50 Beautiful Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

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Your grand entrance down the aisle is one of the most special (and most photographed) moments during your wedding ceremony. Not to mention, you're actually going to make that trip twice—with the second being when you exit as a newlywed, of course. So, basically, wedding aisle décor is something that you want to think about.

And just because you want to do something with it, doesn't mean it has to be extravagant. In fact, as we searched through real weddings on Brides, we found that we were especially drawn to the simple setups. Tay Wall, of design company Bixby + Pine says their approach is to make it count by going big or just keep it simple. "If it doesn't matter to you or isn't in the budget, that's okay. But, if you have a little extra to spend or want to make a whole moment out of it, then go for it," she says.

Meet the Expert

  • Tay Wall, along with Ash Aske and Jordan Wall, is one of the three founders and owners of Bixby + Pine, a wedding planning and design team that's based out of the PNW.
  • Brooke Heflin Cordero is a California-based international designer and the founder and director of luxury design and floristry service, Burlap & Bordeaux. She has traveled the world planning and designing beautiful destination weddings and events.

Your wedding aisle décor is really up to you. And just in case you're at a loss for what to do—there are so many decisions to be made, after all—we have a few ideas for you.

So with that said, keep reading for more wedding aisle décor ideas. We can't wait to see how you end up framing your special day.

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Keep It Simple

Wedding aisle with circle greenery arch and greenery and lit lanterns along the aisle

Photo by M2 Visual Studio

Since they had such a statement-making circle-shaped altar, this couple kept their aisle simple with greenery and lit lanterns. An easy trick loved by Bixby + Pine is to add some design elements to the ground. "Most simply this could be candles, but it could also be greenery lining the aisles, or small arrangements every few rows," says Wall.

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Garland on Stone Tiles

Wedding aisle with bride, groom, and guests facing front of church

Photo by Phil Chester

This historic church is stunning as is. Heflin Cordero advises brides to keep the natural state of the venue or location in mind, "I love making statements with an aisle, but I want to make sure it 'fits'," she explains. "Does it accentuate the ceremony location or take away from its natural beauty?" In this case, a light touch of garland with spaced-out white flowers and scattered petals is all the space needs.

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Hay Bales for Chairs

Wedding ceremony with guests sitting on hay bales and Persian rugs lining the aisle

 Photo by Jordan Voth

Bixby + Pine lined this ceremony with a unique choice of seating: bales of hay. They laid carpets along the aisle to tie in the eclectic feel of their wedding design. The aisle decor is understated, drawing the attention to the gorgeous floral arrangements making the wedding arch.

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Boardwalk Over a Pond

Ceremony with a boardwalk aisle crossing a garden pond

 Photo by Teresa Marie Photography

Arrangements of greenery mark the start of the dreamy pond-crossing aisle by Burlap & Bordeaux. "Arrangements along pond pathway with loose greenery, white florals, and pampas grass create a modern eclectic boho feel," says Heflin Cordero.

Add a design element to the ground by lining the aisles with greenery or candles, placing the small arrangements only at every few rows. This makes for easy decorating on a minimalist ceremony and also can serve as a complement to a dramatic setting.

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Decorate the Entrance

Ceremony aisle on green grass with view of mountain and trees in background

Photo by Elyse Hall Photography

Rather than decorate the entire aisle, this Arizona couple made a show of only the entrance—with arrangements of white delphiniums, blush roses, and candles in gold wedding lanterns. "Dress up the beginning of your aisle to make a statement: This will help give your guests a bit of that wow-factor as they head to sit down," says Wall.

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Place Some Cacti

View looking down wedding aisle with tall cacti and pink flowers on either side of entrance

Planning & Design by LB Events + Details, Darling; Photo by Ace & Whim

If you haven't heard, cacti are trending at the moment—and especially so when you're doing a wedding in the Southwest. Wall says she likes to keep it simple with two floral (or in this case cacti) pieces. "Start the aisle with something fun that ties into your ceremony install to add interest and a little spunk."

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Multiple Design Elements

Backyard ceremony with white runner, white petals lining the aisle, and varying heights of glass vases filled with white flowers at the start

 Photo by Rewind Photography

Don't want to limit yourself to just an aisle runner or lining with petals? Try using both. This design by Burlap & Bordeaux is all about the luxury. Heflin Cordero used a high-gloss white flooring aisle with white flower petals along the sides to soften the look and add a romantic feel. To top it off, she placed statement florals in glass vases of varying heights at the entrance to the aisle.

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Bright and Bold Flower Petals

Ceremony with pew benches and bright coral petals lining the aisle to a triangle arch in front of a lake

 Photo by Sarah Anne Photography

Bixby + Pine added a pop of color to light up the ceremony in the most simple but stunning way. "Lining the aisle with bright petals was a fun touch to this day because we used such a lush and bold color palette," says Wall. "It really brought to life the ceremony space!"

