11 Wedding Cake Trends to Know in 2022, According to Top Bakers

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If you’re planning a wedding in 2022, you may be ready to finalize your menu. And with an incredible meal planned, it’s only appropriate to finish things off with an equally impressive wedding day cake.

While classic white wedding cakes will always be a gorgeous choice for the occasion, the options for wedding cakes and other treats are ever-expanding. There are stunning designs that have grown even more popular over the past few years, along with clever, new techniques that bakers are excited to offer their couples.

Ready to find the perfect wedding cake design for your 2022 date? Read on for ideas from top industry bakers to learn what will be on-trend. 

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Bas Relief Detailing

bas relief gold cake

Photo by K.R. MORENO; Cake by Sweet Heather Anne

Bas relief is a carving technique used in sculptural artistry, but it’s now made its way into the cake design world as well. Buttercream is used to create a slightly raised design on the cake, resulting in an impressive masterpiece. “Bas relief is a way to add a classical old-world element to your wedding cake, particularly when tone on tone is incorporated,” says Randi Smith, owner of Sugar Euphoria.

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Pressed Florals

wedding cake with florals


Featuring pretty, organic blooms on wedding cakes and other sweet treats has certainly been trending the past few years. And, this trend is here to stay in 2022. “They are perfect for everything from boho weddings to fairytale garden weddings,” says Smith. “Plus, there are so many different options with all of the different floral types.”

Janderyn Makris, owner of Earth and Sugar agrees this trend will definitely stick around. “I love how they all range in color,” she says. “And, because it is particular in style, it doesn’t have to match the wedding decor. It is its own style that reflects ethereal beauty, and best of all, it can be done on a buttercream cake.”

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Small Cutting Cakes

single tiered cake with flowers


If you’re still hoping to have a cake-cutting ceremony without a massive cake, this is the ideal solution. This trend made its debut in 2021 as couples were navigating the pandemic and planning micro-weddings, but it’s not going anywhere. Couples are opting for cakes of one or two tiers, but according to Smith, even though they are small, the designs will still pack a punch.

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Bold, Colorful Cakes

colored buttercream cake

Photo by Cat Carty Buswell; Cake by Sweet Heather Anne

After so much uncertainly, couples are excited to host the wedding of their dreams. “Many of our couples are ready to throw an epic party,” says Heather Leavitt, owner of Sweet Heather Anne. "We’re seeing more statement cakes in bold colors that reflect the celebratory tone of the event.” With that, the size of cakes is matching the bold designs as well. According to Smith, many couples are opting for four and five-tier cakes that command attention.

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Individual Mini Cakes

individual wedding cake

Photo by Mandee Johnson; Cake by Nicole bakes cakes

Plenty of 2021 weddings featured individual mini cakes plated for each guest instead of a large, multi-tiered confection, and that trend is definitely here to stay for 2022. “It's a great idea to offer your guests their own cake rather than just a slice of cake,” notes Nicole Redd-McIntosh, owner of Nicole Bakes Cakes.

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Separated Tiers


Photo by Mademoiselle Fiona; Cake by Nine Cakes

Looking for a true piece of art? This trend is taking 2022 by storm. “We’re utilizing acrylic rounds or squares along with elevated metal separators that make it appear as if a tier or two is floating,” says Smith. Talk about a bold way to command attention! Redd-McIntosh suggests really taking the design to a whole new level with this addition. "These pretty clear tiers can be filled with flowers, candy, or just left empty to give your cake an added WOW factor," she says. Plus, you could even utilize this concept to pair two different desserts into one display.

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Black Cakes

black cake with gold detailing

Photo by Michelle Dudley Photography; Cake by Nicole bakes cakes

Hoping to showcase something bold? Black cakes can be designed to fit any wedding theme. “Couples have been into the dark and moody vibes of a black cake, and I am here for it!” says Redd-McIntosh. “I love a black cake with a pop of color or metallic.”

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Modern Art Masterpieces

modern art wedding cake

Courtesy of Buttercream Bakeshop

As couples are excited to make a splash in 2022, designs are getting more and more creative. “I'm getting design boards with abstract or modern art inspiration and layers of texture,” says Tiffany MacIsaac, owner of Buttercream Bakeshop. “Really just an overall modern art, minimalist vibe.” MacIsaac is predicting tall slender cakes with unique proportions, resulting in beautifully grand stature.

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Replicating Patterns

cake with sugar flowers

Photo and cake by Ashley Cakes

Choosing a pattern or textile you love and incorporating it throughout your wedding will be super on-trend for 2022. And yes, that even means bringing it into your cake design! “We are seeing the trend swing back to large tiered cakes with lots of personal details, whether it be lacework replicated from the client’s wedding dress or a specific pattern that they are incorporating into their wedding,” says Ashley Lattier, owner of Ashley Cakes.

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Pet Portraits

wedding cake with dog portrait

Photo by Inly Co Weddings; Cake by Sweet Heather Anne

Want to make your wedding cake ultra-personal? Feature your furry best friend! “Our couples love incorporating meaningful details on their cakes, and pets are by far the most popular detail they include,” says Leavitt. “We love to hide pet portraits on the back of the cake as a sweet surprise for guests.”

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Citrus Cakes

citrus wedding cake


Outdoor celebrations certainly aren’t going anywhere, and according to Redd-McIntosh, couples are following suit. Many couples are opting for a cake featuring fresh citrus or other fresh fruits as the ideal fit for an alfresco reception.

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