25 Ways To Use Balloons in Your Wedding Décor

Balloon Decor

Photo by Ben Q Photography 

When we were kids, balloons were a sign of a party—a birthday bash, pep rally, school dance, you name it. Now that we're adults, why aren't they a thing for weddings (aka, the single greatest party of our life)? One thing's for sure: Balloons are popping up everywhere in the party circuit—from the engagement shoot and bridal shower to the wedding ceremony—and they're not showing any sign of slowing down.

Basically, all the cool now-adult kids are embracing wedding balloons, and it's time for modern brides to get onboard. "We love the option of balloons for weddings because they make a huge statement without breaking the bank. For example, if you had a floral piece the same size, you'd be looking at a much higher cost. And they're more unique than flowers—not as many weddings use them for décor. And every piece is different. So no matter what, your balloon décor will be one-of-a-kind," says wedding planner Bree Denman.

Meet the Expert

Bree Denman is the owner of The Indigo Bride, a creative wedding planning and design company for modern couples in Central Oregon.

From covering a statement wall with mini pink balloons to hanging them from the ceiling, there's no limit to your creativity. "When it comes to thinking outside of the box, I like to build installations in unexpected places," Denman says. "You may picture doing an asymmetrical display over the doorway, as so many installations have been done before, but I can recommend something grander, like an installation that starts at the floor, climbs the wall, and ends overhead. Or an installation that hangs entirely from the ceiling. We have so many ways to attach these installations that we can create really large show-stopper pieces almost anywhere."

Lucky for you, we've got you covered with 25 innovative ways to incorporate balloons into your wedding décor.

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Carry a Train of Balloons

Balloons in Desert

Photo by Cotton Weddings; Production and Styling by Paper & Stitch

Take your portraits to the next level by posing with a celebratory cluster of balloons. (A gorgeous desert setting certainly doesn't hurt either). While this couple opted for a train of peach-colored balloons, you can customize the color and size of your balloons to match your wedding theme and décor. "My favorite brand is Qualatex because they are amazing quality and last a really long time. They come in all different sizes," Denman says.

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Go Bright With a Rainbow Installation

Rainbow Balloon Arch

Photo by Sam Ortiz for Spring Street Social Society; Balloons by Geronimo Balloons 

This rainbow of an installation is truly a work of art. Take cues from Geronimo Balloons' signature clustered look and check décor off your to-do list. If you really want to wow guests, have a balloon arch installed right above the reception table—it'll be the talk of the night!

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Try a Balloon Garland

Balloon Table Garland

Photo by Emma Tunbridge; Production & Styling by Foxes Events 

If you didn't know already, garlands are having a major moment. Take it a step further by throwing mini balloons in the mix for a conversation-starting accent that won't go unnoticed. Feel free to combine muted and bright tones with eucalyptus, flowers, or foliage.

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Make a Chic Getaway

Pink, white and gray balloons attached to a getaway car

Photo by Orange Turtle Photography 

Next to your grand entrance, you'll want your exit to be just as impactful. Add balloons to the back of a vintage car or tie them to a vespa for a chic getaway. Now would be a good time to put those jumbo-sized balloons to use—this arrangement of pink, white, and gray balloons is simply breathtaking.

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Get Creative With a Balloon Wall Backdrop

Wall of pink balloons

Photo by Bianca Virtue

Go big or go home with a wall covered in balloons. To keep it from overwhelming guests (and taking away from your shining moment), stick to a singular palette, like the pale pink ones here. But feel free to mix up the balloon sizes; it'll look like you blew up each one yourself (even if you didn't).

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Dress Up a Pool With Balloons

White balloons floating over a pool

Photo by Rebecca Arthurs; Production and Styling by Nichole Weddings & Events

A summer wedding isn't complete without a pool of levitating white balloons. This idea is simply perfection for a modern poolside bash with an open bar. Tip: Add lighting or floating candles to make sure the display shines after dark.