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Flowers on Sandstone Path

Mixed floral arrangement on the ground at the start of wedding aisle with petals lining aisle

 Photo by Scott Sikora

Burlap & Bordeaux placed fresh flower arrangements along the sides of the aisle, skipping every few rows. The design featured "romantic florals with petals along sandstone to create a romantic and lush aisleway," says Heflin Cordero. She added pops of soft pinks and purples with the white flowers for an even more dreamy feel.

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Glass Flower Vases

An indoor ceremony with glass vases of roses lining the aisle and a leafy, rectangular ceremony arch

 Photo by Robbie Negrin

In this design by Bixby + Pine, glass vases of white, red, and pink flowers line the ceremony aisle. Glass elements work particularly well with indoor ceremonies: the main light source will reflect in the most dazzling way. The vases make it super easy to transport over to the reception after the wedding and they can serve as party favors for the guests.

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Focus on the Chairs

Backyard wedding aisle with rows of empty chairs and a greenery and floral arch

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

An aisle with zero décor can, in fact, be beautiful, especially when surrounded by elevated chair rentals and a flower-filled chuppah. When the location is especially stunning, Wall says Bixby + Pine likes to let it speak for itself and go decor-less. "Maybe you're in the woods, or up on a cliff, or somewhere super epic where no backdrop install is needed," she says. "You don't need anything when nature is just smacking you in the face with its rad-ness."

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Mismatched Furniture

Ceremony aisle in front of trees with a triangle arch and mismatched furnature

 Photo by Samantha McFarlen

Keeping the aisle itself bare, Bixby + Pine focused on making a statement with the ceremony's seating. "Thinking a little outside the box when you think of 'aisle decor', Lo and Connor used mismatched furniture to give their aisle (and seating) a spunky twist," says Wall. The velvet details in the seating added pops of color and a cool vintage vibe.

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Line With White Rose Petals

Wedding aisle lined with rose petals and pampas grass hanging upside down

Photo by Jennifer Emerling

When you have a setting that makes a statement of its own (those palm trees, the flowers), it's smart to keep your wedding aisle décor simple. That's why this aisle, which is lined in white rose petals, feels especially appropriate. We also love the white tie-in with the seat cushions.

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Paint the Floor

Church wedding aisle with painted aisle floors and cross and garland on back wall

Photo by Pascal Chevallier

Designer bride Lucilla Bonaccorsi found inspiration for her aisle in an unexpected way—at the Infiorata festival in Noto, Italy, where the streets are paved to look like elaborate pictures. She, along with her mother Luisa Beccaria, recreated this look on the floor of the ceremony chapel with pastel-colored carnations and scabious.

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Plant Your Flowers

Side of a wedding aisle row with planted greenery and florals

Photo by Jose Villa

To create a natural-meets-romantic setting, have your florist install flowers in the ground along the aisle. We love how these look surrounding pale pink chairs.

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Use Area Rugs

Wedding ceremony with rugs down the aisle and a rug with flowers and cacti at the end

Photo by Katie Shuler Photography

Area rugs created a casual vibe at this desert wedding. The pillar candles, cacti, and fresh blooms added additional décor.

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String Lights and Flower Bundles on Chairs

Outdoor ceremony with string lights over aisle and branch arch with barrels on each side

Photo by Molly Peach

Tie string lights over the aisle to add a cozy feel to the ceremony. This boho Tennessee wedding had rustic barrels at the end of the aisle, while tiny flower bouquets rested on the backs of white ceremony chairs. The minimal aisle decor draws the eye straight to the flower-adorned branch arch.

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Line With Ferns

Forest ceremony wooden bench seating lined with ferns

Photo by Hailley Howard Photography

This aisle (in an enchanted forest) was lined in ferns and surrounded by white flowers. At this wedding upstate, it gave way to a semi-circular altar of white delphinium, larkspur, snapdragons, and wild ferns.

Use potted plants so you can easily move decor from the ceremony to reception to save on your flower budget.

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Add Some Warmth

Ceremony aisle on concrete floor decorated in foliage and candles

Photo by Cacá Santoro Photography

When you're walking down an aisle of cement, you want to add some warmth to it. These candles, greens, and single blooms do the trick. If budget is an issue, another option is to only place the installation at the start. "There is a special place in my heart for floral and/or candle holders," says Heflin Cordero. "When placed at the base of the aisle, they not only make for great photos, but they are the first thing guests see so you get the immediate wow-factor without having to decorate the entire aisle."

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Wrap Trees in Flowers

Ceremony site with tall rose bushes lining the aisle

Photo by Erich McVey

Play up the height in your aisle décor. At this destination wedding in Capri, the bride created her very own ceremony setting, complete with flower-wrapped trees and a rug-lined aisle.

