15 Wedding Bouquet Charm Ideas for a Personal Touch

Add something sentimental to your flowers.

bridal bouquet locket

Photo by Anna Shackleford

Flowers can be incorporated into your wedding in so many different ways, but the bridal bouquet is arguably the most special piece of the night. These are the flowers that will be photographed the most in your hands, so it's important that they complement your dress and overall look. It's also nice if they have a more personal touch that makes them stand out, which is where wedding bouquet charms come in.

A bouquet charm or sentimental decoration can be so many different things: a small locket with a photo of loved ones, a charm with a special date on it, or even a wrap around it that means something to you (like your grandmother's old wedding dress, for example). Bouquet charms should be subtle (you don't want them taking attention away from the flowers), but still obvious. Other than that, there really are no rules!

If you're looking for inspiration, look no further: check out these wedding bouquet charms ideas to try yourself.

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A Religious Medal

bride holding bouquet

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At this wedding, which took place at a romantic castle in Northern Spain, the florist drew inspiration from the local foliage and the architecture. The bride added a Virgin Mary medal charm to her bouquet to show off her religious background.

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Something Bedazzled


Photo by KT Merry

While it's nice for a bouquet charm to have meaning behind it, it's certainly not required. This bedazzled charm adds a touch of glitz to an otherwise soft and romantic bouquet, which is a perfect fit for the barn wedding it starred in.

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A Sash With Meaning

a white bouquet with blue tie

Photo by Kelsey Combe

This bride chose to pay tribute to her grandfather on her wedding day with one of his old blue ties. She had her florist wrap her bouquet in his tie as a sash.

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Antique Brooches


Photo by Kate Headley

This gorgeously designed bouquet is accented by vintage charm. The bride chose two antique brooches as an accessory, one from her husband's family and one from hers.

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A Pet Tribute


Photo by Julia Wade

This petite bouquet was made complete with this vintage diamond and pearl poodle brooch, which was a tribute to the bride's dog. It was also a gift from one of the bridesmaids.

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An Important Date

bouquet charm with date

Photo by Jessica Abby Photography

This silver charm is subtle but sweet, and adds a lot to the bouquet without being overwhelming. It features the initials of the happy couple, along with their wedding day, and was meant to be worn as a necklace later on.

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An Important Photo

wedding bouquet with photo charm

Photo by Mallory Sparkles Photo

One of the most popular bouquet charms, by far, is the photo charm. This one features the bride's mother and is a beautiful tribute.

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A Piece of Jewelry

whimsical savannah, ribbons tied around bouquet

Photo by Rach Loves Troy 

This fall-inspired bouquet featured a flowing blue ribbon and a jewelry charm wrapped around it. The charm itself is a small house and means something special to the bride and groom.

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Multiple Photos

photo locket wedding bouquet

Photo by Atlas & Rose Wedding Photography

If you want to pay tribute to more than one person, you can absolutely do that with your bouquet charm. This is another example of multiple photos dangling from the flowers.

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Something Blue


Photo by Caroline Yoon

For this wedding in Napa Valley, the bride chose to accessorize her bouquet with an aquamarine (her birthstone) bracelet that acted as her "something blue." Her grandparents had given her the bracelet, and that served as her memento dedicated to them.

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A Photo Pendant

photo pendant bouquet charm

Photo by Vanessa Lanktree Photography

These small photo pendants have a vintage vibe to them and display tiny versions of old photos. They make your bouquet so interesting.

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Wedding Dress Fabric

lace sash around wedding bouquet

Photo by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Instead of a charm, this bride chose to make her bouquet unique by wrapping it in a special fabric: the lace of her grandmother's wedding dress. This is both beautiful and touching.

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A Sweet Memory Charm

a memory charm on a bouquet

Photo by Emily Esslinger/Golden Aura Photography

One way to memorialize those who can't be there on your wedding day is to add them to your bouquet. This bride did that with two photo charms and a heart.

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A Sweet Photo

wedding bouquet with photo charm

Photo by Bumby Photography

Again, you really can't go wrong with a photo memory charm for your bouquet. This one features a loved one, and it's large enough that no one will miss it.

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Something Old

wedding bouquet charm locket

Photo by Kelsey Combe

For her "something old," this bride had her florist add a special charm to her bouquet: a locket featuring a photo of her mom and dad. It was the first gift her dad had given her mom when they started dating.

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