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Go Ombré for a Balloon Backdrop

Orange ombre balloon garlands hanging on a wall

Photo by Sanaz Photography; Design by GATHER Events; Production be Be Inspired PR; Lanterns by Under the Paper Lantern

Now, if you look closely, you'll see that these are actually paper lanterns—but don't fret. You can easily DIY this design using balloons. We love the ombré-like colors and asymmetrical design as a backdrop for your photo booth or entire reception.

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Match Your Balloons To Your Theme

Blue balloons hanging over reception tables

Photo by Birds of a Feather 

If you and your groom are known as party animals, this is the look for you. (We're going to assume this wedding reception was a ball). To achieve a similar aesthetic, tie tassels to balloons and let them float to the ceiling. Just be sure to pick a palette that matches your décor. Here, the assortment of blue balloons corresponds perfectly with the striped linen tablecloths for a seaside theme.

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Pop 'Em Up Over the Dessert Table

White balloons over the dessert table

Photo by Lillian Hope Designs

Be sure to point guests in the right direction (ahem, the dessert table) with an extra sweet balloon display. How charming is this rustic-chic setup featuring a white vintage dresser and matching balloons? For an ethereal touch, intersperse a greenery garland and voilà.

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Ceremony Backdrop 2.0

Multi-colored balloon backdrop shaped like an upside down-shaped v

Photo by J Wiley Photography 

Do it for the 'gram! Follow in this happy couple's lead by taking a moment to goof off in front of the camera. Whether you recreate their colorful V-shaped balloon backdrop or install a ceremony arch, the options are endless.

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Make a Splash With a Colorful Hanging Installation

Colorful balloon installation at Brasada Ranch

Photo by Danielle Gillett Photography; Production & Styling by The Indigo Bride

While weddings are often associated with a more muted palette, don't be afraid to embrace all colors of the rainbow. This bountiful balloon garland for a wedding at Brasada Ranch is one that can be admired up close and from afar. The way it frames the doorway of the venue makes it perfect for photos.

If the forecast is calling for strong wind gusts, don't forget to add solid attachment points so that the balloons don't float away on their own. "Outdoor installations are beautiful, but they oxidize quickly in the sun, making the balloons look more cloudy than vibrant," Denman says.

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Make a Memorable Exit

Peach-colored balloons attached to a getaway car

Photo by Cotton Weddings; Production and Styling by Paper & Stitch

Now, this is how you exit in style. Go out with a bang by attaching a train of balloons in varying sizes to the back of a sporty convertible for a panache-packed send-off. Talk about a picture-perfect photo-op to celebrate your newlywed status.

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Use Balloons to Adorn the Reception Table

White Balloons on Reception Table

Photo by Ben Q Photography

It just goes to show that a grandiose display isn't always more. Give your reception tables height by sprinkling oversized white balloons down the middle. We love the simplicity of the balloons juxtaposed with the rustic wood table. If you want to hide the strings, use a fishing line wrapped in foliage.

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Decorate Your Entrance

Millennial pink balloons decorating the entrance

Photo by Erin McCall Photography 

Let guests know they’ve come to the right place by decorating the entrance to the ceremony with a giant cascade of balloons. Paired with a fun welcome sign, the combo will get guests pumped and ready to party.

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Make an Impact With Oversized Balloons

Giant light-up marquee letters with oversize white balloons

Photo by The Wright Brothers 

Roll out the red carpet: We've got a chic and modern ceremony backdrop idea for you. Display giant light-up marquee letters in your initials on silver pedestals for a glamorous affair. Add oversize white balloons floating at varying heights for some fun flair.

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Get Your Flower Girls in on the Action

Flower girls carrying big pink tasseled balloons

Photo by Caroline Tran

Instead of carrying a basket of petals, send your flower girls down the aisle holding a couple of big, tasseled balloons in your wedding color palette. Not only will the gesture pull at your guests' heartstrings but it'll make for stunning photos.

