9 Ways to Celebrate Husband Appreciation Day

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For those who forgot or didn’t know it existed, Husband Appreciation Day occurs every April. While we believe you should appreciate your husband every day and not just one day of the year, it does present a great opportunity to do something thoughtful for your partner.

When Is Husband Appreciation Day?

Husband Appreciation Day occurs on the third Saturday in April each year.

We know, we know—between Valentine’s Day and his birthday, it can be challenging to think of a creative idea for a lesser-known occasion. However, we’ve consulted with a few wedding and event planners and they came up with some fabulous ideas to make this a special and memorable day for both you and your husband.

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Give Him a Day Off

We know you can’t control his work schedule, but why not let him off the hook for the things he does around the house? "What is a better way to celebrate your hubby than a complete day off," suggests Sunna Yassin, owner of Bash Please. "This means no chores, no errands, no schedule! The best part is monetarily the gift itself is free! We have found that husbands want nothing more than to have a day [free] of obligations and duties and would love to spend the day relaxing doing something they enjoy...even if that is just sleeping!"

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Do an Activity With Him That He Loves

Is there some activity your husband is always trying to get you to do that does not interest you at all? Perhaps it’s going axe throwing or watching a movie you don't care for. Whatever it is that you’re usually saying "no" to, how about saying "yes" on Husband Appreciation Day? Not only will he love that you’re doing the activity with him, but the fact that you initiated it will put him over the moon.

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Give Him an Award

Yes, this probably feels more like something you’d do as a kid, but it could be something fun and nostalgic to do as an adult. "Get dressed in your finest tuxedo or gown and have your spouse’s attire ready for them when they arrive," suggests Alicia Mae, founder and lead planner of Ile Events. "Present him with two to three awards. You can get custom awards made at Tiffany & Co or Things Remembered. Highlight those things they excel in and what you really love about them. To complete the night, have a private chef prepare a dinner. Don’t forget the champagne and have a romantic night with each other."

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Cook His Favorite Meal

While it may seem like a simple idea, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on his face. "Another fun idea to make your husband feel extra special is to head to their favorite market and get all of their ideal dinner foods," Yassin recommends. "It could be those Wagyu steaks you splurge on with a bold cabernet and a side of mac and cheese!"

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Surprise Him With a Guys’ Weekend

Show your hubby how much you appreciate him by organizing a weekend getaway for him and his friends. Round up his buddies and send them on a camping trip if that’s something they always do. Or, get them a room at a casino where they can gamble and bet the night away. Perhaps your husband’s a golfer? Get a few tee times for him and his friends. If you’re friendly with your husband’s friends’ partners, you could work with them to organize a special weekend. Whatever it is that your S.O. and his friends like to do, planning a weekend away—or even a night—will be much appreciated.

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Tell Him How You Feel

Letter writing may be a lost art, but it’s an incredibly romantic and meaningful way to let someone know you care. "If your S.O’.s love language is words of affirmation, write a love letter to him and mail it," advises Mae. "Actually write a letter with paper and pen and put it in an envelope with a stamp. Oh, the nostalgia of snail mail! For an added touch leave a sense of smell by spraying your cologne or perfume on the envelope/letter."

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Plan a Staycation

You don’t have to hop on a flight or spend hours in a car to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Pick out a romantic hotel in town, call up the babysitter (or dog sitter), and prepare to spend a romantic evening together. Whether you book a room with a city view or snag a spot at the bed and breakfast in town, a night away from your roles and responsibilities will do you good. If the place you’re staying offers a spa package, why not enjoy a couples massage? Eat at a nearby restaurant and grab cocktails at the hotel bar. Whatever you choose to do, a staycation will not only show your husband how much he means to you, but it will also rejuvenate you both.

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Take Him on a Food Tour

Is your hubby a whiskey connoisseur or always looking for the best cut of meat? Plan a tour of his favorite foods and drinks. Start with a cocktail bar or brewery you know he loves or has always wanted to try, then head somewhere else for dinner. Is there a spot you two frequent? Or is there a place that is known for its superb prime rib? Head there next. Lastly, end your foodie tour with a place that serves his favorite dessert. Whether it’s the old-fashioned ice cream stand or a restaurant with a chocolate soufflé that’s to die for, he’ll love the idea of eating his favorite foods all night long.

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Buy Him Something He’s Been Eyeing

Whether it’s a new grill, a new set of golf clubs, or a brand new TV, your husband likely has a big purchase in mind he wants to make but is waiting for the right time to buy it. Why not make Husband Appreciation Day the right time? Sneakily try to figure out the research he’s already done so you can piggyback off of that to make your purchase more seamless. You could even pretend to show interest in what he’s researching to gather the information you need. Then, present him with the surprise gift. He’ll not only be thrilled about the gift itself but also that you’ve paid such close attention to what he wants.

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