lights over dance floor

Photo by Bokeh Company 

Sometimes, great lighting is truly all you need. If you want to create a starry-sky vibe, incorporate plenty of dangling string lights for a magical effect.

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Utilize Existing Space

greenery dance floor

Photo by Charla Storey 

Not every venue will offer space for a separate dance floor, and that's okay! Choose an area within your reception space that makes sense. Bonus points if you can utilize existing chandeliers and dress them up with greenery to make the space your own.

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Keep It Simple

string lights on dance floor

Photo by Mary Meck Weddings  

The dance floor is all about coming together and having fun. If you prefer to keep it simple, opt for a wood floor and a few string lights to light up the night.

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Use Water as Inspiration

blue and white dance floor

Photo by Kate Headley 

If you're hosting a lakeside celebration, why not embrace the theme with your dance floor. This space featured a custom blue and white striped dance floor, complete with a ceiling covered in white lanterns to add plenty of texture.

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Bring in Balloons

dance floor balloons

Photo by Kristin Sweeting

Nothing beats a classic checkered dance floor. And while that design can certainly speak volumes on its own, why not add even more fun to the mix? The ceiling of this dance floor space was decked out with hundreds of white balloons for a dreamy décor statement.

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Play With Texture

dance floor with lanterns

Photo by Steve Steinhardt Photography 

This gorgeous dance floor was made up of bespoke blue and white Spanish tiles. But what made it even more special? Plenty of textured linens with glowing orbs above to create an extraordinary space.

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Use Unique Lighting

lights on dance floor

Photo by Tim Ryan Smith 

It was all about the lighting for this dance floor design. Individual strings were hung with various bulbs for a hint of an industrial-meets-vintage vibe.

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Create Your Own

rug dance floor

Photo by Yellow Bird Visuals

Planning a DIY wedding? If you don't want to hire a vendor to bring in a dance floor, you can create your own. This couple utilized a variety of rugs to allow for outdoor dancing under string lights.

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Dance on Stars

lighted dance floor

Photo by the curries

What if you could dance on top of stars? On your wedding day, you can! This tiled dance floor may have looked simple on its own, but once the lights went low, LED lights projected onto the floor and made for a star-inspired display.

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Make It Magical

lighted dance floor

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography 

This dance floor incorporated multiple gorgeous elements to create a truly magical set-up. Not only is the ceiling décor, which is made up of greenery and chandeliers, absolutely stunning, but it was made that much more special with a lighted monogram projected on the floor.

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