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Throw Petals

White flower petals lining the wedding aisle with acrylic chairs on grass

Photo by Ashley Kelemen Photography

Here, clear ghost chairs let the petal-lined aisle be the star of the show (ahem, we mean ceremony). Tossing a few flowers down the aisle is probably the easiest, most budget-friendly way to amp up your wedding aisle decor.

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Hang Chandeliers

Candle-lined ceremony aisle with wooden floors and ceilings and red brick walls

Photo by Sposto Photography

Candles are a wedding designer favorite. Boost the glam with chandeliers hanging up above. That way, the lighting will be perfection.

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Two Statement Floral Installations

An indoor ceremony with floral installations at the start of the aisle to match the arch backdrop

 Photo by Levi Hrziczo

Bixby + Pine loves to adorn the start of their aisles with eye-catching flower arrangements. "The simple idea of flanking the aisle with two fun floral pieces that correlate to your ceremony install is one of our favorites," says Wall, "but also, maybe it's the combo of pampas, florals, and fall foliage that makes us extra happy about these."

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Keep It Fresh

Ceremony venue with white runner on grass

Photo by Harwell Photography

This may seem like a simple idea, but a white runner can look fresh, clean, and cool. And tropical, as seen at this wedding in St. Barts.

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Mark Your Territory

Oceanside ceremony setting with leaves lining the aisle and two flags on each side of aisle entrance

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

Mark your ceremony spot with flags in the ground. These look modern and cool when paired with fresh greenery and white blooms. The ghost chairs are stylish while not distracting from the ocean-view setting.

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Stick to One Color

Indoor wedding aisle with red rugs as a runner, lined with jars of fairy lights

Photo by Vero Amore Weddings by Lisa Czech Photography

We're totally into the idea of buying/renting multiple rugs in the same color and pairing them all together. Also, note these pierced candle vessels on the sides and bistro lighting up above.

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Create a Woodsy Wedding

Wedding aisle in the woods lined with flower pots

Photo by Jose Villa Photography

This woodsy wedding aisle was created with plenty of lush greenery, verbena, and sedums. These larger-scale potted plants work well when only placed at the start of the aisle as well. Perfect for an aisle statement that's easy on the checkbook.

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Lay a Seagrass Runner

Wedding aisle with sea grass runner and branch arch

Photo by Jose Villa

A seagrass runner was the perfect match for this outdoor ceremony in South Carolina's Lowcountry. The rustic wooden ceremony chairs are stunning as decor-less pieces.

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Decorate Your Chairs

Greenery on ceremony chairs with a red brick floor

Photo by Anna Page Photography

Sure, you've seen a garland lining the floor but what about lining the chairs as well? Just make sure your guests can get in and out of their seats without tripping.

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Bundle Flowers

Bride and groom holding hands in front of officiant and white flower arch and aisle lined in white and pink flowers

Photo by Aria Isadora & Zach Hilty for BFA Weddings

If you love the look of all-white blooms, this one's for you. At her destination wedding extravaganza in Morocco, Hannah Bronfman made a statement-worthy aisle with a mega bundle of white flowers at the end of each line of chairs.

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Accent With Greenery and Lanterns

Wedding aisle with greenery and lanterns on each side of the floor and greenery arch at the end

Photo by Leah Golter Photography

Elevate a barn setting with timeless, rustic-chic wedding aisle decor, like this greenery-lined aisle and lantern accents. Heflin Cordero likes to think ahead when designing her aisles. "I think keeping the aisle timeless is important so that your wedding photos will look beautiful for years to come," she says. "You don’t want to look back on your wedding photos and feel a certain way because you jumped on the latest fad."

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Cover With Multi-Colored Petals

Bride and groom walking up the flower petal aisle

Photo by Norman & Blake


The petal-covered aisle at this Vermont wedding led to a lush altar of hydrangeas, roses, and peonies. The petals matched the altar in shades of pink, peach, and purple.

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Scatter Lanterns

Lantern-lined ceremony aisle under large tree

Photo by Eric & Jamie Photo

As seen here, large lanterns can make a major statement when bundled in asymmetrical groupings. At this wedding, they kept the florals to the altar to stand out against a flowerless aisle.

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Mark With Trees

Wedding aisle lined with trees on each side

Photo by Harwell Photography

Make your own Kate Middleton moment with a tree-lined aisle. Live trees made the perfect complement for an altar adorned in candles and installations of delphinium, peonies, and hydrangeas.

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Use an Existing Path

Black and white photo of bride and father walking path in front of cabins

Photo by Ryan Ray Photography

You can always take advantage of an existing path, no installation necessary. Here is another example of letting nature speak for itself.

