9 Ways to Celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

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While every day should be Wife Appreciation Day, having a specific date marked on the calendar each year gives you a great excuse to plan something thoughtful for your partner. Yes, we know there’s her birthday, your anniversary, and other dates in between that call for celebration—but this holiday allows you to express your gratitude for her just for being your wife.

When Is Wife Appreciation Day?

Wife Appreciation Day occurs on the third Sunday in September each year.

It also allows you to set some time aside to let her know you really care, just because. We consulted a few wedding and event planning experts and come up with some ideas to celebrate Wife Appreciation Day.

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A Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a day of relaxation? "Pampering can mean anything from enjoying a manicure to a spa day or even just some much needed alone time to relax and unwind with a favorite show or book," recommends Sunna Yassin, owner of Bash Please. "Schedules these days are so hectic it seems that all women are just craving time to do something they enjoy."

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52 Things You Love About Her

All you need for this gift is a deck of cards. Yes, really! On each playing card, write something you love or appreciate about your wife. These can range from physical compliments to more sentimental remarks. The best part about this gift is that whenever your wife wants to, she can flip through the cards and be reminded of all the reasons you love and appreciate her.

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Plan Her Favorite Activity and Do It With Her

This is something so simple that will make her so happy. Is there something she always does that she tries to get you to join in on but you always say no? Wife Appreciation Day could be the day you change your tune! Is she always trying to get you to watch her favorite reality show? Or does she love vineyard hopping? No matter how big or small the activity is, she’ll be so thrilled that you’ve finally volunteered to do the thing you always say no to.

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Time with Friends

Sometimes what your wife really needs is a day with her friends. "The best gift of appreciation is alleviation. Winning spouses know how to coordinate and employ a wife's best friend," suggests Rebecca Gardner, owner and creative director of Rebecca Gardner Houses and Parties. "They plan (and pay for) her day out with girlfriends while they stay home to complete the overdue honey-dos. The sendoff should include a handover of sussies for executing this special day, like Marbled Party Crackers and Marbled Paper Cachepots for turning lunch into a celebration. Think of a grown-up bachelorette party, but everyone's in bed by 9.”

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Cook Her Favorite Meal

If going out is not an option because of your busy schedule or if you have kids, create a special night at home. You don’t have to go out on the town to properly celebrate Wife Appreciation Day. Cook her favorite meal or order from her favorite restaurant. Pick up her favorite bottle of wine or try your hands at making her favorite cocktail. Put on some romantic music, light some candles and silence your phones to create your own date night, right from home!

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Buy Her Something She’s Been Wanting

Is there something that you’ve noticed your wife talking about a lot lately? Is it a new pair of shoes or new Airpods? What about tickets to a concert? Whatever it is that she’s been talking about buying, beat her to the punch and buy it for her! If you’re worried about not getting the exact right item or size, consult her closest friends and ask them for help. Not only will she be happy to finally have the item or experience she’s been looking into, but she’ll also be thrilled to know you’ve been paying close attention to her needs.

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A Break From the Day-to-Day Routine

Nothing will make your wife happier than giving your wife the day off—from everything! "This means no chores, no errands, no schedule," suggests Yassin. "The best part is monetarily the gift itself is free! We have found that they want nothing more than to have a free day of obligations and duties and would love to spend the day relaxing doing something they enjoy ... even if that is just sleeping!"

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Present Them With an Award

It may seem juvenile, but giving them an award is a creative and fun way to let your wife know you really do appreciate all she does. "Every S.O. loves to be recognized by their spouse," shares Alicia Mae, founder and lead planner of Ile Events. "Get dressed in your finest tuxedo or gown (have your spouse’s attire ready for them when they arrive too!). Present [them] with two to three awards (you can get custom awards made at Tiffany & Co or Things Remembered) highlighting those things they excel in and what you really love about them. To complete the night, have a private chef prepare dinner, don’t forget the champagne, and have a romantic night with each other."

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Recreate Your First Date

Remember when you used to get butterflies before date night with your wife? Or maybe you still do, if so, more power to you! Why not recreate that very first date as an homage to how far you’ve come in your relationship? It doesn’t matter if you no longer live in the town where you had your first date or the location doesn’t exist anymore—that’s why it’s a recreation! If you have any photos from the date or from your first few months of dating, print those out as a fun way to reminisce on your relationship. Not only will this be a fun night out, but it will be a fun walk down memory lane.

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