How to Choose Your Wedding Accessories Based on Your Zodiac Sun Sign

"It's the accessories that complete the constellation.”

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First comes love, then comes the wedding dress, then comes finding the best accessories to complete your day-of look. From heirloom jewelry to dazzling headpieces, narrowing down your choices can sometimes feel overwhelming. But don’t worry—if you’re trying to figure out which items to add and which to nix, the answer might be written in the stars. In fact, using your sun sign to narrow down your choices could be the key to selecting your perfect accessories. 

Meet the Expert

“Your sun sign is all about how you shine in the world and there’s no day you want to be more brilliant and illuminating than on your wedding day,” explains astrology expert and co-owner of Greenwich St. Jewelers, Jennifer Gandia. In fact, it’s your sun sign that really dictates your core personality traits, which is why many brides turn to astrology to help style their special day, adds astrology practitioner and expert for Serendipity Jewelry, Audrey Sides.

To start, look for pieces that speak to your sun sign’s element, whether that’s fire, earth, air, or water. “You can do this through fabrics, colors, gemstones—there are so many ways to represent your sign, bring your vision to life, and honor your inner celestial Goddess,” says astrology expert at Awe Inspired, Amber Rene. “The dress is the star of the show, but it's the accessories that complete the constellation.”

And as you select your accessories, think about how they make you feel, suggests Gandia. “If it’s confident, excited and you love them, they’ll support you in those ways on your special day.” Nonetheless, while using your astrology placements is a great way to help make decisions for your wedding, it's important to remember that it's only a starting point. Sides suggests really paying attention to what feels right for you and your special day. “Make sure you bring your own personality and intuition to your choices,” she says. “Enjoy the process of shopping for your big day and let serendipity lead the way.”

Below, our astrology experts outline what accessories are written in the stars for your particular sun sign. Happy searching!

Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Just like you’d imagine, fire signs are known for bringing the heat and shining bright, especially on their wedding day. Known for taking calculated risks, fire signs want a combination of classic and creative once it's time to say "I do,"


As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries is known for being inventive and self-assured, and it’s the unexpected details that’ll truly set the Aries bride apart, explains Sides. While a bright beaded clutch or colorful jewelry will add to your aesthetic, a ceremony accessory is an even more unexpected way to differentiate your look. “Consider having the ring-bearer present the rings in a stunning, one-of-a-kind, geode box to make an unforgettable moment that much more special,” shares Sides. 


“Like the lion, Leo tends to have quite a sparkling presence,” says the in-house astrologer for House of Intuition, Narayana Montúfar. “For Leos to look their best and feel their best, they should make their hair the main accessory for the wedding.” Consider incorporating jeweled hair accessories, flowers, or even a crown to showcase your luminous mane. Rene also suggests working bold textures such as faux fur or sequins into your look to really make your fiery presence known. 


“This sign is ruled by Jupiter and is associated with culture,” explains Montúfar, so consider incorporating aspects of your and/or your spouse’s history in your accessories. “This could be dawning traditional bridal apparel from the culture or wearing a statement piece that speaks to Sagittarius’s ties with another land.” If you’re stuck, Rene suggests borrowing a sentimental piece from a family member or selecting a second-hand diamond accessory that has a story to tell.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Classic elegance and serious style, earth signs tend to be grounded with their choices, both everyday and wedding day. Accessories that ooze sophistication and understated opulence will make an earth sign feel most beautiful during the big celebration. 


“Ruled by Venus, Taurus has the gift of good taste, so it’s no surprise a Taurus’s wedding day is sure to exude simple yet elegant features,” Montúfar says. If you’re having a winter wedding, Rene says silk sashes, wraps, or gloves are a must. For some sparkle, incorporate white sapphires or emeralds for a touch of tasteful glamour that’s both contemporary and classic. 


Meticulous Virgos are all about clean, uncomplicated style and accessories, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off a little on the big day. “Relish being the center of attention and go for a sophisticated color by letting sapphires be your something blue,” says Rene. And if you want a way to mix up your look from ceremony to reception, Rene suggests “throwing a white denim jean jacket on top, for a casual finish to all that luxury."


Clean-cut, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is often considered the most traditional zodiac sign, but that doesn’t mean this fun-loving bride doesn’t want to stand out in style. “A fabulous yet sophisticated shoe that she can also dance the night away in is absolutely essential to her bridal ensemble,” says Sides. She suggests an exquisite pair of Amina Muaddi slingback pumps that subtly marries the timeless with the trendy.

Air: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

If any sign is going to change the narrative and opt for something unexpected and innovative, it’s an air sign. Whether that means mix-and-match textures or unexpected pops of color, air signs want to make a memorably unique impression on their wedding days. 


Gemini’s twin nature sometimes makes it tricky to stick to a fashion choice, which is why shopping for day-of accessories can feel especially complicated. Even though you know the search is half the fun, if you want to narrow it down, Gandia suggests letting “your affinity for contradictions be the message you make with your accessories.” Don’t be afraid to combine fabrics, colors, and textures, like with this twin diamond and pearl necklace that nods to Gemini’s dual nature. Pro tip: Save your receipts in case you change your mind a time or two, or rent your accessories instead of fully purchasing them.


“Libra is all about balance, so playing up the highs and lows of your look is essential,” says Rene. If your attire is more understated, bold accessories like a sparkling cape or halo crown are ideal. On the other hand, if your outfit is elaborate, something more understated, like a symmetrical blue sapphire ring will nod to your inner balance and equilibrium. Too much in one direction might make you feel off-kilter, so figure out where you want to dazzle and find ways to balance from there. 


Original, creative, and imaginative, Sides says Aquarians are known for being unpredictable, even on their wedding days. “Visionary Aquarius knows her wedding look doesn’t have to be just like everyone else’s to be picture perfect. Let your special day be as unique and expressive as you are,” she suggests. Consider a dramatic headpiece, an alternative bouquet (such as paper flowers or broaches), or unexpected pops of color—like in your veil or accessories—to remind guests why you’re one of a kind. 

Water: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

The rulers of feelings, water signs are all about the sentiment of their wedding days. Think expressive romance and big emotions. For some, that means floral accessories and for others, that means gemstones as dark and vast as the sky. Either way, it’s all about experiencing the dynamic emotions of the day.


“As deep and mysterious as the ocean itself, Pisces sun signs float through life with abundant grace,” says Rene, which is why ethereal fabrics, whimsical accessories, and dainty jewelry are a must. Sides suggests a dramatic floral veil to make a soft, romantic statement or blue satin shoes for that secret pop. As for jewelry, consider leaning into the calming colors of the ocean with a sea blue necklace or bracelet.


Since this intuitive water sign is associated with family and the home, all of our experts agree heirloom pieces are a must for Cancer's big day. Tie a piece of lace from a loved one’s wedding dress around your bouquet, or borrow hairpins or accessories from grandparents for your walk down the aisle. If you’re having a hard time finding an heirloom item, Sides suggests opting for opal accessories since the gemstone is known to bring out the strength and beauty of emotion-forward water signs. 


Mysterious and intense, Scorpio’s passion is front and center on special days, and the wedding will be no exception. Since Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, opt for a bright red lip and bouquet, or dark details such as black diamond earrings to show the intensity of your love. And because it is your wedding, Montúfar suggests leaning into Scorpio’s sensual aura by wearing a flirty garter or bridal lingerie to keep the passion going all night long.

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