Be sure to incorporate the balloons during the rehearsal ceremony to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. To prevent any impromptu meltdowns (or worse, lost ballons), don't forget to tie the tassels around the flower girls' wrists.

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Go Edgy for Cocktail Hour

Oversize balloons covered in black tulle

Photo by Lukas Griffin 

Chic and slightly edgy, oversized balloons covered in black tulle and floating at different heights lend a Gothic touch to this couple’s oceanside cocktail hour. Pair the balloons with black table linens and lounge seating for a dark yet romantic vibe. For a swanky black-tie affair, what more could you ask for?

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Mix in Fresh Greenery

Hanging white balloons with fresh greenery

Photo by Yuli Tovich

Following the ceremony, lead the way to the reception by lining the walkway with dozens of round white balloons hanging from strings and decorated with fresh greenery. Though simple in design, trust us, the result will be magical. "I love incorporating a lot of 36-inch balloons for weddings; those are the really large round balloons that you always see. They always wow guests and make a big impact," Denman says.  

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Try a Non-Traditional Centerpiece

Floating balloon used as reception centerpiece

Photo by Ann-Katherin Koch

Instead of traditional floral centerpieces, opt for simple bud vases of greenery and rows of floating balloons connected by swags of festive gold garland. For a look of pure elegance, we love giant orb balloons or white latex balloons. Once you have your idea sketched out, consult your wedding planner for an estimate of how many balloons you'll need.

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Create a Floor-to-Ceiling Balloon Installation

Floor to ceiling balloon installation

Photo by Christina Karst Photography

This couple made sure guests knew where the sweets were with a floor-to-ceiling balloon installation positioned behind the dessert table. The vibrant sherbet-y shades of bright pink, orange, and yellow were the perfect choice for their modern Palm Springs celebration. We also love the idea of incorporating a wall of balloons into an outdoor cocktail and lounge area with lawn games.

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Embrace Summertime Neutrals

A large hanging balloon installation in neutral colors hanging over reception tables

Photo by Natalie Puls; Production & Styling by The Indigo Bride

"It sat above the wedding reception tables, and really made peoples' jaws drop when they walked into the reception," Denman says of a large hanging balloon installation with a matching outdoor garland that wrapped out in front. The neutral colors were a match made in heaven for this summer wedding. The combination of peach, gray, and white balloons (all of varying sizes) complemented the rustic aesthetic of the space.

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Put a Fun Twist on Aisle Markers

White balloons with colorful streamers as aisle markers

Photo by Faye Cornhill Photography

Why blend in when you were born to stand out? We can't decide what we love more about this setup: the colorful tassel streamers, the big white balloons, or the Mr. and Mrs. air-filled gold balloons in the background. These aisle markers are the epitome of fun.

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Bold Balloon Art Installations

Bold balloon art Installations at the reception ballroom

Photo by Megan Robinson  

Too many balloons? No such thing... especially when the bride is a balloon enthusiast. In addition to a bold balloon art installation for their ballroom, this couple made sure to sprinkle balloons throughout the entire ceremony. From tying them to the back of ghost chairs to using them to mark tables at the reception, the balloons were a captivating addition.

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Create a Ceremony Backdrop With String Lights and Mylar Balloons

String lights and mylar balloons for a simple, yet striking ceremony backdrop

Clean Plate Pictures

For an enchanting ceremony backdrop, combine a strand of string lights alongside Mylar balloons. If you plan on exchanging vows in front of it, then a word like "love" will speak for itself. Another idea is to spell out your wedding hashtag to encourage guests to tag their wedding snaps throughout the day.

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Install a Balloon Chandelier Over the Dance Floor

A massive balloon chandelier over the dancefloor

Photo by Erin McGinn; Production & Styling By Janice Lee Kelly of FLOAT

It's not every day that you spot a ginormous balloon chandelier dangling above the dance floor but that's the route this couple took. The artsy installation shown here was created by Janice Lee Kelly of FLOAT. The variety of balloon shapes (from squiggles to itty-bitty spheres) and colors incorporated is astounding.

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