10 Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Wedding Planner

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While saying thank you seems simple, expressing your gratefulness goes a long way in the eyes of a wedding planner. They go all out for your big day—now is your chance to return the favor! Wondering how you can show your wedding planner some love? We asked experts Ashley Mason and Heather Hoesch for advice.

Meet the Expert

  • Ashley Mason is a wedding planner, coordinator, and stylist based in Dallas. She is the owner of Saunter Weddings.
  • Heather Hoesch is the principal planner and designer at LVL Weddings & Events, which is based in Southern California. She is also an instructor at Planner Life Academy.

"As a planner, we get to give the gift of reduced stress and peace of mind so [couples] can enjoy the phase of life of engagement! Then we get to allow them to be guests at their own wedding," says planner Heather Hoesch of LVL Weddings & Events. "Planners want to feel valued and appreciated."

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So whether it is before, during, or after your wedding day, remember to always give gratitude. Below, experts share some of the most meaningful ways to say thank you.

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Refer Friends

"I'm pretty sure most wedding planners would agree with me on this one—one of the best ways that you can thank your wedding planner is by referring them," shares Mason. Tell your friends about the amazing planner who pulled off your dream day and they might just hire the same vendor for their own nuptials! She adds, "Referrals are just the best compliment and it's one of the greatest ways of really showing gratitude."

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Share Their Work on Social Media

Like a referral, giving praise to your planner on social media also goes a long way. Hoesch says, "Social media plays a huge role for your planners so follow them, like their posts, comment on posts you love." That also means tagging them in all your wedding photos—even anniversary pictures! Mason even suggests crediting not just your planner, but other vendors as well in the caption because "that really does help with furthering their businesses."

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Gift a Wedding Keepsake

For Hoesch, one of her favorite forms of gratitude came from the mother of two brides who wed the same year. "For Christmas, the mother of the bride printed the photo from the second wedding with me and the couples," she recalls. "It's a beautiful print and hangs proudly in my office. Words can't even describe how special that was."

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Find Something in Common

When you spend months visualizing the big day with your wedding planner, there's a high chance you'll form a strong bond in the process. If that's the case, consider sending a gift that symbolizes your unique relationship. Perhaps you have the same favorite flower. Send a bouquet! Share a favorite television show? Find some witty memorabilia.

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Present Their Favorite Drink

Even if you don't have much in common, you can never go wrong with gifting your planner one of their favorite things! Not everyone picks up on someone's favorite cocktail, but if you pay attention while wedding planning, you might just discover your planner's preferred sip. "[I] really enjoyed that she took the time to send something she knew I would like," Hoesch says of the bride who sent her a case of rosé (her fave!) one year.

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Tip Early

Who says you have to wait until after the wedding to tip your vendors? Surprise your wedding planning with a tip before the nuptials to show how much you appreciate their dedication to the upcoming wedding. "I had one couple who was so grateful for just the peaceful process that we were going through and how it relieved them in the middle of planning that she actually me sent me a really large tip before the wedding," Mason adds. "I was so taken aback...but she was so grateful that she sent me a tip right in the middle of the planning process."

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Pay It Forward

In addition to leaving a tip, a unique way to show your thanks is to encourage your planner to pay it forward. "[A bride] gave me this envelope with a small monetary gift in it, but it was for me to pay it forward, to be a blessing to someone else like I've been a blessing to her," reveals Mason of the sweet gesture she once encountered. "That was really thoughtful."

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Send a Thank You Note

Out of all the cards you write to guests after the wedding, we argue the note you send your wedding planner (yes, you should definitely do this!) is the most important of all! When you put pen to paper, you can express exactly why you are thankful for your wedding planner's work—from the beautiful wedding day décor to flawless handling day-of crises to mitigating stress during the planning process!

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Invite Them Back to Your Wedding Venue

If you're wedding venue doubles as a luxury resort (and boasts amenities like a full-service spa or exquisite restaurant), thank your planner with a gift card to the venue. "After their wedding, a couple once sent me a certificate for the spa at their wedding venue with a sweet note: 'Thank you for all your hard work, now go back, enjoy the view and some R&R on us!'" Hoesch says. "The recognition of our hard work and then the gift of enjoying a luxury resort where we so often only work was such a kind way to say thank you." After all, wedding planners deserve some pampering after the big day, too!

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Celebrate the End of Wedding Season

While your wedding day occurs just one weekend in the year, planners are coordinating nuptials all 365 days and tend to be busiest in the summer and fall months. In addition to sending a note immediately after your wedding, consider celebrating the end of their hectic season with another gift.

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