7 Wedding Cake Trends to Know in 2023, According to Top Bakers

Learn the biggest trends in cakes this year.

three-tiered naked cake with florals and petite cakes on angled cake stands

Courtesy of From Lucie

If you’re planning a wedding in 2023, you may be ready to finalize all the details of your reception. Once you have an incredible meal planned, it’s only appropriate to finish things off with an equally impressive wedding day cake. While classic white wedding cakes will always be a gorgeous choice for the occasion, the options for wedding cakes and other treats are ever-expanding. There are stunning designs that have grown even more popular over the past few years, along with clever, new techniques that bakers are excited to offer their couples.

Ready to find the perfect wedding cake design for your 2023 date? Read on for ideas from top industry bakers to learn what will be on-trend for the year. 

Meet the Expert

  • Randi Smith is the owner of Sugar Euphoria, a boutique cake and confectionery studio in the Raleigh-Durham area.
  • Kelly Gray is the cake artist behind Kelly Gray Cakes, with studios located in Southern California and Telluride, Colorado.
  • Lucie Franc de Ferrier is the owner of New York City-based bakery From Lucie.
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Grand Wedding Cakes

Four-tier white wedding cake with floral details

Courtesy of Kelly Gray Cakes

“Maximalism is still having a moment and I think we’ll see this expressed through grand wedding cakes with intricate details and impressive heights," shares cake artist Kelly Gray. "Although it comes down to personal taste, I think this is a beautiful way for couples to create a celebratory moment with their wedding guests and to incorporate details from their décor or theme.” Consider surpassing three tiers and going all out with your design for a statement-making moment for your cake cutting.

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Pressed Floral Cakes

wedding cake with pressed florals


Featuring pretty, organic blooms on wedding cakes and other sweet treats has certainly been trending the past few years. And, this trend is here to stay in 2023. “Earthy elements are a trend that is here to stay. Utilizing pressed flowers and greenery is perfect for couples looking for a natural or boho look," shares Randi Smith, owner of Sugar Euphoria.

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Ikebana-Inspired Cakes

cake and small cakes with florals on angled stands

Courtesy of From Lucie

Want to bring a whimsical flair to your floral wedding cake? Choose an ikebana-inspired cake. This trendy style is composed of a mix of longer stemmed blooms atop a confection to seem as if they are growing naturally from the batter. "Every wedding cake I make is different and unique," shares From Lucie owner Lucie Franc de Ferrier, who specializes in this aesthetic. " I think when it comes to decorating my cakes, people that have ordered from me in the past have liked that they look a touch wild, unorganized, and whimsical. I've always liked the look of a rustic cake that doesn't look perfect, but looks homemade and reminds you of home."

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Custom Cake Flavors

chocolate cake slice with florals and oranges

Courtesy of Nicole Bakes Cakes

Deciding your cake flavor can go way beyond choosing between chocolate and vanilla. From lavender frosting to orange-lemon filling, there are plenty of unique ways to change up the taste of your cake. "The wedding cake industry has exploded in recent years and for many bakers and designers, that means giving clients the opportunity to create custom flavors," says Gray. "Rather than choosing from a set list, I like to work with clients to find pairings that are unique to their tastes and tailor each piece to them.”

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Lambeth Cakes

pink vintage lambeth cake with cherries on top

Photo by Angel Sheree Photography; Cake by nicole bakes cakes

A Lambeth cake might look straight out of the '50s, but it's actually quite a popular style for 2023. "The vintage, intricate piping details are making a strong comeback," shares Smith. "I love this style because it is the perfect 'something old' in your wedding design. Plus, it is guaranteed to be a show stopper and conversation piece."

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Sustainable Cake Designs

white wedding cake with sugar petals

Photo by Lauren Volo

While florals are always a pretty addition to your cake design, it isn't always the most environmentally friendly option. “Younger couples are becoming conscious of the environmental impact of their wedding décor, especially when it comes to florals. Using hand crafted sugar art to create a sustainable cake design is not only an eco-conscious alternative, but a beautiful one that elevates your event," advises Gray.

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Mailed Tasting Cakes

small naked cake with florals on stand

Photo by Mel Barlow; Cake by Sweet LaurelFlowers by The Flower Lab; Planning by Bright Blue Events

Going to a cake tasting is a fun part of the wedding planning process. But, if you're getting married thousands of miles away, it may not be the most convenient or affordable activity. "For couples planning destination weddings or hoping to work with a specific cake designer located out of state, overnight express shipped tasting cakes and online Zoom design meetings are the way to go," advises Gray. "Not only does it allow couples to sample their cake at home and mull things over, but often times they’re able to create an inclusive tasting experience for family and friends to get involved in the process. I send several small cakes to each client so they have enough for everyone. Tasting parties are in!”

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