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Garlands of Greenery

Wedding aisle with white wood floors and greenery on each side and a greenery, branch arch

Photo by Wedding Nature Photography

Forget bundles of greenery when you can do garlands up the aisle (and altar). Vines add the quintessential secret-garden touch to a greenhouse ceremony.

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Surround Yourself With Flowers

Ceremony site in front of large leafy tree with flower petals, flower pots, and ferns decorating the aisle

Photo by Cinzia Bruschini

When designing the ceremony site, the bride set out with one plan in mind: Flowers everywhere. The aisle was lined with blooms in white and blush—and blooms were also attached to the back of the chairs and even hung from the tree, too.

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Monstera Leaf and Protea Arrangements on the Chairs

Ceremony aisle with monstera leaf and protea arrangements on chairs

 Photo by O'Malley Photographers


At this Hawaii wedding, ceremony chairs were adorned with tropical monstera leaves and protea arrangements. Placed along the aisle were lush and colorful centerpieces at every other row. The matching ceremony arch was kept clean and minimal, allowing the statement aisle botanicals to shine.

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Mini Chair Bouquets

A seaside ceremony with an arch of autumn leaves and roses

 Photo by Heather Waraska


This nautical ceremony in Montauk had small arrangements of blush roses and greenery on the backs of aisle-side chairs, matching the arch of roses and autumn leaves. Bixby + Pine recommends tying mini bouquet-style arrangements to the backs of ceremony chairs, "It's an adorable and small touch, and if you have kids coming to your wedding, they'll be so happy getting to have one after the ceremony!"

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Entwined in Leaves

White ceremony chair with leaves twisted on side to the floor

Photo by D'Arcy Benincosa



Take your back-of-chair decor to the next level. Wrap your ceremony seating in a flowing string of leaves, like at this New York City wedding. The wild greenery is loosely wound around the aisle-side chairs and falls down the leg to the floor, where it meets a puddle of white petals.

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March Above a Pool

Wedding aisle as a bride crossing over a pool

Photo by Corbin Gurkin Photography

Talk about one epic installation. This bride had a stage built over a pool for her march down the aisle.

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Pair Copper With Clear

Back of copper ceremony chairs

Photo by Jennifer Emerling

Modern brides, the formula is simple: Pair copper chairs with clear vases filled with monstera leaves. When your chairs can take the spotlight on their own, you hardly need to add any more details to the aisle.

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Make Custom Benches

Rounded custom wedding aisle benches in grassy yard with pink flower decor

Photo by Aaron Delesie

At Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe's wedding in Positano, the bride and groom had benches custom-made for the occasion. The seating was designed in a curved formation so everyone could see the couple and take in the view at the same time.

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Elevated Beach Aisle

A beach ceremony with an elevated aisle lined with floral arrangements

Photo by Asia Pimental


Give your aisle a little bit of lift. This Dominican Republic wedding on the beach made good use of a boardwalk aisle so the bride could still wear heels at the sandy ceremony. The tall floral installations at the start bring in some balance and tie the rest of the bouquet-lined aisle together.

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Aisle Stairs with Blue Runner

Ceremony in front of mountain view with stairs leading to the circle arch of greenery

 Photo by Luna del Mar


This Aspen wedding didn't need much decor with that gorgeous mountain view as a backdrop. With stairs for an aisle, a bold blue runner led all the way down to the circle of lush greens that made the ceremony arch. The color of the runner goes perfectly with the blue of the mountains and sky.

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Pot Plants

Greenhouse wedding with brick flooring and aisle lined with greenery

Photo by Kelly Sweet Photography

At this greenhouse ceremony, lines of potted greens fit with the setting perfectly. The greenery throughout the ceremony casts a spotlight on the all-white altar.

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Gravel Pathway

Garden wedding with a gravel aisle and greenery decor

 Photo by Lisa Poggi


A gravel aisle paved the way down the grassy yard for this intimate Tuscany wedding. The ceremony was kept to lush greens and fresh white blooms. To focus the attention on the chuppah, the couple purposefully kept the aisle flower-free.

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Mix Persian Rugs

Wedding aisle on the beach with multiple rugs lining the aisle

Photo by Jennifer Emerling

Another trendy aisle for the win right here. Persian rugs are all the rage—and this photo is further evidence why.

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Keep It Minimal

Ceremony site with mountain views on grass with brown grasses lining aisle

Photo by Shannon Von Eschen

This Aspen ceremony took place in an open field, with a simple wooden altar draped in greenery and tall grass lining the aisle. The minimalist setup gave way to a dramatic forest and mountain views.

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Use Wooden Planks

Beach wedding aisle with wooden planks to make boardwalk on sand

Photo by Kallima Photography

Wooden planks led to an altar of fuchsia bougainvillea at this destination beach wedding in the Bahamas. For anyone wanting to wear heels at a beach wedding, this is a must.

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