5 Ways Hiring a Wedding Planner Can Actually Save You Money

Why this investment can help your budget in the long-run.

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At first thought, hiring a wedding planner might seem like a luxurious splurge. Of course, having someone to make your big day run as smoothly as possible might seem like a good idea, but at what cost? When it comes to making the most of your budget, a wedding planner can actually help you save more on your bottom line.

“The value of hiring an experienced event planner for your wedding or special event cannot be overemphasized,” explains Kourtney Perry, a wedding expert and founder of 7 Centerpieces. “A good event planner should be able to save you the cost of their services plus much more, which may amount to 10 to 20 percent of your total event costs.” 

But, how? We’re glad you asked. Keep reading to learn why a wedding planner can be the best investment for your big day.

Double Down on Vendor Discounts

For Megan and Clint Rorie, hiring Simply XO for their upcoming vow renewal a year after their micro-nuptials was a no-brainer. Not only did having a team of professionals give Megan some extra support as her husband tours for work, but it also helped curb price-gouging, which was something the bride knew was inevitable.

“​​Most vendors we worked with had between a 10 to 15 percent discount for us because we were using this planner,” Megan explains. “This doesn’t feel like much, but when you’re booking things that are thousands of dollars, it really adds up.”

According to Joanna Kwok, co-founder of a Canadian company called Honour & Blessing, not every planner will be able to score you a sweet discount. However, they might be able to help stretch your dollar in other ways. 

“Behind the scenes, wedding planners spend a lot of time building relationships with fellow vendors,” she explains. “Even if vendors don't offer us discounts, we know they will always go the extra mile for us —like more flowers or photos—which results in a great wedding.” 

Unlock Exclusive Access to Vendors 

Believe it or not, a wedding planner can be the gatekeeper to accessing the top vendors for your big day. “​​A little-known fact is some vendors turn down weddings when the couple doesn't have a planner,” Kwok explains. “For vendors who have been in the industry, it makes a huge difference when there is a planner because they can focus on what they are actually hired for.”

She adds that many venues also require couples to have a wedding planner and coordinator to book in the first place. Sure, this perk might not save you money upfront, but it’s priceless to get your dream location.


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Curb Contractual Complications

Planning a wedding is a long, complicated process, so you’re bound to experience a few bumps in the road. Fortunately, a wedding planner can smooth out the nitty gritty, which can ultimately help your bottom line.

“[My planner] got me out of a contract when a vendor was attempting to add a bunch of fees,” Rorie explains. “Since they recommended this vendor and wanted to preserve the relationship and trust we had built, they were able to get a contract dissolved and a full refund for me when things turned sour.” 

At the end of the day, wedding planners are professionals — and can be your best advocate to troublesome vendors.

Keep Track of Your Budget

We’re not going to sugarcoat it for you: staying on budget is more difficult than it seems. One moment, you’re looking to upgrade your table settings. And, the next? You’re thousands of dollars above budget. While there are plenty of ways to keep yourself from sliding down this slippery slope, a wedding planner can definitely help.

For example, Katie Lupo and Nick Springer enlisted Caitlin Dobbins of Honey + Thyme Events to plan their microwedding in North Carolina. And, though the couple purchased a microwedding package, Dobbins helped shed some more light on what their budget would allow. “She certainly helped us retain realistic budgetary expectations, both in where we needed to spend and where we could save,” the bride said.

Free Up Your Schedule 

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your busy schedule doesn’t come to a screeching halt when you’re planning your wedding. Many couples are juggling the wedding-planning process with demanding jobs, a laundry list of chores, and personal obligations. Fortunately, a wedding planner can help you save on your most invaluable currency: time.“Just like when someone is learning something for the first time, it takes at least double the time, effort, and energy to do something,” Kwok says. “With a planner, they have the experience of doing many weddings and the couple can just relax and do other things.”

Since your wedding planner is spearheading the entire process, you can spend your newfound free time cleaning your apartment or whipping up a home-cooked meal. (Think of all that money you’ll save on takeout!) And, above all, you’ll be able to spend the entire wedding day savoring those special moments.

“Everything had been planned out step by step and we didn't have a thing to worry about, we didn't even think to worry,” Springer explains. “We got to enjoy every second of our wedding, spending it with each other and our friends and family, rather than stressing over the details. If anything went wrong, we didn't know it. Everything seemed to go perfectly.”

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