15 Sweet Ways to Serve Ice Cream at Your Wedding

From ice cream sandwiches to sundae bars.

couple enjoying ice cream

Photo by Hunter Ryan Photo; Desserts by Eleanor's Ice Cream

If you’re searching for a fun dessert option for your wedding, serving ice cream may be the perfect way to switch things up. Ice cream gives off such a playful, nostalgic vibe, making it a delicious choice for a relaxed celebration.

“Ice cream not only creates a unique dessert experience, but it’s the sweetest way to keep your company cool,” says Alexa Rivera, owner of Eleanor’s Ice Cream. “No one will leave without their sweet tooth cured!”

Meet the Expert

  • Alexa Rivera is the owner of Eleanor’s Ice Cream, a vintage caravan dishing up ice cream for weddings and events in Ohio.
  • Sunna Yassin is the owner of Bash Please, a full-service event production company with studios in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, ice cream is a great fit. Tent, barn, garden, or even winery weddings make for the ideal venue to dish up this sweet treat. But as you’re planning to incorporate ice cream into your wedding, don’t forget to consider your on-site storage ahead of time. “It’s important to make sure your caterer has enough freezer room to keep it cold,” says Sunna Yassin, owner of Bash Please.  

Depending on the method you choose for serving, ice cream can be a great way to commemorate family as well. Yassin suggests utilizing ice cream as a way to celebrate a loved one. “If you have a family member (maybe a dad or grandma) that has a favorite flavor maybe serve that as a nod to them,” she says. But as you’re determining flavors, be sure not to go overboard. Rivera suggests including three to six flavors to give guests a variety of options.

To really customize your ice cream experience, consider treating it like a signature cocktail. Rivera suggests getting creative by naming a signature flavor after your pet or hometown. You could even incorporate a nod to your wedding’s locale.

Think ice cream would be a great addition to your big day? Read on for 15 of our favorite ideas for incorporating this classic treat.

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Offer a Sundae Bar

wedding ice cream bar


You’re never too old for an ice cream sundae, and a sundae is even better when you can make it yourself. Set up an ice cream bar with a few flavors, toppings, and don’t forget the sprinkles! This is such a fun way for guests to customize the perfect dessert.

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Treat Guests to a Gelato Cart

gelato wedding cart

Photo by Elias Kordelakos Photography

Want to bring a romantic element into the mix? Hire a gelato cart! We love the look of a mini car, a push cart, or any other vehicle to deliver this delicious dessert. Your guests will love the option of ordering their favorite flavor at the cart.

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Make It Mini

mini ice cream cones

Photo by Erin McGinn

Hoping to pass around ice cream during cocktail hour, or even as a passed dessert? Skip the top-heavy cones and go for mini. Offer charming mini sugar cones with a few flavor options for the perfect bite.

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Cater With an Ice Cream Caravan

Wedding ice cream caravan

Photo by J Photography by Jessi Caparella; Desserts by Eleanor's Ice Cream

Can’t go to the ice cream shop? Bring it to you! Hire an ice cream caravan service to scoop cones for everyone in attendance. Choose a couple of flavors, and ask your vendor to include a few topping options such as crushed nuts or caramel sauce for the ultimate cone

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Serve Prepared Sundaes

Couple holding ice cream sundaes

Photo by Jessica Blex Photography & Design

Want a slightly elevated approach? Treat guests to prepared sundaes with beautiful toppings. Have your caterer scoop the dishes behind the scenes and deliver sweets to the table for a sit-down reception outdoors.

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Embrace Color With Rainbow Sprinkles

rainbow ice cream cone

Photo by Kate Headley

Don’t forget the sprinkles! Serving ice cream is a great way to add a splash of color to your big day with a rainbow-covered confection. Plus, the photos of everyone with their cones will be super Insta-worthy.

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Refresh With Pretty Popsicles

Wedding popsicles

Photo by Marion H Photography

Of course, ice cream can come in so many different forms, and popsicles are definitely one of the prettiest. Consider dishing out fresh fruit pops, or even flavors made with a bit of bubbly, as the ideal treat for cocktail hour.

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Mix It Up With Milkshakes

Milkshakes for wedding


Not a fan of cones or sundaes? Mix things up and serve milkshakes instead! This may be the perfect pairing for late-night food on the dance floor, or even a unique option for cocktail hour. Boozy milkshakes anyone?

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Dish Out Decorated Cones

Decorated ice cream cone


Take a classic cone to a whole new level, and match your wedding’s aesthetic while you’re at it. We love the sweet look of a beautiful soft serve cone, with a single flower and other toppings to match the rest of your décor.

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Celebrate With Self-Serve Gelato

Wedding gelato cart


For a super relaxed wedding, why not let guests serve themselves? Bring a gelato cart on-site with multiple flavors, and go for a self-serve option. Guests will love how interactive the dessert station is.

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Pair With Pie

wedding pie table

Photo by Whitney Neal Studios

If you’re opting for a rustic wedding, you may be swapping out a cake for pie. Why not pair your pastries with ice cream to sweeten the deal? After all, few combos are as classic as apple pie and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

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Get Creative With Ice Cream Cake

Couple cutting ice cream cake


Want to have your cake and eat ice cream too? There’s no reason an ice cream cake is out of the question. Opt for a classic rectangular ice cream cake, or work with your baker for a stacked round cake design that’s decorated just as beautifully as a typical wedding cake would be.

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Plate It With Fruit

Grilled peaches plated with sorbet

Courtesy of Peter Callahan

Ice cream can still certainly be an option for a more elegant, sit-down dinner. Work with your caterer to come up with a delicious, plated dessert such as grilled peaches with a lovely lemon sorbet for a light, seasonal sweet.

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Serve Ice Cream Sandwiches

wedding ice cream sandwiches

Photo by Terrain Events; Desserts by Weckerly's Ice Cream

The days of classic chocolate-vanilla ice cream sandwiches being the only option are over. Ice cream sandwiches are being taken to a whole new level, with unique cookie choices and plenty of flavors to play with. Combine delicious flavors and serve up multiple options for your guests to choose from.

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Combine Churros and Ice Cream

Churros for a wedding


Ditch the classic wedding cake and opt for churros instead. These cinnamon-sugar confections are a delightful choice for a playful summer wedding. Plus, they’re even more delicious when served with a bit of vanilla ice cream and a dulce de leche drizzle.

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