To Wear Socks or Not? A Stylist’s Best Advice for All Grooms

Put your best foot forward on your wedding day.



To wear socks or not to wear socks, that is the least for grooms who may be second-guessing their wedding wardrobes. Fashion trends come and go, but one that has seemed to stick around for a while is the no-sock look with suits of all colors and even the standard black tuxedo. But, is it okay to ditch socks on the big day, even in a more formal setting? 

“I think it’s a personal preference,” says NéAndré Broussard, founder of Black Menswear and CEO of BM&Co Menswear. And while any groom should do whatever makes him feel most comfortable, there are some fast and easy rules that any style-minded guy can (or should, frankly) follow. 

Ahead, explore Broussard’s top three tips on whether you should rock out with your sock out.

Take the Shoe Into Consideration

It’s important to first establish that by “no sock” we really mean “no-show sock.” “Feet in shoes without socks will make your feet stink and the last thing you want is stinky feet on your honeymoon night,” says Broussard, adding that the only exception to this rule may be a boat shoe, but only if it isn’t as insulated. 

When it comes to most outfits, the shoe will typically dictate whether or not a sock should be present. “Typically, ditch the visible socks if you’re wearing a loafer,” Broussard advises. “Boots mean socks — period. If you wear non-boot dress shoes with laces (like a derby or oxford), I highly recommend a no-show sock.” 

Consider Seasonality and Formality

The decision to ditch socks may also come down to the time of year, its temperature, as well as how formal a reception may be. “You're [probably] going to wear socks in the fall and winter. Summer, spring, or a tropical location are where you'd have the liberty to do without socks,” says Broussard. “Typically you'd wear dark-colored socks during a formal occasion, but this is your wedding. If you're going to wear socks, make them statement socks.”

Amazon offers a wide variety of inexpensive no-show sock options, including these from Fruit of the Loom and Jormatt, but if you want something a bit more thick and durable, check out Happy Sock’s liners that come in range of playful colors and designs (not that it truly matters, since you can’t see them in a shoe!). 

“How cool would it be to have some custom socks with your significant other's face on them?” he adds. Sock Club is a custom sock company that allows customers to put actual faces on socks. They can ship as soon as a week after an order is placed and also make wonderful gifts for the wedding party. 

It’s All About the Pants

“This is where I may get in trouble with traditional stylists because I'm all in on no-break pants,” reveals Broussard. “No-break pants mean your pants kiss the top of your shoes; therefore, there's no break in the crease.”

While the fit has been humorously dubbed as “high-waters,” they’re on trend and here to stay. This style can also work for suits, both casual and tuxedo, as long as they’re paired with a shoe that matches the dressiness (i.e. a velvet loafer with a no-show sock would go well with a tuxedo, while a knitted oxford may look fabulous with a linen pant). Generally speaking, there is no point in wearing a no-show sock if your pant length is long and covering your entire ankle or the top part of your foot. 

Final Thoughts

Like the wedding day itself and all of its personalized details, fashion should always be a representation of who you are as a person. But if something as seemingly insignificant as wearing socks may feel like an afterthought, it’s always a great idea to check in with a well-dressed friend and get his or her opinions on a final look. There’s no shame in wanting to look like a million bucks in front of the most important people in your life and a simple decision about socks can absolutely make or break a first impression. Say “I do” to any style advice and walk down the aisle with confidence.

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