20 Wedding Arch Alternatives for a Stunning Ceremony

Get creative with your ceremony setup.

Wedding ceremony with florals on staircase

Photo by Katie Grant

When designing the space to host your wedding ceremony, a stunning backdrop to frame your "I dos" should definitely be on your list. While wedding arches are a common and beautiful addition many couples choose to decorate their space, they aren't the only option for your ceremony décor. If you want to do something a bit more unexpected, there are tons of wedding ceremony arch alternatives that you can try.

From architectural accents to flower walls to unique installations, brides and grooms can get creative with ways to center their ceremony. All it takes is a bit of creativity to dream up the aesthetic of your dreams. Want to get some inspiration to spark those ideas? Ahead, we rounded up beautiful wedding ceremony arch alternatives from real weddings. These gorgeous designs can fit just about any style of ceremony and will add tons of charm to your wedding day.

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Framing Displays

Hilary and Drew's altar with pink pampas grass and palm leaves

Photo by M. Hart Photography

Rather than have a tropical display of pampas and pink-toned monstera leaves framing a bride and groom overhead, this Palm Springs wedding ceremony let the arrangements serve as bookends to the pair on either side of them.

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Play With Heights

Megan and Thomas's ceremony floral installation

Photo by Logan Cole Weddings

Your framing florals don’t have to come in at the same height. To create a dynamic rose-filled design, a large floral column is balanced with a pot full of blooms and an arrangement on the ground.

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Floating Florals

Joi and DeAngelo's aisle lined with flower petals and roses

Photo by Terri Baskin Photography

At this floral-filled Baltimore wedding, the flowers reached new heights with an elevated arrangement of greenery and roses. Clear wire was used to raise the structure above a platform where the couple exchanged vows.

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Not for Squares

bride and groom recess from wedding with wood arch and sunset-hued florals

Photo by Brett Hickman

A square structure at your wedding ceremony is definitely an exciting approach. The style is an unexpected touch that lends a unique design to your celebration. Adorn the top with florals, like at this Southern California wedding, to tie in your palette.

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Go Low

florals on the floor of ceremony

Photo by Megan Robinson

At a wedding in Utah, the floral designer created unique arrangements of blooms that were placed in a semi-circle at the end of the aisle. “We were nestled within a growing crescent nest that felt like a continuation and focal point of the aisle, and highlighted (rather than blocked) the views behind," says the bride.

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Step Up Your Florals

wedding ceremony with winding staircase full of flowers and greenery

Photo by Katie Grant

A winding staircase is already a pretty backdrop for your vows, but one adorned with florals is absolutely stunning. Draped greenery makes the design feel even more lush.

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Opt for Flags

beach wedding ceremony with flags

Photo by Katie Grant

Flags might not be the first choice when it comes to a ceremony accent, but with a soft breeze, they can create dynamic movement around you and your fiancé as you exchange vows.

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By the Fire

wedding with fireplace and christmas trees

Photo by James x Schulze

A fireplace can serve as a pretty backdrop for your nuptials. It can feel extra cozy for a winter wedding when framed with wreaths and pine trees.

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Think Geometric

beach wedding ceremony with geometric structure

Photo by Julieta Amezcua Photography

Want to play with shapes at your ceremony? Consider a modern geometric structure as a backdrop for your vows. This design has a lot of negative space to allow you to see the ocean waves in the backdrop.

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Bring on the Color

Autumnal flower wall of colorful pampas grass and dried florals

Photo by Janelle Elise Photography

Dried grasses, florals, and pampas grass were dyed in colorful shades to create a stunning backdrop at a Minneapolis wedding. The installation also added fun texture to the ceremony design.

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Create a Wall of Greenery

wedding ceremony floral wall with dried botanicals


Want an alternative to a floral wall? Exchange vows in front of a wall of greenery and other botanicals, like this couple did at their Detroit wedding.

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Work With Wire

Bride and groom kiss at wedding ceremony with marigolds on wire structure

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

Using a wire frame, marigolds were affixed in an organic fashion to create a lovely wall of color behind the bride and groom for their Hindu ceremony.

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Let It Grow

Couple kissing in front of tree altar


Create a backdrop full of beautiful branches that appear as if they are growing from the ground. Here, lunaria branches are used to create a blooming display.

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Graphic Design

modern colorful wedding ceremony backdrop

Photo by Carley Jayne Photography

A wedding backdrop composed of colorful abstract shapes is a fun idea for a modern, artsy couple. Floral arrangements around the structures are the perfect finishing touch.

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A Work of Art

couple kissing at wedding ceremony in front of art piece

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography; Design & Planning by Aaron Hahnselle

Say "I do" in front of your favorite painting at an art gallery. This couple chose to use a large art piece as a backdrop for their vows.

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Build With Baby’s Breath

Sapna and Ari's baby's breath-lined aisle and mandap

Photo by KT Merry

Baby’s breath is a flower that’s excellent for creating structure and can be used to create the ceremony backdrop of your dreams. This uniquely curved installation at a Wyoming wedding was inspired by Richard Serra’s artwork.

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Plenty of Pampas

Pampas grass ceremony altar

Photo by Julieta Amezcua

A low arrangement of pampas grass can serve as a beautiful neutral backdrop for a bohemian wedding. Weave in additional blooms and grasses for extra texture in the display.

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Beach Blooms

ceremony florals on beach

Photo by Emily Magers Photography

While florals don't usually grow out from the sand, create the illusion that they do with a beautiful and organic arrangement. This design looked perfect at an intimate wedding on the Oregon coast.

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Pretty Platform

brides kiss during ceremony on platform with baby's breath

Photo by Ana Hinojosa

If you decide to elevate your ceremony on a platform, decorate the structure with blooms to enhance the space. We love how the brides at this winery wedding used baby's breath to make it look as if they were elevated on a cloud.

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Go for Garlands

Flower garland wall at wedding ceremony

Photo by Brogen Jessup

Want to define a wall as your wedding ceremony backdrop? Adorn it with garlands of florals in your color palette as a fun way to frame your vows, like this fun San Diego wedding.

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